Selena McAllistre or Flame as most call her, is the wife of Leona McAllistre and Abryn. Her wife considers her beautiful, reserved, and a good listener. She is deeply in love with her wife, and has a great amount of friends. She often spends her free time in her wife's bar. There, she has quite a few friends, ranging from Fujiko, Aiken, Danielle Liquer, Tina, Tobin, Kora, and Ambrosia. She has more friends than that, but they seem to be regulars at the bar.

OOC Notes
Flame's player appears to not use this wiki yet. All information regarding Flame's character's past and statistics will not be up until she records it herself. Until then it's best to see what is on Leona McAllistre and extrapolate from that.

Flame has most recently been happily married to Leona, a marriage which has stayed constant and happy since their marriage a number of years ago, outlasting many others. Although she has her own home, the two actually live in Leona's apartment above the bar most of the time. She has a number of children via Leona, Ziaracity is her daughter who Leona has adopted, while Ember and Jade are twins that Flame and Leona produced together.

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