IC Information
Gender Female
Romantic/Sexual Identity Polyamorous, still exploring
Species: Kitsune
Place of Origin: Near Sendai, Japan.
Age: Transformed into human form 20 years ago, though she lived as a fox kitsune for at least a hundred years before that. Her memories of her fox days are more impressions and feelings.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black, sometimes a shimmery grey
Fur Color: Black
Occupation: Cook at Leona's and personal chef to select patrons
Religion: Undecided
Residence: The inn north of town, the forest
Hobbies: Running, cooking, hunting for blessed springs
Likes: Puzzles, feeding her friends, tickles, ocean waves, autumn, friendly people who help her be outgoing
Loves: Kindness, loyalty, people who accept her
Dislikes: Being too still, boredom, getting wet unexpectedly (she likes water and swimming but likes to be in control of when she is doused!)
Hates: Judgement, jealousy
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Ahriana is a young kitsune from Japan. She arrived in Yuriba in the summer 2021, suddenly and unexpected, though she has quickly found that this island and it's welcoming residents are more home than where she came from.



Ahri is a kitsune who stands just about 5 feet tall with dark hair and eyes and matching vulpine ears and tail. Her hair falls mid-shoulder and is usually kept loose with a single part along the left side of her face. She has not been seen on Yuriba in fox form, at least not yet. She had gotten used to folding her ears down and hiding her tail, though she's let both habits go since arriving on Yuriba. She also has picked up a bit of a tan after a summer here, though her skin retains its original alabaster glow. She's not curvy at all by Yuriban definitions, her body light and lithe, and she appears a decent athlete, perhaps a dancer.


Ahriana came to Yuriba wearing a red kimono. It still represents home to her, and in special places, she can still be found with it on. But it is also more utilitarian than anything, as her fashion sense before Yuriba was wanting. She wore it on the island for a couple weeks but decided that she needed something a bit lighter that didn't get as wet under the frequent summer rainstorms. She has tried a few different outfits from local stores and is curious about how she looks in them.


Ahriana is still exploring and thinking about what blessings, if any, she will seek. She is on the hunt for the fox spring to feel a connection with her Kitsune ancestors. She is very curious about the blessings others have chosen and what their experiences are deciding on those blessings, receiving them, and living with them.


Shy to begin with, Ahriana has begun to explore different facets of relationships, with others and with herself, with the aid of new friends she has met on Yuriba. She is a natural helper owing to a previous life as a librarian. She has gotten more and more used to talking with new people even though it scares her and she still is afraid sometimes of saying the wrong thing and offending someone. She loves to please others and finds much gratification when she says and does the right things.

Friends find her at times silly, easily caught up in moments of mirth and laughter, sometimes too much so. Other times she is deeply pensive and contemplative, especially when she is alone or with only one other. She has found that conversation is fun and exciting and allows her to grow, and now actively seeks for good ones.


Not blazingly fast, but a natural runner and swimmer. Good hearing and sense of taste, a strong palate. Natural trickster, loves puzzles though sometimes gets distracted easily. Very, very curious, which sometimes gets her in trouble. She has a decent voice but it may take a lot of coaxing to hear it. Dancing also comes easily to her, and if you ever were to find her twirling, it may evidence some training she's received in the past.

She sometimes claims to have fox magic and other times claims that it doesn't exist. It's uncertain which is true, or if she's placed anybody under her spell. She is only a one-tailed fox though, so whatever magic she has should be less potent than a full nine-tailed version.


Prior to Yuriba

She grew up with her mother, a five-tailed kitsune. They lived mostly in the forests, though her curiosity with all things humans eventually wore down her mother, who allowed her to transform into a human. An unexplained trauma now blocks her ability to fully transform between fox and human forms and usage of natural kitsune powers. She was a very shy girl, owing to her mother's distrust of humans, and had few, if any, friends in Japan. One of the few was an American girl that she seems to have lost touch with. A voracious reader, she held a position at a library in town, somewhere she could be alone with her thoughts and mostly unbothered.


She was running in her forest when she suddenly smacked right into a tree that she did not expect to be there. After collecting herself, she found herself actually in a very different forest, eventually wandering out to Maboroshi, meeting Kezzy and a few others in a park. She has become friends with Five, Jaye, Rae, Charmy, Penelope, and others. She is trying to be brave and outgoing, give her a little and she will be loyal.

During the day she sometimes disappears to explore various places on the island, looking for springs, reading in libraries, or simply searching out interesting things. She is often spotted well as on the bridge east of the Village Center, calmly peering into the water below. She can also be founded hanging out at Leona's—she is ostensibly the cook but does not keep a regular schedule, and that does not seem to bother the proprietress.

After a few chance encounters with friends, she has gotten more bold with saying "hi," as that has led to some wonderful conversations with amazing people. But generally she is still a little shy and prefers others to make the first move.

At nights she tends to disappear to one of the inns around town or into the forests in the north somewhere.

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