IC Information
Nicknames: Abby/Kero/Kerosene
Race: Human
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Bisexual
Age: Its complicated
Birthdate: November 11th, Midsummer where she was born
Birthplace: Northern side of the Sapphire Sea, certainly not on Earth
Height: 5'7"-ish to 5'8"-ish
Blood Type: Blue-blooded
Hair: Silver (Like metal in lustre)
Eyes: Sapphire Blue (With latice textured iris)
Religion: Effectively disenchanted
Residence: Multiple locations
Romantic Status: Married to both Flame and Leona McAllistre
Currently Commited to (breisleach, Feanor, Fujiko Tanaka, Mika Tetsuyama and Mirabelle O'Shea)
Romantic Identification: Polyamorus and Open
Hobbies: Inscribing tarot cards, Ritualism, Tattoo artist (Traditional), Drinking, Cooking, Reading, Anime, Sewing, Tailoring, Weaving
Likes: Love, Eyes, Moonlight, Rain, Polearms, Merlot, Poptarts, Sushi, Playing Pool, Play acting
Loves: Philosophy, Teasing (Both Sides), Connections, Potatoes
Dislikes: Most cooked meats (Bacon is a condiment, not a meat), Bickering, Sulking, Senseless violence, Guilt, Petty actions, Guns, Blood, Needles, Tethers, Unvoiced Expectations
Phobias: Death, Solitude, Court (Multiple Senses), Using her essence

Abryn was once a studious mage skilled in shadowlore, and well-trained in other ancient magics. Most of which she has given up practicing since settling down as a resident. She doesn't avoid talk of her past, or skills, but seriously downplays her past times elsewhere, as this island, for the most part, doesn't have a use for a lot of her skills as they were.


Physical Description


Shes human, or as human as most anyone can make claim on the island. Her complexion is a tad foreign, most like those of Nordic blood. Shes very, very pale, quite akin to that of an albino, yet it doesn't exactly look unhealthy. Her eyes aren't that of an albino either, they are a very pretty sapphire able to hint at her mood at their slight changes in shade. The last of her immediately identifiable inherited characteristics would be her hair. If anything of her would seem wrong, or unearthly, it would be this hair of hers. Its silvery, but that that of age, nor the sort of off white or grey some call silver in hair. It is more as if her hair was made of metal, well in look at least, with a lively luster of silver, but also with depth as if the under-layers are a bit tarnished. Now don't get confused here; the hair -looks- metallic, but anyone that has touched it can assure that its as soft as anyone's hair on the island, if not a bit oily.

Now one may think that this appearance would stand out, be imposing, or at least rather striking, but this is typically offset by a few factors, both physical and metaphysical. One of the factors is her generally unkempt ambiance, she feigns laziness, loss of focus and wit quite often which can make her look a bit more grungy. Not totally disgustingly so, shes not slovenly, but does tend to look or feel more of that lost-in-the-skies artist or musician persona. If one mixes that with a bit of aura dampening shadow from her core magic, well one looks a bit more 'normal' and less reverently radiant. This isn't to say that she doesn't clean up, when the times are appropriate, one could safely assume she prefers comfort within her own spaces; a concept which shifts from bed to home, and at times even the entire island with her moods.

As far as the rest of her goes, Abby is a fairly fit woman. She does exercise and train, but the worse thing is that her metabolism is such that she doesn't really even have to try to stay lean. Firm, well, that is another thing entirely. She no longer has the full build she had when she arrived at the island, for quite a lot of that has turned into a little bit of padding around the edges and those particularly womanly spots. Of these spots, well, even with her diet her thighs seem impervious to it, she has rather nice legs, but her hips and backside have plumped up a tad, as has her belly softened up. Its nothing disproportionate, really shes pretty well put together, shes just perhaps gained a bit here or there.


Typically, when out in the world, the woman wears much more formal looking gowns and dresses than most of the islanders; they tend to be of various colours with matching corset and stockings. She seems to favour the dark midnight, silvery and icy gowns the most, citing their matching both complexions quite well, but she has quite the number of other colours of dress generally in darker shades or metallic or shiny looks. She seems to lack any affinity for lycra and other modern fabrics and opts to go nude in the public pools, even if it means she has to run dripping wet in the winter cold.

When at home, which to Abby seems to be an array of places she feels comfortable, she tends to dress rather down if not go without clothing entirely. Her clothing then is functional only as parts of other outfits or to attempt to skirt by with the minimum of socially acceptable coverings given her homebound laziness. She can occasionally be seen wandering around in a robe kindly donated by her dear Flame or a set of towels after bathing.

Other than clothing she tends to wear her hair in a very bed-headish look, though this is a lot harder to perfect as shes grown out her hair to quite the length. She very rarely wears cosmetics other than lipstick, and even then she opts for lip-gloss due to it tasting a bit less vile. When she is in a special mood, or wishes to go out, she has been known to use silver glitter on her face and exposed skin, some cut into the shape of small moons and stars. She keeps quite an array of rings, pendants and other pretties from a simple worn charm bracelet on her wrist, right down to a pretty toe ring. She has been known to explain them from time to time, each piece holds a dear memory to her, one of the giver and of a time of her heart in bloom.

