IC Info
Race: Night elf, Draconian
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: Older than she looks!
Date of Birth: Ferbuary 10th
Place of Origin: Teldrassil, Kalimdor
Height: Between 6'10" and 7'2"
Weight: Depends on which form she is in
Eye Color: Blue-purple in elven form, a varying shade of red depending on her mood
Hair Color: Blue streaked with dark purple in her true form, pitch black in blessed form
Sign: Aquarius
Hobbies: Tailoring, nature, physical work and training
Likes: Helping people, nature, flowers, trees, forests, her friends, affectionate teasing and hugs
Dislikes: Corruption and cirgarette smoke
Romantic Status: Rekindled relationship with her favourite silly Lesley and favourite butterfly Zheng
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous, though edging towards Monogamorous.
Residence: She often sleeps outside in her draconic form, the Dragons Lair above Yuriba or at Lesley and Shego's house.
Occupation: Druid, and Yuriba's resident draconic night elf.
OOC Info
Source: Warcraft (elven form), original (blessed form)
Other Characters: Too many. :/
Notes: She doesn't normally get angry, unless she really doesn't like something.

Ferala arrived at Yuriba after many months wandering on a strange and completely uninhabited dimention with Amyrlin.



Elven form

Ferala is a 'young' elven woman who looks to be about 19-22 years of age, in human years atleast. Her skin is odd for being elven, but for her particular race, it's normal to see the light purple skin that occasionally fades in and out between purple and dark pink hues. The darker areas of her skin are, obviously, found in the more shaded areas like the back of her neck, her inner arms and legs, and her back. Her hair is long to say the least, but it ends just below her bottom, which allows her mobility without it getting in the way too much. In normal light, her hair is purple to accompany her skin, though oftentimes it is laced through with much darker purples. Under the rare circumstance that one would see her hair in the light of a full moon, they would notice that it's more of a wispy, faded purple that almost appears slightly transparent. From high on her face, right above her eyebrows on each side, two blue-purple streaks run down over her eyes and cheeks across the skin, looking old enough that it makes you think that she was born with them. Her eyebrows themselves are a sight. Oddly enough, they are about four times the length of a normal human's, and the majority of them rising away from her face altogeather. Her eyes just below that are also a bit odd. They are a real dark purple colour that always is flickering around, taking in every detail and with a strange glow to them, barely noticeable except for a tinge of faded blue. The last strange thing about her is that her ears are...really long. About 11 inches to the tip at the most, and one would almost certainly expect incredible hearing to accompany those long ears.

As for her body, she seems to be one of the fit ones, except more so than the normal person. A lot more. It's not noticable if one were to simply look at her, but a close look would be enough for one to tell that there's a hidden strength there. Her arms and legs are quite slim, though also longer than that of a normal human, which can be very deceiving to the eye. Once again, closer inspection would reveal that her legs are a great amount stronger than avarage, hinting to her regular running. Her body overall is quite curvy, but it's obvious that it's more firm muscle than just plain squishy-ness.

She can be seen wearing many different robes according mostly to which season it is, usually. On occasion, one may find her in something more fancy, or something more revealing such as a bathing suit, but it all generally depends on the situation. She always has her staff with her, and keeps it close for some reason, probably because it has great meaning to her.

Blessed form

In this form Ferala is quite the intimidating presence. Here you see Ferala in her cursed form. She no longer has skin, but instead she has somewhat bright red-black scales that cover her body instead. Naturally, they don't stay the same colour everywhere, being a brighter red around her face and neck, red-black on the outer sides of her arms, legs, her back and wings. The red dulls slightly with a tinge of light brown around her chest, belly, inner thighs, aswell as the closest of the side of her arms, though gradually transitions back to red-black at her hands. All these different shades, hues and tones blend smoothly togeather, fading in and out without noticable oddities or discolourations, showing she takes care of her scales very well. Her hair is quite long, coming down just inches above her knees. She keeps it in place most of the time by letting it rest inbewteen her wings, acting as an effective wind-buffer for her hair, which with it's length has a tendancy to get mussed up easily. If one were to look at her hair, though, they would see a strange sight of complete darkness, almost as if it were absorbing the light around it. She has two fairly large fangs, about two inches long and pure white, that rest beside her chin, being to big for her hide. Covering much of her face are dark blue markings, swirling around her eyes and cheeks, a sharp contrast to the brighter red scales on her face. Her eyes are even a brighter red than her scales, surrounded by the markings they seem to glow, either it's the difference in colour that makes it seem like that, or they're actually glowing. The last significant thing you see is her ears, though they have stayed more or less the same length from her elven form, being about 11 inches long, though the skin is now the light red scales and very fine.

