Mirabelle O'Shea

Mirabelle Ciarán O'Shea
IC Information
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Species: Metahuman/Half-fae
Place of Origin: San Francisco, CA
Hair Color: Varies with form (Chestnut Brown/Very Bright Blonde)
Eye Color: Varies with form (Green/Bright Blue)
Build: Slender, athletic
Romantic Status: Engaged (Juliet, Asuna Asagiri), Involved (Ichiko Suzuki, Abryn, Moe-tan)
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous, Open, Disclosed
Friends: breisleach, Iessica, Emi Toshiba, Meichen Long*
Occupation: Tutor at Rinkei Gakuen and student; Tarot reader; Herbalist/Healer; Town Council intern; Guardian
Religion: Pagan/Wiccan, Celtic pantheon
Blessing: Kongqinyanniichuan
Spoken Languages: English, Gaelic, French, Japanese, Fae
Residence: Caislean Dubhcoille
OOC Information
Source: Original Character
Other Characters: Koyomi (puppet; see Other Info), Meichen Long, Misao Nakamura
Note: * Because these characters are in fact the same player, interactions between them only take place when others are present.

Mirabelle O'Shea is a resident of Yuriba of over three years.


Personality/Psychological data

Mirabelle is a cordial and friendly person possessed of a down-to-earth nature despite her wealthy upbringing and status. She has a sharp wit and a keen mind, and tends to see the world through the eyes of a person more mature than her apparent age. An accomplished student at the top of her class in most subjects, she is rarely satisfied with an academic pursuit unless she is certain her research has covered all the bases that she is capable of touching upon. Despite this, she has a typical fondness for sweets, cute animals, flowers, and beautiful things. Those she has warmed up to, which doesn't take much effort, find a person to whom they can speak of virtually anything with her support and understanding.

Her sense of humor can best be seen as an amalgamation; if it makes others laugh, usually she can laugh along, but not when it is harmful or embarrassing to another person. Although she isn't prone to it very often, from time to time she makes a sarcastic or oddball joke. Even if they make her groan in mock disgust, she loves puns.

In her time on the isle, she has been known for not being a very confrontational person who prefers simply to settle things with a friendly smile or a kind word. If pushed or upset, however, the spit and fire typical of her Irish ancestry can come out with a noticeable vengeance. Her feelings for others are often stubborn and steadfast to a fault; when she has made a friend deep enough, nothing short of outright betrayal, harm, or cowardice in a time of need could bring things beyond reconciliation with her. Likewise, those who have earned scorn from her, although they are very few on the isle, she will usually avoid and no longer speak to even if they offer apology.

Within the sweet and innocent girl, however, dwells a more mature and demanding personality, a separate consciousness that seems to live within her as a will of another entity (not to be confused with SPD; the two of them are quite aware of one another and even communicate to each other when she meditates). Rarely is this person seen, but she is unpredictable in virtually everything she does, even when choosing to manifest...


Aside from the typical workings of a pagan witch, which have noticeably enhanced since her arrival on the magic-saturated island, Mirabelle's abilities have developed to allow her to detect magical energies in objects, people, and even the ground no matter how faint. She is possessed of holistic healing skill that not only boosts the patient's energy but also erases minor to noticeable flesh wounds and common diseases; use of this ability can be draining to her however. Asuna Asagiri's mother Reiko is helping to teach her how better to use this ability. She is also capable of raising magical defenses that block harmful energies to a degree; a class at Rinkei Gakuen may be helping her to use this ability more effectively. Although she cannot read minds, she is possessed somewhat of an empathic ability that allows her to feel and interpret what others are feeling on an emotional level. (This doesn't apply to beings without emotions, like cyborgs; Mirabelle often looks upon those she cannot "feel" with a cautious eye, though not so much as those she thinks may be concealing hidden motives.) Yuriban classifications of magick and its users would place her most likely as a mix of a druidic and divine magick user, given her faith, philosophies, and power based upon both nature and the deities she prays to.

