Aida Severus Praetia
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Quote: "Of course you can't hear its voice, you're not listening."
IC Info
Race: Human (Cybernetic)
Blessing: None
Gender: Female
Sexuality:  ???
Age: 14
Place of Origin: Greater Forgeworld Mars
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 137 lbs
Eye Color: Crimson optic, green eye
Hair Color: Black
Bloodtype: A-
Hobbies: Lighthouse maintenance.
Favorite Things: Machines
Likes: Potato chips and napping.
Religion: Cult Mechanicus - Machine God Worship
Residence: Within the lighthouse
Occupation: Strange hermit/Tech-Priestess Enginseer
OOC Info
Source: Warhammer 40,000
Player: User:SuikaIbuki
Other Characters: Suika Ibuki, Misha, Amalthea



From a first meeting, many might see Aida as a strange girl. Considering she lives like a hermit in the Lighthouse and jabbers away about machines, a mechanical god, and how every piece of technology has a soul of it's own, her beliefs seem to go very counter to... Almost everything logical. Despite her differences in agreement with just about everyone ever, she makes no attempt to force her beliefs on others. Her overly friendly and somewhat childish demeanor can make for a decent icebreaker in many cases, but beyond a generally gregarious outward demeanor when around people, she is as socially elegant as a tank at a teaparty.

Tanks are incredibly awesome, by the way. Aida likes tanks.

For the most part, Aida is an eccentric mind by virtue of the fact that even with her knowledge and training in the rites and rituals of the Mechanicus, and technology, anything else is viewed with absolute befuddlement or awe. A classic case of book smart, everything else dumb. Her level of open-mindedness and willingness to share her skills and knowledge are easily enough to be branded a Heretek by the Mechanicum, or just a flat out Heretic by the Imperium.

Mechanicus Background

A young Tech-Priestess born on the greater Forgeworld of Mars, Aida is a rare case amidst the members of the Cult Mechanicus. Displaying a genius level intellect from a young age, she was taken under the wing of the Fabricator Magos: Joren. A former Magos Errant who spent centuries learning and mastering knowledge in the fields of cybernetica, medicae, technologis, xenobiologia. It was under the well-rounded tutelage of Joren and with her own insatiable drive for knowledge, that Aida was ordained as a full-fledged Tech-Priestess of the Cult at a very young age.

However, despite her intellect, learnings, and teacher, even Aida was not without flaw. Proud as Joren was of his student, Aida suffered from The Weakness of the Flesh. The taboo of performing or ingesting anything that brought with it physical pleasure, something that is frowned upon heavily by the Mechanicum. Aida simply enjoyed napping and sweet foods far more than what is deemed acceptable by the cult. For her 'hedonistic' ways, her progression up the ranks of the Machine Cult was tragically and permanently halted to the lowly rank of Enginseer. Though respected by many members of the Imperium for their knowledge, amidst the Mechanicus- despite their full standing as priests- they are viewed as little more than small cogs in The Great Machine.

Administratum Records: Expunged

Despite her low standing in the Cult, Aida's skills did not go unnoticed. And when the Inquisition requested a Tech-Priest with Aida's particular skillset, the Mechanicus was all too happy to ship the young Enginseer off and be done with having to deal with her 'petty desires' and eccentric personality. And thus began her journeys with the radical Inquisitor Ferra Vionica. She does not speak of this time, and not many would expect her to have been an aide for an Inquisitor.

And as long as she doesn't have to talk about it, she is quite fine.

Omnissiah Be Praised

The religion Aida follows is that of Machine God worship. She is entirely aware of the local beliefs, and is always more than happy to explain her own beliefs, but does not actively push others to join, nor force her worship upon others. She's not exactly the best orator, and does not have the skill nor materials to induct others anyway.

Nonetheless she believes that each and every piece of technology has a Machine Spirit, capable of communication and each with their own personality. Part of being a member of the Cult comes with the desire to become closer to the Omnissiah, the Machine God. And it is because of this desire that all Tech-Priests augment themselves with cybernetic technology. Prior to her arrival upon Yuriba, Aida was already fitted with the standard Mechanicus implants. Electoo inductors under her skin allow for better transference of electrical energy, a Potentia Coil within her body to convert and store the natural bioelectricity of her body to power her bionics, an Electro-graft to interact with machines, her right arm and left leg replaced with mechanical versions, and of course her mechadendrites: mechanical 'arms' attached directly into the nerves of her spine that function much like natural limbs for her, complete with attached power tools.


Aida has spent the past two years on the island mostly keeping to herself, occasionally peeking around the town and paying veneration to any piece of technology she can find in an unobtrusive manner. It was only at the start of 2011 that she moved into the Lighthouse to devote most of her time to maintaining the Machine Spirit of the 'Great Tower of Light' and keep it in working condition. However, with the discovery of a set of old bike schematics and her incredible excitement over finding a new template to work from, she has been working with Aelin in hopes of creating a small manufactorum and shop to build and distribute the fine beasts of burden of the Omnissiah.

The many faces of the local Tech-Priestess.
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