Caislean Dubhcoille

Caislean Dubhcoille (literally, Castle Blackwood) is a residential castle situated in the forests of Akibimi-san, specifically within the territory claimed by its designer, Mirabelle O'Shea, known as the Dubhcoille Forest. It is home to Mirabelle, Juliet, Ichiko Suzuki, and most recently, Meichen Long, as well as an unknown but large number of pixies who seem to serve as a behind-the-scenes staff. Among the largest known homes on the island, the establishment welcomes visitors at virtually any time of the day, and even offers guest rooms where one might stay the night free of charge. Being a home rather than an inn, however, the castle has several rules that visitors are expected to follow, which are viewable in the castle foyer.


The Castle

The castle's proper interior is somewhat less of a royal hall and more of a residential manor. This is not to say that it isn't finely decorated or furnished, however; Mirabelle hand-selected every single detail about most of the castle interior's public rooms to be certain each was of fine taste. Some rooms, however, were designed by Juliet: the dining room, kitchen, garrison, and aviary in particular; she was only as meticulous in selection of decor for the dining hall, and focused instead upon utility and convenience for the kitchen.

Among the rooms in the castle:

These are not the only rooms in the castle, though all of the above are usually accessible by visitors at all times. Excess herbs from the castle stores or grown during particular seasons are often donated to the Yuriba Clinic.

Dubhcoille Forest

Closely guarded by Mirabelle and her fiancee Asuna Asagiri of the nearby Nulari Shrine, the Dubhcoille Forest is a small but beautiful deciduous forest isolated in the middle of Akibimi-san's Maple Circle. Formerly only cared for and watched by Asuna, ownership of it was given to Mirabelle as the result of a secret pact with the spirits and dryads who dwell within, and as a result is now a personal property and charge shared between herself, Asuna, and Mirabelle's other fiancee Juliet. Three buildings are found within the wood in natural clearings:

A beautiful lagoon is also to be found within the wood, with clean, cool water perfect for swimming.

House Residents

The house mistresses of Caislean Dubhcoille are:

Also living at the castle:

Other information

Nobody but the house mistresses are allowed in the North tower. Although they do not generally speak of the reason, it has been divulged to the town council.

The garden area is home to one of the oldest living oak trees on the island.

Caislean Dubhcoille was built to withstand even the toughest environmental hazards. During the eruptions of Inishie-san in 2012, it served as one of three fallout shelters. While Mirabelle focused her efforts on shielding the entire mountain from the volcano's wrath, refugees were shielded by wards while Meichen served food and Reiko Asagiri tended the injured.

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