Mirabelle has an affinity for the Tarot. If asked, she will do a reading for anyone, but refuses to charge the querent. She uses the Celtic Cross style to do her readings, and will usually begin her readings by disclaiming that there is no guarantee that every card, nor her interpretation, will be 100% accurate. She has nothing against doing a simple three-card reading for minor questions, however. As of recent, Mirabelle's old Tarot deck hadn't been giving her understandable readings given her becoming a half-fae and the resulting shifts of affinities that happen when one's racial traits are altered. Mirabelle has since then collected a full deck of the Yuriban Tarot, which she uses now to do her readings.

Although she doesn't fancy herself a good cook by any means, as is the case with a few people who live with her, Mirabelle uses what she knows of kitchen witchcraft to make tasty variations on simple foods. (She prides herself on making a mean sandwich.)


Food: She isn't particular, and will eat virtually anything that is well-prepared. Meals that stand out as among her favorites however, are sushi, teriyaki, spaghetti, and most any sweet.

Drink: Green tea, or on occasion a Shirley Temple. She will never turn down a cup of tea from a friend.

Music: Anything from most Heavy Metal, to Classic Rock, to Celtic, Irish or Scottish Folk.

Song: Within Temptation - Stand My Ground

Game: A self-professed 'geek burger', Mirabelle loves fantasy and role-playing games, tabletop, computer or board. However, she held the high score on Leona's Pac-Man machine for all of one day. As of recent she has been trying her hand at Xenogears.

Sport: Though she was never on a sports team, Mirabelle loves soccer. Some would argue that karate is also a sport, but Mirabelle disagrees as she finds nothing sportsmanlike about fighting.

Decoration: The blacklight.

Author: Scott Cunningham for reference, Ursula K. LeGuin, Shirley Jackson, and Jim Butcher for fiction.

Dislikes, Pet Peeves

Mirabelle can't abide rude, hateful people, nor can she stand people who constantly seem to be sad, moody or complaining. She detests fighting and violent people, as well as those who feel they have to push, punch, threaten and bully to get their way, but conversely she also dislikes hypocrisy and will admit that she can be pushed to action. People who badger and pick on her others incessantly are also quick to make her blacklist. She also has a strong distaste for emo music (with the exception of HIM's 'Dark Light' album to a degree of tolerance), and anything having to do with the anime "Slayers" (no exceptions or tolerance).


Mirabelle in Summer robes
Mirabelle Ciarán O'Shea, named in honor of her maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather, was born the second daughter of the wealthy Irish Catholic owner of a brewery and his second wife, his first wife having passed away. Her older sister, Maire, was inseparable from her for most of her life. She attended a prestigious prep school for girls and was an accomplished student despite admittedly being a mathematics-hater that even Jaime Escalante could not cure. However, she had been born with an odd symbol in the palm of her right hand that seemed to be part of her skin and yet wasn't. Mirabelle would secretly stare at this symbol past her bedtime, as it would sometimes glow brightly enough for her to see.

At the age of eleven, when the symbol had become clear enough to recognize as a pentacle bearing the number seven at its center, she visited the High Priestess of a local witches' coven who immediately recognized her potential. For a year and a day she studied in secret, as an extracurricular path of research, until at last she was inducted into the coven as a priestess. Her High Priestess, whom she had come to look to as a second mother, set her first assignment as coming clear to her family about her new religion. Surprisingly, her family took it fairly well... all, except for her sister, who for the next four years would say nothing to her except to quote the Bible's passages against witchcraft.

Mirabelle had given little to no thought about relationships, until her best friend introduced her to her new boyfriend. For a reason that she at the time could not explain she had felt a burning surge of jealousy... not at her best friend, but at the boy she was with. Nonetheless she tried her best to be supportive and kind, even after they broke up months later. At the age of fourteen, she came to grips with herself; she found girls attractive, and despite the amount of advances she had gotten from her male classmates, she was interested in none of them but one particular girl, whom she never told about her feelings, an action she regrets to this day.

