OOC: Adding to Divine Lore
If it's not on one of these linked pages, it almost certainly doesn't have a set lore yet - if there's no lore, you can create it! The key points to keep in mind if you're worried about consistency are:

1) Yuriban animism is a nature-based, animistic religion. Goddesses are linked to natural forces, not human feelings or concepts. To give an example, there could be (even if there currently is not) a goddess of decay and rot, or a goddess of pollination. There would not be a goddess of love, or a goddess of libraries. Sometimes a concept that's more cultural might be matched with a natural force (such as how Kaika, the goddess of fire, is also seen as connected to justice and dance.)

2) Yuriban goddesses are, of course, all female!

3) While goddesses might have multiple facets and been viewed different ways at different times, it's better not to suggest full scale historical reversals.

4) Three is a very important number for Yuribans, and in an ideal world, we'd have 27 (3 to the third power!) goddesses. Obviously, we don't yet, so there's room to grow!

Religion, as practiced by native Yuribans, is a polytheistic religion, focusing on a pantheon of different goddesses, most commonly seen as handmaidens to The Lady. (Other interpretations exist.)

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