IC Information
Gender Female
Romantic/Sexual Identity Demisexual
Species: Human / Hunyanniichuan, Henyanniichuan and Tunyanniichuan Blessed / Mouse girl
Place of Origin: Old New York, USA. Alternate Earth.
Age: She was born 20 years ago, although she has lived a lot longer than that. [Think Time-wimey shenanigans]
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Fur Color: Golden
Occupation: Priestess/Guardian in Training
Religion: Yuriban. Priestess of Kikoutei, Bouncer at Leona's Bar and Girl
Residence: Various
Hobbies: Meditation, Leather craft, Reading. Higashiryu, Mixology, Slight of Hand
Likes: Nature, Herbs, Leather, Spicy Food, Touch, Beef, Tomatoes, Eclipses, Pain, Western and Gothic Novels, Soft tails. Vinyl Albums
Loves: Yuriba, Young Animals, Those who show respect for Yuriba, Sunrises, Herself. The Sun.
Dislikes: Really silly people, Hospitals, Willful Ignorance, Being without her Blessings, Dark Days.
Hates: Blasphemy. Those who are Trapped
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Five arrived in Yuriba during the 2015 Matsuri. Her home, which now stands as little more than memory, was a post apocalyptic Earth, but she is very much now a resident of Yuriba. And after two years in Underhill, many often forget she is not a native.



Five's appearance can be described as 'fluid'. Prone to constant change, a few contests are her blonde hair which is often cut very short and shaggy, green eyes (Although the hue changes) and the black Roman numeral "V" tattoo to her neck. Other than that, almost everything is subject to change. When she arrived on the island, she was very small, thin and malnourished, but these says she is a more healthy weight but not the most curvy. She seems to have mastered some form of shape shifting, as she can easily seem to change things like her height and build among other things.


Five's fashion sense can best be described as eclectic, ranging from native Yuriban styles to more exotic ones. She seems to have an affinity for the American Wild West (Or at least a version of it) and can often be found wearing one of several homemade cowboy hats. Her skills with leather work can often be seen in her clothing from boots to belts and bags, as well as some more special outfits. She does seem to have an affinity for more masculine clothing. Her trademark outfit is a pair of blue jeans with Rose's embroidered around the cuffs, a pressed linen shirt and a brown cowboy hat.


Five has worn many blessings, and unlike most residents of Yuriba who normally just gain extra appendages or fur, Five seems to go through very drastic changes, as well as having the ability to transform to a full animal form for each blessing. (Four legged fox, actual rabbit ect...) Her forms consist of:

Human - She arrived in Yuriba as a human, but only stayed in this form for less than a month. She looked like a pretty normal human, and the only chance one would get to see this form is if they are extremely lucky and caught her in the rain, although every time this has happened she has instantly teleported to somewhere that she can change back to her blessed form.

Fox - The first Blessing that Five took was that of The Lady. This was her longest held blessing and because of it, many people think of her as a fox. Changes for this form were not the most drastic, a fluffy golden fox tail to match a pair of golden ears, sharp fangs, and a bit more of a curvy figure. She also can be seen as a four legged golden fox who communicates through telepathy, and is rumored to have a more anthropomorphic form with a full coat of golden fur and a snout. As of 2020, Five has stated she does not wish to return to wearing this form for a while, as she claims it is something she has moved past while still holding a deep appreciation for The Lady for 'saving her life'.

Rabbit - Five took the blessing of Harumeku to reconnect with her lost childhood, and will sometimes take it in times of reflection. The waters cause Five to gain a pair of pointy golden rabbit ears and a round cotton tail reminiscent of a European Rabbit as well as usually appear a bit shorter. Lately though, attempts to take this form have instead given her a set of more jack rabbit features. For some reason this makes Harumeku's high priestess Bluebell laugh.

Crane - By far the most drastic change for Five is taking the avian blessing of Kikoutei. Five grows nearly a foot and a much more lean dancer's build with black and white wings, a red marking on her head, and a tall thin golden mohawk. Her eyes turn a harsher green, and she often stands on only one foot. Most of all, she seems unable to wear a shirt in this form due to the massive wings, perpetually topless. While not visible, Five has commented that she believes her bones are hallow. Five takes this form when she wishes to be the most attuned with her patron sun goddess, and has mentioned that it causes her a great deal of physical stress as she is constantly channeling large amounts of divine sunlight in this form.

Snake - Five has taken this blessing as part of her training as a decibel of Kikoutei but finds it rather cumbersome, so she mostly sticks to crane. Don't expect to see her in this form.

Mouse - In late 2020, Five took on a very strange blessing of a mouse girl, which she claims to have come from a very rare Jusenkyou spring that possibly exists away from Yuriba. This form gives her rather huge radar dish like ears with a golden fuzz, and a long whisky mouse tail that seems to be at least somewhat prehensile as well as a much shorter build reminiscent of a gymnast. (She even seems to have become more acrobatic after taking this blessing) She originally only intended to keep this form temporarily but has truly fallen in love with it, and decided to keep it as her primary blessing.