When, nearly a year and a half later, word reached the rest of the students that Mirabelle was a lesbian in a Catholic prep school as the result of a backstabbing action by a former friend, Mirabelle's parents were shocked to hear from the school administration. The school had given her an ultimatum: attend sessions with the school counselor or perhaps therapy with a psychiatrist, or transfer to another school. Mirabelle didn't wish to leave, but her parents wholeheartedly agreed with the school's actions as her father was more concerned about the image he presented to his colleagues and fellow churchgoers than he was about his daughter's choices. Maire was as horrible to her as ever, now fervently praying in her presence every time she got the chance that Mirabelle be forgiven and delivered from damnation and other underhandedly nasty prayers.

Only Mirabelle's mother seemed to sympathize, and as Mirabelle sat in her room one night staring at her palm, her mother sat down with her and asked her what she wanted to do. Mirabelle couldn't stand being treated as an outcast by her own family and classmates any longer, and thus chose to go away. It was then that her mother placed a brochure in her lap, detailing a little island off the coast of Japan known as Yuriba.

The most tearful farewell had been between herself and her (now former) High Priestess, who had agreed to even so much as take Mirabelle under her wing if things had gotten too tough for her. To the High Priestess, Mirabelle had been not only a surrogate daughter, but a very special addition to the coven. She had taken to magick and the worship of the Lady and Lord "as a duck to water", even surprising some of her senior members with her flair, affinity, and focus for the coven's work, rituals, and magick. But they both agreed that it was for the best, and that it was possible she would be much happier there in Yuriba. The High Priestess presented her with her own pentacle charm that had been a family heirloom for generations, and bade her to go and strive on in a brave new world.

Mirabelle stepped on the plane that would take her to the only ferry to Yuriba, hoping one day to prove to her family that she could make her own decisions without needing to confess to sinful behavior. No one came to see her off.

The strange new land greeted her with open arms, but only to a degree. Being of a pagan background, Mirabelle was considered a foreign magic-user by the immigration office, and once time permitted was required to register as one before she could resume her spells and rituals. While she didn't have a problem with this, some of the local priestesses of the Yuriban pantheon would likely look at her with a cautious eye if they knew, given their inherent distrust of foreign magick.

Mirabelle lived for a little more than a year at Riverview Apartments with her adoptive sister turned fiancee Juliet and her underclasswoman Ichiko. During a week in October 2007, Mirabelle left the island temporarily, taking Juliet and her mutual fiancee Asuna Asagiri with her. She returned the next week to report to those who asked that her parents and sister were now deceased as of two months prior, though she would not speak of the circumstances of their deaths, or for that matter anything at all that happened during the week of her absence, to anyone save for those close to her.

As a result of her inheritance, she, Juliet, and Ichiko commissioned a great deal of help from those of the village who knew something of architecture and construction, and built one of the largest homes on the island together. In secret, she made a pact with the spirits dwelling in the woods of Akibimi-san to watch over her home, and grant her free use of a section of the woods, which she named the Dubhcoille (Black wood); it is known that part of what she was expected to do in turn, however, was to watch over and preserve those woods. Caislean Dubhcoille is now a castle she shares with Juliet and Ichiko, resting in a natural clearing near the Maple Circle.

She and her housemates are not alone in watching over the Dubhcoille, however; indeed, Mirabelle has enlisted the aid of many lesser fae creatures to watch over both it and her home, but the woods she chose were conveniently situated next to one of the Shinto shrines in the area, Nulari Shrine, which her fiancee Asuna tends as well as watches the wood surrounding it.


