Yuriko Hinayama
IC Info
Race: Genius Loci
Blessing: Hudienyanniichuan
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Age: Indeterminate
Place of Origin: Yuriba
Residence: Yuriban Nexus
Occupation: Layabout
OOC Info
Source: Original

Yuriko Hinayama is one of the more reclusive residents of the island; rarely seen, and even more rarely spoken to. Largely a mystery to recent immigrants and the younger generations, but to the oldest of the island, she still looks much the same as she did in their youth.

Even now, she tends to avoid the bustle of the growing village, spending her time doing who-knows-what, though occasionally she can been spotted wandering around, either in the company of some of the older island residents, or alone in the midst of whatever amusement she's found for the moment.

While she hasn't been observed to have any significant magical power of her own, outside of an odd form of interspacial travel, she has been known to occasionally gift people with unusual artifacts, usually tied to Jusenkyou. Whether these are items of her own manufacture, or simply ones she's discovered over her long existance in close proximity to the springs, is unknown.

Though she is largely a recluse, she does keep friendships amongst the main population; in particular, she considers Amy and breisleach as younger sisters, and Ruriko as something of an adopted niece.

OOC Notes
Yuriko is a genius loci, a living representation of the dimensional singularity that encompasses Yuriba itself. This isn't something really known to anyone (indeed, she has an unfortunate tendency to forget this herself most of the time), and aside from explaining her longevity and ability to open holes between places on the island, has no real effect on anything. She is not The Lady, no matter rumours to the contrary.

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