Leona McAllistre

Leona McAllistre has had a long and interesting life, and only for the last few years has her life ended up more or less peacefully on the island of Yuriba, a place where she seems to be perfectly happy to rest. Apparently at one time in her past she was a policeman of some sort, and she seems to find being the barmistress both relaxing and a nice way to socialize with whomever enters. She's almost always willing to spend a few moments talking with whoever comes in.

Leona's Bar and Girl is the name of her bar, a name she chose in reference to one somewhat literary source, and the inside is modeled after one of the best bars she's ever visited, an out of the way drinking hole in New York State. After a short period of allowing both sexes into the bar, she found it necessary to restrict it just to women, which has allowed her to make the one bathroom large and comfortable, unlike most of its kind. Cursed individuals sometimes duck in to take advantage of the hot water.

Leona has now been happily married to Flame for quite a few years, a marriage which has outlasted many others. Although this wife has her own home, the two actually live in Leona's apartment above the bar most of the time. She has a number of children via Flame, Ziarcity is Flame's daughter who she has adopted, while Ember and Jade are twins that Flame and Leona produced together. There's a possibility of another child from a previous marriage, but Leona has proven to be rather close-lipped about that part of her past.

Recently Flame and Leona have finally married Abryn, their dear friend and lover, in a quiet ceremony with several friends, where they pledged their love to each other. This simply rendered de jure what had already been de facto, and the trio has continued to be quiet happy together.

Another recent change is Leona's adoption of a blessing after years of remaining human. Having received some Shenyanniichuan water for Christmas, she has been spending a lot of time as a naga of late.


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