Old art, Mira in Rinkei Gakuen blouse
Mirabelle's first full term at Rinkei Gakuen had her more closely involved with her chosen field of study and conducting her own private research; she was enrolled in Hokuto's Native and Worldwide Religions course as a supplement to her studies, as well as in classes dealing with Abjuration and communing with spirits, all while managing to study World Literature and tutor Ichiko before lunch. In a previous term she was enrolled in an Honors-level Calculus course despite being an utter math-phobic, along with the other standard English, Science, Japanese, and Literature classes, plus introductory courses in Occult Studies, Magickal Theory, and Native Religion and Folklore. Despite her high grades, her Science professor expressed concern that her courses of study in magick and occultism would conflict with any further scientific courses she would take, and recommended against any classes beyond High School-level Chemistry.

In the middle of her first term, Hokuto took notice of Mirabelle's achievements and offered her a job as a full-time tutor at the school. Mirabelle took the job, and has held it ever since, though she no longer specifically tutors in Native and Worldwide religions.


Juliet, a passionate if somewhat reclusive woman of fae origins and an extreme talent with cooking, and Asuna Asagiri, shrine maiden caretaker of Nulari Shrine, remain the two closest ladies of the isle to Mirabelle's heart. Mirabelle first met Asuna during a soujurn to the Hot Spring after school, the two of them sharing plenty of talks about their respective religions and beliefs that eventually led to more personal discussions, and ultimately, romance. Juliet came into Mirabelle's life a few months later, probably one of the first few people on the isle to have met Mirabelle's "other self" before she actually got to know the original owner of the body. As of February 2008, the three of them have become engaged to one another, a fact that was made public at the Yuriban Anniversary Festival of the same year. She considers herself lucky that she is engaged to two ladies who have skill in the kitchen, as she isn't very confident with her own culinary abilities.

Mirabelle seems to have been graced with the task of taking care of her newest underclasswoman, Ichiko Suzuki, otherwise known as Ichiko-chan, a student of Kendo. Ichiko sought shelter from the island's frequent rain at Mirabelle's apartment on her first day on the isle, and the two have been close ever since. In school, Mirabelle has taken up the responsibility of being Ichiko's tutor, and whether on campus or off, she is protective and quite enamored of her junior.

After Hokuto, one of Mirabelle's teachers at Rinkei Gakuen, offered her a job as a full-time tutor, Mirabelle and the other woman found themselves drawn to one another, to the point that they were romantically involved. They were seen together publicly for the first time at the 2007 First Snow ceremony. Through Hokuto, Mirabelle made the acquaintances of breisleach, Nisa, and Iessica. An assignment for Hokuto's class also led to Mirabelle publishing her first theory, though much later. After this assignment, however, Hokuto began to be seen less and less, no longer teaching or even being seen beyond her shrine. Mirabelle eventually found out that Hokuto was no longer present on Yuriba instead of secluded behind a locked door in the shrine as her fiancees believed, and the mystery as to where she could have gone was solved for her when breisleach and Nisa revealed that they had found a hastily-written letter from Hokuto, explaining that she and Seishi had left for Tokyo, likely never to return. Both the sudden departure and lack of much of a goodbye from Hokuto left the young witch feeling very used, and to say that she no longer regards Hokuto warmly would be saying that the Manson family were just playful.

Mirabelle has visited breisleach many times to benefit from the kitsune's wisdom or simply for the pleasure of her company; although Mirabelle doesn't see herself converting to the local pantheon, seeing far too many similarities in view and practice in her own paganistic following, she looks up to breisleach as she would a High Priestess of her own religion, even going so far as to exclusively refer to her with the honorific of "Lady" despite breis' discouragement of the practice in general. By contrast, Nisa, a former classmate and former fiancee to breisleach, seemed to look up to Mirabelle because of the young witch's knowledgeability and kind nature. For some time, Nisa and the witch hinted at pursuing a relationship. Very suddenly, however, Nisa stopped being social in public or even speaking to Mira, and this among other factors drove Mira to instead consider that it might be for the better that the two of them remain simply friends. This friendship was effectively terminated shortly thereafter for unrelated reasons, and Mirabelle no longer associates with her. Iessica and her companion Fenestra are a source of spontaneity whenever one or both of them show up near Mirabelle, often seen by the witch as a welcome interruption in what she describes as her sometimes humdrum day.

