A (generally) intelligent form of creature that often appears to be of reptilian ancestry, dragons are a difficult to define species. They come in many varieties and appearances, seeming to draw from mammalian, amphibious, and reptilian traits. Little is consistent about them from one world to the next, and what one would describe as a 'dragon' others may call something different. Typically the best way to identify one is to get a dragon to identify itself. Some cultures use the term 'dragon' to describe any unknown creature, while others seem to require that the creature in question possess at least one reptilian trait such as scales.

Dragons are not native to Yuriba, although a number have lived there temporarily over the years. Of the handful of dragons who once resided on the island, most of them have seemingly gone into seclusion, or left the island altogether. If one is lucky, she might encounter one of them as they emerge from their resting places to roam about the island for a short time, but eventually they vanish back to their hiding places. Perhaps the most notable draconic resident the island has had is Atara, Guardian and proprietor of Dragon's Brew coffee and tea shop. Onyxia is another current resident, and Ferala has many draconic traits. Meichen Long is also a young dragoness who has taken up residence.

On the whole, dragons do not tend to come to Yuriba often, probably because the small size of the island would be unable to support their appetites, or perhaps there exists some other reason why they are only temporary visitors to the island. Truly, only the individual dragon knows the reasons why or why not.

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