On her back rest two large wings, each one being a full 8' in length from the base just below her shoulder blades. These fairly cumbersome wings are usually kept close to her body, though even then the ends brush the ground and somehow manage to reach about 1' out on either side of her. The very last addision to her body is her tail, being only three and a half feet in length, it's not as noticable as her wings, but it still reaches to the floor, staying barely an inch away from dragging along behind her simply because she keeps it held up. Along the top runs a shining, serrated edge of long, about the size of one's index finger, bone-like spikes, shrinking too almost pin-sized at the tip. The tail starts at about six inches in diameter and a light red, it slowly shrinks aswell as darkens to a deep black tip that's about the width of a finger nail. She stands what looks to be a good seven feet, including the tips of her wings, and she looks like she weighs quite a bit, her tail, wings and her body form adding a significant amount.

As for her body, she seems to be quite fit looking, though not the body-builder type. This is a quietly hidden strength which one could easily underestimate just by looking at her. Her arms are slim, adding more to the seemingly lesser strength, though her legs are quite an amount thicker than most people's, hinting to many years of consistant running. She's quite curvy, but not at all squishy as one would assume, instead it's firm muscles underneath her scales. Overall, by just appearance, her body is able to be called toned or muscular, but not overly strong at all.

Usually in this form she wears one of her tabards, and like her true form, the style depends completely on the season. They're a lot less covering than her robes, but it's for practicality that she does this. Otherwise, her body would heat up quite quickly, and that's also why she only has one robe for this form, something she only wears for special occasions. As like her true form, she carries her staff, though it rests on her back through magical means.

Animal forms

Cat form

Name courtesy of Aouru.

In this form Ferala looks like some species of mountain lion, having roughly the same build and size, maybe a tad bigger though. Her shoulders reach up to the avarage person's waist, when she's on all fours. On her hind legs she could be easily taller than even the tallest of people. Strange things to note about her is her blueish-purple fur, partially covered with white lines on her shoulders and two front paws. Her eyes are illuminated slightly with a hint of golden yellow, her ears are much larger than what you would see on a normal big cat, being a little shorter than they are in her elven form. She is quite a strong cat, having a heavy muscular build and strong legs for continuous running/climbing etc. Her claws are usually kept retracted, for they are deadly sharp and she doesn't want to accidently hurt anyone, they are about three inches long. Her canines are about the same length, except the reason she keeps them hidden it that they could no doubt scare someone really easy if they didn't know she was actually a elven druid.

Wolf form

Unlike all the Jusenkyou curses/blessings, Ferala's animal forms are completely formed, not retaining any physical traits from being an elf, making her wolf form very intimidating at times. She has a large mane and fluffy fur, which is a dark blue-black colour. She stands about three feet ten inches, large even for a wolf. As like her cat form, her wolf form could no doubt reach over seven feet on her hind legs. Her eyes are the same yellow except with a little less gold, and glow slightly in dark places. Her ears more-or-less stand straight in the air, reaching a few inches above her head, twitching around to listen at any sound. Just like her cat form, she is very fit, attuned for non-stop movement in any conditions. Dispite being rough looking and menacing, she is quite gentle in this form for she can easily hurt someone or something without even realizing it. Her canines, even when she tries to keep them as hidden as possible, always seem to show due to being so big, almost making it look like she's smiling a bit.

Hawk-owl form

Like her two other forms, this bird is unusually large, just it's body being about the size of a dog. Her feathers are purple-blue, being much like her cat's fur. Her feathers are constantly fluffed up, even a little when she's flying aswell, though she shows so ill effects from this. Her eyes are wide, also yellow-gold and glowing, they are attuned for night vision, she can easily see in the dead of night as if it were day to a human. She has sharp talons, having one on each toe, three on the front and one at the back of each foot, they look to be about two inches long. Her wingspan in incredibly wide to lift her also large body off the ground, she reaches about ten feet wide with both wide wings, made for slow flying and gliding. She has small tufts of feathers reaching out from the top of her head, most likely there to protect to small holes that are her ears. Though she is very vulnerable on the ground, she doesn't seem to worry about sitting, eating or even sleeping there, for she could easily shift out and into a different form if something thought her weak.



For most of her life, Ferala lived in her homecity of Darnassus of the island of Teldrassil. She had quite a secluded life, not really getting involved in anything other than her studies as a druid and her frequent missions alone involving the assassination of many high-ranking followers of the dreaded Burning Legion and Illidan. After many years of living in the city, she moved away to a distant corner of the island on the northwestern side. No one she knew there ever exactly found out why, but it had been quite obvious to her that she had to when she had begun to have certain strong feelings for the city's High Priestess. She knew that any such feelings were forbidden , especially toward one of such position, and would eventually lead to being exiled if anyone found out. Unfortunately, even with her valiant efforts to hide it, her secret was finally found out by none other than the High Priestess herself, whom immediately ordered Ferala off the island and marked as kill on sight. Ferala had not been very well prepared for this, and even though the Priestess had given her time to leave, it wasn't enough. Facing being killed by her peers, she resorted to using a portal she had created during her studies. Though the portal had been completely formed and stable, she had not set a destination for it and, when she passed though it, she was taken to a strange realm. This new place had an odd property to it, looking somewhat like her own realm, though seeming to be covered continuously in a greyish mist, or blurred at the edges on one's vision.