Mirabelle met Abryn, the silver-haired former priestess of a different yet similar religion to her own, by chance at Leona's one afternoon. Mirabelle was drawn to the knowledge of the elder woman as well as her open and empathic nature, and romance was soon to swell from their encounter. While Abryn no longer practices magick, she has offered on occasion to assist Mirabelle with her own studies, an offer which she has been quite eager to accept.

Mirabelle was once involved with the Irish musician Tobin, a relationship that began on rocky footing despite their friendship and was tested time and again by Tobin's once-jaded view of polyamory. When Tobin became involved with another woman, however, she had less and less time to spend with Mirabelle, who in turn grew apart from Tobin, and the two eventually broke it off. Mirabelle wanted to believe that they could at least remain on good terms as friends ever since the breakup, but the two of them haven't spoken to each other since, mostly due to Tobin never leaving her apartment.

At one point in time, Mirabelle had been involved with the singer Nina (this would not happen to be the same Nina who currently resides on the isle), who went by the stage name "Siren" partially for the hypnotic power of her voice. Nina decided to leave the isle for a time to pursue her singing career, and Mirabelle heard very little from her until the singer's sudden return months later. Nina disappeared again soon after her return, just as quickly as she'd come, leaving both Mirabelle and the singer's new girlfriend Tarynn behind. With no way to contact her, Mirabelle broke off the relationship with Nina in absentia; it is unlikely she'll pursue any further romantic relationships with Nina if she were to return.

Mirabelle was once on friendly terms with Hako. However, when Hako was introduced to Mirabelle's "other self" by a chance encounter, after a very tense conversation in which Hako ended up making slanderous and insulting remarks to her, Mirabelle decided to avoid her for a time. Their acquaintance was effectively ended when Hako went to Asuna to ask her to attempt to exorcise Mirabelle's coexisting consciousness from her body, which the shrine maiden refused to do. Mirabelle considered Hako's action backstabbing and insulting to both of her selves as well as a failed attempt on her life, and will no longer speak to her. Hako still attempts to try to get a rise out of Mirabelle with accusations of harmful practices, but these attempts usually go ignored, with Mirabelle chalking it up to Hako's need to garner attention.

During her early days on the island, Mirabelle was often seen in the company of the catgirl Soraya, the two of them connecting originally as fellow practitioners of magick and non-native faith to the isle (though Mirabelle finding cats irresistibly cute may also have contributed to that). They have not spoken, however, since a particular incident when Soraya practically begged to help Mirabelle deal with a haunting in the witch's apartment, and decided to take a nap on Mira's couch to wait for nightfall. The catgirl mage subsequently chickened out of the entire operation after she experienced a nightmare during the nap. This led to a verbal fight which culminated with Mira ejecting her from the apartment altogether, effectively ending whatever friendship they had.

Mirabelle had an odd relationship with Miyabi. Although the two of them would often jib and snipe at one another, they were friends. Miyabi came often to Mirabelle with study problems, and was often listening in case anyone was talking about the witch behind her back. Miyabi was of course rather jealous of Mirabelle's rich upbringing and wealth, but Mirabelle knew this and didn't rub it in... too often. Mirabelle keeps the mahjongg table left behind by her friend in Caislean Dubhcoille's gaming dungeon, where it mostly sees use by Meichen Long and Ichiko.

If the relationship between Mira and Miyabi was strange, however, the witch's feelings toward the island's admitted supervillain Crysallis is nothing short of an enigma. Crys is often seen admiring Mirabelle's taste in decor (among other things), and often flirts with her, to the witch's alleged flattery. Mirabelle will admit that the lady is one of fine taste and often tolerates her presence for it, but regards Crys' long-term goals of world domination with general amusement. Deep down, such a purpose and Mirabelle's love for the island the way it is are known to be likely to become sources of conflict, but with no known realistic methods for Crys to accomplish a takeover of the island, Mirabelle disregards the chances of it happening.

