Quote: You have to learn to tell between when I care and when I'm just making you look stupid in front of your friends
IC Info
Race: Sidhe
Blessing: Sidhe
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi, but never had enough interest in a Male to make them a Lover
Age: Embarrassing
Place of Origin: The Realms of the Sidhe
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 123 LB
Eye Color: Usually Blue
Hair Color: Brown, but turned Silver in an incident she won't discuss
Bloodtype: She has quite a bit
Sign: "STOP!" or "Slow Children at Play"
Likes: Flowers, The Internet, the sensation of falling, and coffee
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, Getting too warm
Romantic Status: Committed (Mirabelle O'Shea and Asuna Asagiri), Open
Residence: Caislean Dubhcoille
OOC Info
Source: Original Character with basis in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files.

Juliet is a mysterious fae woman who has resided in Yuriba for over two years, but is rarely seen in public. Having formerly lived with Kailia, she now lives with her fiancee Mirabelle O'Shea and Mira's underclasswoman Ichiko Suzuki. She and Mirabelle are mutually engaged to Asuna Asagiri.

Her first noteworthy accomplishment is a prize-winning dish in the entree division of the native cuisine contest of Yuriba's 2008 Anniversary festival.

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