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It's a known fact how fiction shapes reality. Here's another example:

The most recent eruption in March '07 was an event planned out several months in advance, as a metaplot for our fifth anniversary. Little did we know, mere days before the planned eruption, it was discovered the hosting server would be shut down, and Shoujo-Ai MUSH lost with it. It was only through a massive amount of frantic work that the MUSH files were able to be recovered, and moved to a new host.

And that's the story of how Inishie almost destroyed Yuriba in truth.

Inishie-san is the least accessible of Yuriba's three mountains, and is the only one that is considered an active volcano, erupting on average only once every few hundred years. The most recent of these times was on March 17-18th, 2012. (See: Eruption of 2012) While weeks of heavy earthquakes leading up to the eruption predicted it, the exact date was unknown in advance. While much of the damage was averted by the actions of citizens, there were several confirmed deaths that could be blamed on the volcano, particularly those of several cultists of Inishie.

The more recent prior eruption occurred on March 7th, 2007. This eruption had been predicted to be coming by Eimi Kozuka nearly a month in advance, although the exact date was unable to be pinned down exactly. The eruption, a fault that opened up on the north face of the mountain and dumped lava and ash into the ocean, was preceded by a series of gradually worsening earthquakes. While there are no certain fatalities, a number of injuries and a variety of damaged structures were reported.

Local records of the second most recent eruption indicate that it took place on or about July 17th, 1833, although it was predicted four days in advance. At this point, the island proper was functionally uninhabited, the only active residency being Underhill. However, veiled allusions by the long lived local residents seem to hint that at least one life was lost in the early 19th century eruption.

There are no structures on Inishie-san. The volcano is bordered by the Omolara Valley and the Yuriba River on one side, and by an small area of hardened lava flows and the ocean on the other. The Town Council has occasionally attempted to cordon off access to the volcano; risky at the best of times, the aftermath of the eruption has left the area even more unstable. However, determined individuals find their way past and into the area often enough.

No doubt due to it's namesake, the dark goddess Inishie and the risk that an active volcano presents, the mountain is associated strongly with dark legends among the native groups. Many natives can be heard to claim that walking on the mountain is unlucky as well as a good way to get injured.

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