Personality (Extended)

About as multi-faceted as anyone on the island, Abryn seems to know a little of just about everything. In her long life shes seen a lot done a lot, and heard a lot and she most often puts it to use to help those around her. She can often be found striking up casual conversation, attempting to get to know the various women she meets.



Those that have spoken to Abryn at any depth may find that her life has been long, and that she has called many places home. This habit continues even to today, or perhaps has expanded. She calls many places home, from Leona's place above the bar to Flame's home to the loving arms of a girlfriend. She has even taken over an old spot in the ruin dotted wilds to build up a tower to call her own, perhaps a solace from the sometimes dramatic life around her.

Habits & Family

Currently the woman's life is quite full and rich. She has found herself living with Leona and Flame above Leona's Bar and Girl. Her love for both Flame and Leona continues to grow, they are more than obviously her highest priority, and her family, along with her own daughter Amber and mates' daughters. Gossip may have it that she is considering expanding the family a bit, in one way or another, or perhaps a few ways at once.

She may be a little hard to find these days, even if she is known for staying in a place for hours on end, she seems to shuffle about quite a lot as her attentions shift Sometimes she can be found looking after Leona's bar when the owner is absent or spending time with Leona cleaning and talking when she is around. She is also known for taking long walks on the beach or into the mountains, maintaining the Megami temple overlooking Engetsu-san, or perhaps getting some tea or coffee in town. She rarely minds company, unless is explicitly alone on a date, and even then that depends on her date's preferences generally more than her own.

Much of her time is also spent worrying about the island. Its become her home, and she is increasingly aware of both how strong and how fragile the time on it can be. She has been exploring more, looking into hints of its past while also searching herself and finding her own roots into the land as if starting to build a lasting foundation for the future.


Abryn adores cooking over most other activities, and can easily be lured into talking about food prep, recipes or even just making food. She seems to be rapidly running out of new cookbooks and cuisines to sample and is now starting to specialize on the flavours she and her loved ones seem to prefer. Shes always at home with an apron and a kitchen to work in, and quite often takes over various of her girlfriend's kitchen to cook them a quiet meal, or slave over the 'girl' in Leona's bar making food to order for everyone present.

The clothing Abryn wears is rather unique and fancy, she used to be in a rather intimate relationship with the tailor that designed some of them, and picked up quite a few trick of the trade from her. She now designs the majority of her newer outfits, and seems to adore talking with islanders about this or that outfit idea. Shes been known to spend her hours with Flame talking and designing and actually fabricating new outfits, contentedly gabbing away with her beloved.

She spends her idle time either reading arcane books on magic, philosophy or various world histories, or from her collection of manga and pulp fantasy. This has lead her to spend time at the yuriban library now and then, where she made the acquaintance of its maintainer, Fujiko, whom has become a friend to the girl. She seems to love absorbing all of the knowledge she can, but has a need for a certain emotional content in her daily life. She is and will always be a fan of manga and anime, possibly allowing it to grow to the point of an addiction that rivals her love of women (no, not likely).


Abryn has spoken of her past being filled with many roles, some as a follower, others as a leader. On the island she started out calling it a vacation, a place and way to relax from her busy life now past, but as her ties grew stronger and she it was increasingly obvious that she was starting to settle things shifted. Where she had claimed to be hands off, and trying to keep herself free, she slowly started to collect little tasks to occupy time, or to help a friend or two. Some of her relationships started from urges to help others, and in the end shes gained a fairly large list of things she feels obligated to do, or perhaps just, as a caring person with not unsubstantial skill sets and education, just is able to cover what others may not.

The Lily

Somewhat early in Abryn's stay on the island there was some cause for celebration and she, Flame and Kayla decided to go to Flame's favorite local restaurant. They arrived only to find that The Ocean Lily was closed, having been left idle and abandoned sometime during repairs from the 2007 eruption. After some investigation and inquiries, Abryn put in a bid to have the place re-opened and, to her surprise. the bid was accepted.

She put in quite a large amount of her time restoring the place to its former state of readiness, as well as revamping the menu and attempting to expand the eating space to the beachfront deck. These tasks are mostly completed, though some rough edges still show now and then. She is constantly experimenting in the kitchen, looking to add more food and drinks to the menu as she develops them as well as opening up special menus for festivals, holidays and the occasional cooking contest.


Abryn doesn't like to acknowledge or speak of rank or class, so her work with the Town Council is kept fairly low key. She treats it as if shes an enabler, or a link between people she meets and the resources made available to her through the organization. She will often perform duties alone, and in quiet, to prepare for things that she, or people close to her think may need done or come to pass. Some of this comes in the form of exploration, patrolling known areas and auditing the state of the island, its wildlife, structures and even the magical field and places about.

Some of this work, as well as the large immigrant interests in the events of the last eruption, has lead her to spearhead an attempt at organizing a formal group to do many of these things. The Lily Blades have thus been formed and are in the process of setting up basic training, assessment, and provisioning themselves for future work. The council hopes to eventually count on them to settle minor issues, as well as be a stable influence on the immigrant population in the future.