Five arrived as a teenager, and her personality has developed and changed a lot. With a lot of the rough edges dulled by the waters of time, she is often rather mellow yet still fun seeking. She is known to make the occasional snide remark, or wax poetic about whatever crosses her minds. She can be quite the tease especially to people she loves. She is extremely passionate about the local faith of yuriba, and dedicated to serving the island, and can come off as a bit of Zealot to those who she feels are disrespectful to the local Goddesses, although this has too mellowed out. (Although she still will always correct people about the nature of the Swan and Bat spring). On the reverse side of this, people who take an interest in the local lore and spirituality of the island are like catnip for Five.

Truly a romantic at heart, she can be quite skilled on putting on a rather dominant and intimidating act, and does seem quite fond of playfully making certain girls blush. For others, she takes on a more sweet and playful role. To her it is all a part of a dance that either she leads or follows. Recently she has seemed to taken on a love theatrics with a touch of goodhearted melodrama. She identifies as demisexual, meaning she does not feel physical attraction until she has developed an emotional bond with someone. (Although this does not preclude the woman from the occasional fling, especially with someone who shares similar tastes as her...)


Due to training on Yuriba for quite a while in several forms of magic as well as a student of Kikoutei Five has developed a good few powers. More simple ones include flight, teleportation, and telepathy. She also has minor healing powers, and mastery of some elemental magic, from being able to make and control fire, as well as manipulate air and dirt. She also is quite the shapeshifter, although she remains secretive how to she developed these powers. But her main power comes from her connection to the Sun Goddess which allows her to channel "divine sunlight" through her body to enchant weapons as well as energy based attacks. She is a master of the martial of Higashiryu, known for possessing extreme speed. She also is quite skilled at theatric magic and slight of hand, which she blends with her abilities, making it sometimes hard to tell what is supernatural, what is an act and what is a mis of both.


Prior to Yuriba

Five chooses not to speak much about her time before arriving on Yuriba, considering it to almost be a past life. What she will share is that she came from a version of Earth, crippled by an odd plague, and that she was believed to possibly hold a cure for said plague. Because of this she was kept in medical quarantine her entire life, and experimented on extensively, before escaping and finding herself in Yuriba. While Five is slow to give details of this past, it is very clear that it was a very painful life, which left the girl with substantial trauma.


Five arrived in Yuriba during the closing days of summer 2015. Arriving in Yuriba was a rather large culture shock. She was faced with extensive psychological and emotional trauma. Although she tried her best, fitting in was hard. She lived with several people during the first few weeks, was enrolled at Rinkei Gakuen and tried to find a sense of home and family. She lived with a few people including at the The Baby Seal and at the house of Rockpath for an exceedingly brief time. Although Rocky has remained a close friend and confident, and probably Five's weirdest yet most enduring friendship...somehow.

One thing that brought the girl comfort was the island's local religion. This, as well as a brief period she spent sleeping by Hunyanniichuan, lead Five to build a connection with the High Priestess breisleach . The kitsune ended up acting as a caregiver for the young girl, inviting Five to live with her and take on a role as her student.

Although Five had found a family, it became clear that her trauma was vast. This lead the young fox girl to be sent to Underhill so that she could work with priestesses who would be more skilled at healing such pain. In Underhill she healed, grew, and started more official priestess training, as she transitioned from a child to an adult.

In the summer of 2017, Five to live above the hill. She moved back into the Woodland Retreat. During this year, Five's dedication started to move from The Lady to that Kikoutei, as she started to develop her own personal philosophy from her observations of the village. Using connections from her time in Underhill, she officially began training to one day become a priestess of the Sun Goddess.

Something happened in 2018 causing Five to retreat primarily to Underhill, where even among it's population she was very rarely seen. She did keep up with her training but was notably less social, and becoming very isolated. She always wrote a lot of what she describes as "really bad, self pitting poetry and music." This was mostly a period of the late adolescent trying to find a true sense of identity, which culminated in a spirit journey that seems to have deeply changed her, given her a true sense of identity and the courage to return above the hill.

In late 2019 she began training Under Atara with the sole focus on joining the ranks of the Guardians. She can now often be found at the Dragonhome with Atara and Em as well as finding a sort of sisterhood with the young sentry Ella.

Almost a year later, in December of 2020, Five took on a curious new blessing: that of a mouse girl. She describes receiving a rare cursed water given to her by the High Priestess Bluebell after what she describes as a "deeply humbling experince" took place. She also began acting as a mentor to a new arrival on the island by he name of Kezzy to whom she is quite fond of, and even more fond of teasing.

On the first day of Spring 2021, Five was made a priestess of Kikoutei as well as earning the rank of Master of Higashiryu. She is extremely honored to have reached this level, as she continues to train to be a Guardian.

While well known to be a long time lover of Wild West aesthetics and often found in a cowboy hat, a chance encounter in the summer of 2021 has seemed to given the woman an odd fascination with gothic horror, theatrics and slight of hand.

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