Moe-tan, a Kami of Moe, stumbled her way into Nulari Shrine one day when Mirabelle, Asuna, and Juliet were enjoying the eves of Autumn. Her employment as a castle maidservant brought her closer to the ladies of the house. In particular, Mirabelle has often made use of the kami's nature to dress her in cute outfits, though over a short period of time Moe-tan's generally warm and loving nature grew on her to what is now a casual if sincere love. Mirabelle is quick to forgive the kami's klutziness, though as a precaution she doesn't allow her to work in the kitchen where such mistakes could hurt someone.

Meichen Long, the young Chinese martial artist and chef, has developed a relationship with Mirabelle akin to that of younger and elder sister respectively.

A new houseguest at Caislean Dubhcoille, Alma Meiner, met Mirabelle through Meichen after a small misunderstanding with the Chinese chef in training. This somewhat Amazonian duelist's formal yet gentle nature attracted the witch easily, the two becoming friends shortly thereafter. Neither of them yet know the full extent of one another's past, but it seems they share some past trials and triumphs of a similar nature. Because Alma expressed desire for courtship, Mirabelle hopes to one day call the duelist more than just a friend...

Lady Áine Nightfeather

Upon her initiation into a coven and/or ritual of self-dedication, a witch takes a new name to be used in her worship and magick. Mirabelle had chosen "Áine Nightfeather" as her second name. Since witches often train themselves to shift to a different mindset when this name is used by means of a focus, meditation, or both, many witches are mistaken for being schizophrenic. However, due to the magical nature of the isle itself and the number of ley lines intersecting within, a consciousness residing within Mirabelle began to awaken, at times taking over her body and mind when Mirabelle lay dormant.

It seems, oddly enough, that Mirabelle hadn't been the first to take this unorthodox magickal name. There had been a witch before her, a daughter of a wealthy family much like Mirabelle, by the name of Molly Leigh who took the name for herself as she worked in secret. Where most witches only speak of the opposition of evil, the first Áine Nightfeather was feared among the creatures of the night as a Dark Hunter, one of the best. She also happened to be the lover of Mirabelle's High Priestess in years past, and ironically met her death in a car crash. Exactly sixteen years after her death, she lay dormant as a single memory in the mind of a girl born on that day, Mirabelle herself.

Today, the first Áine exists as a coexisting consciousness within Mirabelle's mind and body, her memories preserved and continuing to learn. Where Mirabelle is shy and playful, Áine is confident, demure, and quite used to getting her way. Formerly, a clear indicator of Áine's presence was a golden, bejeweled pentacle ring upon Mirabelle's right hand, but this distinguishing piece of jewelry is no longer a telltale sign of her being in control of the body. Instead, their tones and manner of speaking are clearly different for those who know Mirabelle; Áine's voice is affected with a slight Irish accent, and her tone is usually calmer, spoken with a posh and sometimes over-confident if overall kind attitude.

Áine's abilities differ somewhat from Mirabelle's. It is known that she cannot make use of Mirabelle's empathic ability, but she is usually able to read a person's voice or body language well enough to make up for this. The other differences in their abilities are not known. She refers to Mirabelle most often as her "successor", and seems to have conversed and given advice to the young witch so often that she has assumed an almost motherly pride in Mirabelle.

Áine is pronounced "oan-yah", and is the name of a goddess in Irish mythology before the appearance of the Christian faith. She represented light, love, growth, and cattle. Mirabelle took this name in her honor rather than for pretentious reasons.