After many months of living off herbs and plants(not that she minds) she had found while in the strange realm, she determinded that the place was completely deserted. Shortly after she assumed that though, she began seeing a mysterious woman, almost always far ahead of her in the distance. Due to the constant space between herself and the woman, she couldn't tell whether it was one of her race or not, and whether it was hostile or friendly. After much pondering through the nights before sleeping and days while walking, she decided to attempt to sneak up on the woman to try to detemine who it was, aswell as if she was any danger or not. That idea turned out to be a silly thing to do when she was caught from a few hundred feet away, seems like this person had used magic wards, and good ones at that. Though, to her relief, Ferala found out that she was not a dangerous person(to her, atleast), though also not a night elf like herself. Her name was Amyrlin, a human from a distant realm, and turning out to be fleeing from violence as she was herself. There was a war happening in her realm and every major city at one anothers' throat. It had been predicted that the world would be saved by one lone Aes Sedai Amyrlin is an Aes Sedai or, magic user in very simple terms) who would quite possibly be the most powerful one ever in existance. Though not many people look foreward to the date when that single Aes Sedai is found, because in saving the world, the effect would also lead to another Breaking of their realm, spreading incredible amounts destruction across the entire world.

After much sharing of their stories, why they were in the realm, and what they were looking for, they started off in a completely random direction(except for back the way each of them came), hoping to find something. After many months of walking and sleeping, walking again and then sleeping some more, they came to a ocean that was possibly one of the largest ever. Of course, one could not see land on the other side, but just by the fact that wherever you looked out into the ocean, all there was would be water. Though soon after, they came to a point in the land, stretching out into the ocean farther than anything else. From here, the two women had seen a distant island, all alone with only one other tiny island to it's west. This island had, of course, been Yuriba, and after a brief reconnaissance flight by Ferala it had been determined that the island was populated, which greatly excited the two. They begen to collect supplies to build a small, and quite roughly made, boat to reach the island, just large enough to hold the both of them though most of the time Ferala would be flying to and fro between boat and island with more information on it's inhabitants. The trip took a few days, which they had packed many herbs and other edible vegetation for, along with a few reluctantly conjured foodstuffs from Amylin.


Ferala has been on the island for quite a while over a year now, though multiple times she has almost decided to leave. She was always been an energetic person, often staying around the Hot Springs and meeting many new people in her early days on the island. After a while thoguh, she strayed to Leona's Bar and eventually decided that was a more friendly place, aswell as much more practical. She continued to meet new people there, often spending the night sleeping outside the door, seeing how she had no home and didn't want to be a burden to the matrons of the bar. A few days after starting to stay around Leona's, she had made a few good friends which included Namirra, Abryn, Leona, and a few others. After less than a month though, she also met Sinice and of course, Onyxia aswell. She began to stay around them more often as the days went by, eventually asking to study under the Dragon Queen and resultantly getting her own room in her lair. She doesn't use that room much though, mostly due to it being too hot down there. After about a month of being around Onyxia and Sinice she had grown quite close to them, giving the two a special place in her life at Yuriba. A few days later she met Aouru at Leona's bar, unfortunately it wasn't the best way to meet someone, for Aouru had fallen off a bar stool. Those times were ususally spent at Leona's bar, or the market in Maboroshi. Soon after meeting Aouru though, the pair stumbled into Lesley. Well, not exactly. She met Lesley the same way she did Aouru as the girl fell into the mountain spring when she was about to leave. She invitied Lesley to go out one night with another friend to accompany her and Aouru. Unfortunately, later that night, the other friend didn't show up, leaving her, Aouru, and Lesley togeather. Ever since that night, though, the three girls have been very close.


The very first relationship Ferala had that could be called more than friends was with Onyxia, and Sinice to some extent. Even though she knew that Onyxia was in love with Sinice she tried in a valiant effort to show both of them her affection. Unfortunately though, she decided to give up on it one day after quite a bout of pondering. After that day she still has shown her affection to both of them except somewhat less than before. She has shrugged off all of Onyxia's offers to get her a girlfriend, having been comfortable alone for the time.

Her first real relationship was with Aouru and Lesley. Although it was difficult for the three girls to meet up at one time, the dates they did manange were very special indeed. These two girls alone were the first that Ferala ever truely admitted to loving with all her heart. For the time that it lasted before the strange and complete disappearance of Aouru, it was quite a gloriously successful relationship. Though to this day, one can occasionally hear Ferala mention something about Aouru in one context or another. She's finally gotten to accept the fact that Aouru may never return to Yuriba, though even in that, there's much sadness.

A few months after Aouru's disappearance, Ferala met with a rather small girl named Zelda. Often her time was spent visiting the girl or going out to Leona's bar with her for some fun. In fact, whenever the girl was around, Ferala wasn't too far away, or showed up one way or another. After a good month or two of being with Zelda, their relationship has grown to girlfriend status, and Ferala isn't at all shy about mentioning it.

Other important people to Ferala, in alphabetical order, are: Alice Toshiba, Angela, Anna, Breisleach, Curia, Emi, Falcio, Kayla, Kitsune Inari, Lizz Inari, Sari, Shego, and Tomoe Hotaru.

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