Pixie's Pride Inn

Located a block north of the Village Center, on the western side of White Lily Road, the Pixie's Pride Inn is owned by Merin Drazin. One of the very first structures completed in the village, it has provided four small inn rooms for sleeping or recreation among residents for years. Heavily damaged during the massive quake that occurred in March of 2007 when Inishie-san erupted, the Inn currently remained closed for many months before repairs were finished. However, it appears that promised renovations did not occur, leaving it much as it ever was, if open and functional once more.

The Inn, as Yuriba's original house of ill repute, has enjoyed a rather chequered reputation over the years. Aside from being a common first resting spot for those women who arrive on the island without much preparation (which is to say, a large number of them), it also is well known as a conveniently placed and inexpensive place for meetings of a brief, amorous, and generally furtive nature. While its popularity has substantially declined over the years, many older immigrants have fond (if mixed) memories of it, and it seems unlikely the inn will ever be replaced, despite its advantageous location, nearly in the exact centre of the village, and just across from the village hot springs.

The Inn also has a kitchen, though unlike many other establishments in the village, the menu is not particularly noteworthy, and there is no general dining area.

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