Her other major contribution to the village's functioning is help in organizing community functions, giving a hand at rebuilding old booths, offering help and resources to people wishing to add their touch to the events as well as acting as a mistress of ceremonies, or mouthpiece at may functions to relieve the other council members of the obligation of always being present.


At times, often quite random and rarely properly scheduled, Abby can be found teaching classes at the school. The subjects she teach all verge on the dry and boring to the intangible and hard to properly grade or appraise. She teaches mostly theory, from societal dynamics to the metaphysical beliefs and theories on comparative religion, archetypal layouts as well as the basics on how magic can be formed, tapped and expressed by an individual. Most of her classes are either in the advanced research segment of the student body, electives, or in community outreach/continuing education programs.

This said, she teaches -no- practical magic, nor specializes in magic on her own right. She does have an extensive knowledge of many types of magic, from nature to differing divine and belief sorts all the way to ley lines, artifacts, sigils, various symbolisms and what empowers them. Effectively she teaches the diversity of the magical world and ways to adapt, meld and convey magical awareness in tangible means to one another.

Part of her course work, thusly, is at times helping the curious identify what may be magic, divine its source and perhaps confirm that its being tapped into. She then typically meets with known skilled users of similar types that are taking proteges and attempts to get any novices the support the need to control and understand their own powers and limits without Abby's involvement. She effectively passes them on for a much more personal set of lessons as the majority of the non-native magics are of severely differing types, there can be no true classes in basic magic in the formal setting. Underhill likely differs, and has its own ways to deal with its own on a local level.

Biography (Extended)

Where she isn't one to flaunt her somewhat exotic origins, preferring to blend in with the less exotic masses of the island, she will occasionally speak on it when prompted or reminded about something that relates. Its not that she hides her past, its just not important to her, or as important to her these days given she came here to relax. She can be drawn, privately, to speak on her past, especially if in a story telling mood, or to share of herself for a little trade and tidbit of another, but doing so can take quite some time to build up enough trust or knowledge of her to accomplish.

Her initial months were as varied as any girl that didn't get caught up in something fairly monogamous right away, that is to say she had quite a handful of experiences, lovers and girlfriends. All of that has tapered off a little, one would almost say significantly since her arrival, having had Amber and Flame having Zoe, the trio took time to adjust to the little bundles of joy and trouble. Abby has since had more time to spend on her own things, yet cherishes the time alone with her wives when they can all take the time out from their recently busy schedules. Shes taken to doing private research and some exploration with breisleach into her own magic and future with the island's gifts.

Relationships (Extended)

All in all, Abryn is generally open to new people, as she meets them. She tends to put no real bounds on how any given relationship will grow, being truly poly herself, though one of the more crucial issues with anyone seeking time, or to deepen their bond with the woman will find is that she puts a priority on existing relationships, especially with her near constant companionship of Flame and Leona. She is generally very warm and open, though sometimes excessively violent, jealous, or manipulative personalities will put her fairly on guard.

She has several girlfriends of a variety of age, species and personality. Each is very special to her, and each one has been nurtured, and even at times left to let grow as they will. This has left a few to mellow with time, some into less passionate friendships, others into almost stalker-like persistence, and well, two notable ones into marriage and an apex of both loyalty and comfort. If its not obvious to those that know her, she seems to pick or more fall into more comfortable things primarily with couples, either due to the comfort of not being relied on as someone's one-and-only, or just some other, deeper mental draw.

Abryn had hesitated to start much before the marriage, and now that the knots have been tied she has been finding herself a little too lazy to play the field. She'll still talk, and flirt, but it takes a bit more effort for people to get her attention, and the gravity or link that will cause the spark of her full attention is rarer indeed. She'll always be open for another catalyst, but seems content to rest and wait for it to sneak up on her for the slower burn and reaction, and not let a quick flame send her heart to waste over a flareup or flash that could have been so much more.

Powers and Knowledge (Extended)

Abryn isn't one to show off nor brag, in fact one could say that not many souls about the island could even reference a time when the woman has used even a smidgen of power. From time to time, one may get the feeling that she can sense another person's power, or at least view the way energies mix with their aura, but she seems to share so little of what she may see or hear that its almost a moot point. What one may have caught, here or there, is that shes been having some strange personal issues lately and they've not been of what one would consider mundane in origin.

Abryn does, however, speak of her past life, her past powers, and the things available to people in the realms she has visited. These stories can be rather rare to come by, but aren't overly difficult to start as once they start flowing she will speak openly of that past. By the stories one may surmise that she has lived a long and eventful life, and like that old curse where 'eventful' is seen in a less positive light, as quite a few of these stories are more than a little bloody, violent or sad. As a result of this negativity, it seems that Abryn often likes to try and teach, or at drop hints for, others to take away the wisdom gleaned in the hardships of dealing with power, magic and a heart that may yearn for more.

There may be talk of an Abby isolating herself from time to time, quite recently, to learn or explore her links to the island's own magics. This hearsay may include talk of magic practicing, to talk of just exploring and locating places of interest that may need to be protected from outsiders all the way to likely worries from total strangers that shes doing something spooky.

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