Founding Era

The Founding Era of Yuriba covers from approximately February of 2002 up through the end up 2004. This is the period when most of the businesses and central structure of the village was built, and when serious immigration, settlement, and visitation from foreign parts began.

While the island was actually discovered by Phil-chan some months earlier, it was not until February, 2002 that actual construction begin. Originally, the only structures were the building commonly referred to as the "Starting Hut", a small hut that served as the entryway for newly approved and arrived immigrants, and a Tree House situated in a large tree nearby. These were followed shortly thereafter by what is now known colloquially as Belldannim's Temple and the Pixie's Pride Inn. A number of other businesses sprung up in short order; the few that remain include the Gaming Hut, Leona's Bar and Girl, the Yuriba Gym, the Boardwalk, and an early version of the Sombreuil Community Center.

Despite this early flurry of building, outside of the occasional minor shift, the island remained largely static during this period.

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