Suika Ibuki

Suika Ibuki
Quote: “Haha! Ish great ta share! You ssshould totally come to my nexht party!”
IC Info
Race: Oni
Blessing: Can hold her liquor better’n you!
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Booze
Age: Unknown, assumed over 100
Date of Birth:  ???
Place of Origin: Gensokyo
Height: 8 inches to 8 feet! Depends!
Weight: Varies on size
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Fiery Orange
Bloodtype: Booze
Sign: Booze
Hobbies: Drinking, gambling, partying. Mostly drinking and partying. A little Te-loli-ism on the side.
Favorite Things: Booze
Likes: Booze, getting drunk, loud crazy parties, people who like to drink, people who can drink as much as she can, competition, competitive spirit.
Dislikes: Drinking anything other than booze. People who try to push sobriety on her, people who don’t like to party, buzzkills.
Romantic Status: Married to Booze
Romantic Identification: Booze
Religion: Alcoholism
Residence: Anywhere where she passes out asleep on the island.
Occupation: Party Monster
OOC Info
Source: Touhou
Other Characters: Misha Arsellec Lune, Amalthea, Aida

A rather new arrival to the island of Yuriba, having just shown up out of the blue and plopping herself right down anywhere she can find booze, it seem's the island's jolly drunkard population has gone up by one!

Suika in a nutshell

Now, while on the very topic of Suika Ibuki, at a glance she seems nothing more than your every day booze hound. Thing is though, she’s more. For one, she’s an Oni. Mountain ogre, a demon, whatever you want to call her, it all rolls right off the girl’s shoulders. It’s a rare sight to catch the girl in a sober state. Constantly under the influence of alcohol, she’s probably one of the jolliest and most harmless ‘monster’ type creatures you’ll ever meet! Though under all of the alcohol she has a bit of a childish personality, she’s got a genuinely and generally cheery disposition, and it’s damn near impossible to bring her down!

The Party Monster Theory

Suika constantly refers to herself as a ‘party monster’, or even a party machine at times. Being an Oni, and as all Oni where she happens to be from love to party... Suika used to throw huge bashes back in Gensokyo every three days! Humans, Youkai, demons, Oni, she’d bring them all together, lay out food and TONS of booze and let the festivities begin! Contests of strength, who could eat more, who could hold their liquor better and other competitions were a standard, as is the Oni way! Suika herself has the innate ability to not die of alcohol poisoning, no matter how much she drinks, and just keep on drinking late into the night!

The Sake Bottle

What sort of self respecting Oni doesn’t have a never ending sake bottle? What appears to be a simple gourd with a cork in the top is actually a magical container, which holds a limitless supply of Suika’s special home brand sake. Sake which she spent over a hundred years perfecting!

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