Yuriban Game Hen

A type of competitive bird, near in size to the turkey, Yuriban Game Hens are a fairly common sight in the woods and on the beaches of Yuriba. Traveling in large flocks, they are extremely competitive birds, always struggling for dominance of the flock. The specific methods for determining superiority seem to always be in flux - Sometimes it seems related to egg production, sometimes to which bird can fly to the highest branch in a tree (a difficult, ungainly task for a bird of their size!), or any of a variety of other means. Their plumage is of a speckled white and black coloration, although the tail feathers tend to a very pleasing shade of blue.

Not only are their eggs quite tasty, but the Game Hens themselves are often considered to be as well. Thankfully, they are a quick breeding species, and reasonable hunting merely assists in keeping the population in check. And yes, they do indeed taste just like chicken.

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