Autonomous Magically-Attuned Living Technological Heuristic Equine Android MK.II
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Quote: "You can chase your dreams all you want. Failure is inevitable."
IC Info
Race: Robot Unicorn
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 316
Place of Origin: The realm of Fantasy.
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 143 lbs. Mithril is a lightweight metal. 250-ish lbs in full armor.
Eye Color: Rainbow
Hair Color: Rainbow
Bloodtype: Unicorn Blood (silver) and various mechanical fluids.
Sign: Pisces
Hobbies: Chasing fairies, running, singing, swordplay.
Favorite Things: Apples, dolphins.
Likes: Honesty, honor.
Dislikes: Real unicorns.
Romantic Status: Single. Not seeking.
Religion: Cynicism.
Residence: A small grove in the pine forest.
Occupation: Rocket Knight (Retired)
OOC Info
Source: Original character
Other Characters: Misha Arsellec Lune, Aida, Suika Ibuki


Robot Unicorn?

Created from an unholy union of mad science and magic, Amalthea has spent much of her existence wading through strife and grief heaped upon her for her dual nature. Never fully accepted by real unicorns, ostracized for being a mechanical construct even by humans, elves and other beings. It sort of left a bit of a bad taste in her mouth about what she is and the realm she hails from.



Though she may not show it, Amalthea is a rather bitter creature. When questioned on what exactly she is, she prefers to identify as a machine and an artificial intelligence, rather than a unicorn or mythical creature. By and by she lives a simple life from day to day, not speaking much of her past, and trying to hide her irritable nature and very un-unicorn-like foul temper when around people. But it's there, and all it takes is a little digging to see. There was a time when she was young and new. But that time has long passed.

Mostly she keeps to herself, and may even make up stories about how the world she hails from was colorful, pink, sparkly, full of rainbows, and a utopia for robot unicorns and dolphins alike. She may even seem exceptionally whimsical, capricious, and prone to wild flights of extreme fancy as one would expect of a more playful unicorn, but this all is mostly a deflective measure to not talk about her past. It's little things that Amalthea values and cherishes dearly. Her favorite things to snack on, the ability to finally relax and get some rest, simple honesty and principles. Coming to Yuriba has given her something she hadn't felt in a long time: hope.


Created in a rickety tower in a fantastical realm of fae and dreams through the combined work of Schmendrick the Mad Scientist, and 'Mommy' Fortuna the old elf witch, Amalthea was intended to be the pair's quick ticket to great power. They implanted the heart of an immature unicorn into a metal chassis and coding up an artificial intelligence to run the body. Schmendrick and Fortuna planned to use the power of the unicorn heart in their machine- run by the processes of an AI obedient to them- in order to have their every wish granted.

It was very awkward when the machine outright refused their demands on start up.

She was a failure to them. The pair only decided to keep her in order to scientifically test how well a unicorn heart would survive within an artificial body. Dinner time at the table was pretty tense for a long time. Fifteen years to be exact, before Amalthea decided to run away and see the world beyond the tower. Having read all of her 'parent's books on the subject of unicorns, she had a basic idea of how to try and act, as she wandered from forest to forest, trying to live the lore. That usually didn't work out well when most maidens were scared away whenever she vented steam before she could get close enough to lay her head in anyone's lap. It was over a hundred years before she met a real unicorn. And the results were disastrous. It immediately reacted in a hostile manner, refusing to accept her as a unicorn. This was when she gave up on trying to be a true unicorn, immediately disheartened by the attack and limping away to solder her plating back together.

The next fifty years were spent in a small village, living apart from most of the wary residents, living in a barn and doing little odd jobs that most people around the town refused to do in order to scrounge up enough money to survive. By the time she was 130 there were whispers. Rumors that unicorns were disappearing from the world. She even felt it in hear heart, but didn't bother much with the thought, simply feeling it was for the best, due to the vain and hostile nature of the one she had met, and depicted in all her reading. She cared very little, until the source of all the disappearing unicorns came smashing on her door. A monstrous, mechanical, red bull. Terrified as she was, it was easy for the beast to herd her for what felt like days of running, stopping finally at the gates of a decrepit castle.

It was the castle of King Ha'gard. At first even he was ready to cast her off at the sight of her, as she was not a real unicorn, and he had no use for her. Not like the others, which he had his machine bull drive into the ocean for his keeping. But being a collector of oddities, and just barely swayed by his court of four men at arms to show just a hint of mercy he decided to let her come and go as she pleased.

Amalthea Dress.jpg

But soon she was consumed with boredom. With no desire to return to the forests, or the old town, or the tower of her parents, Amalthea found herself beginning to lose any sort of purpose or desire she once had. The four men at arms- far more noble than their king- saw this, and to prevent the machine from losing herself to rampancy brought on by lack of purpose, offered her one. They offered to teach her the sword, honor, nobility, how to walk the path of the Rocket Knight. Science in the realm of fantasy was not something new, and it was not uncommon for mad technologists to come up with machines. Trains, steam powered wagons and boats were not uncommon, and as such jetpacks weren't out of the question either, and some elite forces wore them into battle rather than ride horses.

Amalthea took to the training well. And it was a mere two years before the four deemed her worthy of ascending from squire to a fully ordained knight. And with the passing of one of the old knights from age, she took her place as Ha'Gard's fourth knight. But life under Ha'Gard was just as morbidly depressing as the old knights made it out to be. The king was a selfish miser and held little regard for those under his rule. It was only out of following their code of honor that the old men at arms even remained at his side. But when he finally decided he wanted Amalthea to join the true unicorns in the sea, she immediately refused. Holding no desire to be anywhere near the creatures, Ha'Gard called upon the bull.

What ever it was that happened that day, the old castle fell to ruins. The bull was scrapped, and Ha'Gard's body lay dashed on the rocks off the cliff edge where the castle once stood. Now free of their king, the old knights left to live peacefully. Amalthea however was still discontented. And she spent a time, wandering the realm as an errant Rocket Knight in search of purpose and cause. It was at the age of three hundred that she finally decided to retire an seclude herself in a small forest, and again, time passed. Until one night when she laid her head down and wished for something different. It was the first time the unicorn heart within her chest granted any wish, and it granted her own. Because when she awoke, she found herself not in her old forest, but in a small clearing in the pine forest on Yuriba.

The old suit of armor.


Now Amalthea is long retired. No longer donning her armor or taking up her sword for any cause, she chooses to live the rest of her life a bit more peacefully. No longer having to serve the old king, and able to live freely, she spends most of her time wandering the island and leading a quiet and uneventful life. Just the way she's wanted it for a long time.

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