Sylph Form

Ever since her acceptance into Juliet's family through a blood-bonding ritual, Mirabelle has been a half-fae. She did not know of the type, until an event occurred that is best described as the blessing of Kongqinyanniichuan finding her and confirming her fae traits as those likening to a sylph, which didn't surprise Mirabelle given her affinities for the Air and Water elements. Because of the fae blood that now runs in her veins, her blessed form is seen with a few of the typical traits of the sidhe: radiant blonde hair, and eyes of the brightest sapphire blue. Her skin takes on a cloudy grey color, though with a tone leaning more to silver rather than giving her a sickly appearance. Instead of walking, in this form she appears to hover and drift upon an air current that she summons to move her. As with most of this blessing, a breeze constantly surrounds her; the temperature of the breeze felt around Mirabelle tends to vary with her mood. For example, a cool breeze indicates awkwardness or a slight distrust, whereas a pleasantly warm breeze can be felt among friends. If she is around water, be it rain or soaking in a spring, some of it will float about her as small clouds of vapor before condensing again from the natural temperatures of the surrounding environment. She also gains the ability to direct any existing winds, as well as alter her altitude and "fly". The effects of this blessing are not simply physical, however; her voice, while remaining in pitch and tone as it does in her human form, sounds as if it must drift from distant winds to reach the ears of those listening, lending a soft but noticeable reverse echo to the words she speaks. Her breath and sighs also sound like the muffled or faraway howls of storm gales.


Mirabelle is the inventor of the Passionberry Blend found at the Dragon's Brew. Why Passionberries? Because Sun Berries were too sweet and in combination with coffee caused the heart to race unhealthily.

Mirabelle loves to contribute to Yuriba's festivals. Usually her contributions have a neopaganistic theme to them; at Yuriba's 2007 Summer Matsuri, she sold charms inset with crystals that she empowered by her own hands. During the same year at the Samhain/Halloween celebration, she enlisted the help of another witch through her foreign contacts to give away candied apples, and even decorated her apartment to allow it to be a space for the Trick-or-Treat (although a quick activity she had included at the place went mostly ignored. Darnit...). At Yuriba's 2008 Anniversary festival, she was to be found selling herbal candles. (The best seller was the Romance candle.) 2008's Summer Matsuri found her selling scented oils and bath salts, which proved to be an extremely popular booth. At least to some residents who bought entire cartloads of them. In 2009, during the Anniversary festival, she sold herbal perfumes she had made herself over many a restless night. The Summer of 2009 saw Mira and the other ladies of Caislean Dubhcoille make use of their castle ballroom and dining room for a medieval-themed ball as part of the 2009 Summer Matsuri.

Mirabelle was one of three dancers at the First Snow ceremony of 2007, both as a learning experience and a favor to breisleach. It is possible that she is the youngest to have ever participated in this particular ritual spiral dance. She had planned on participating again the following year, but was unable to make it to the gathering in time, which she regrets to this day.

Mirabelle was one of the costume contest winners at 2007's Samhain/Halloween festival, although she was dressed in her Autumn robes rather than what she would deem a costume. Her prize was the Soft White Puffball of Intrinsic Doom. She keeps it secret; she keeps it safe. Much more so since Ichiko found it in her closet and decided to put it on. Mirabelle also won the random drawing for the Trick-or-Treat prize after 2009's Samhain; her prize was a cursed Wooden Bat Charm.

Mirabelle is a published researcher and author, though at the moment she has only one theory to her credit: the one regarding the sealing of Ravensport. Currently the paper she wrote about the city and its black marble is self-published.

Mirabelle organized the 2010 Fall Food Festival, a largely successful event that brought together all of the talents of the island's cooks, professional and amateur alike.

Other Info

Mirabelle is a black belt in Goju-ryu Karate, but her abilities do not exceed those of normal humans. Although she has taken to daily practice due to recent events in her life, her martial arts skills are not her primary focus; as such, she isn't as skilled as most of the martial artists of the isle.

Mirabelle has four pets. Her most outspoken is a midnight-black kitten who answers to Koyomi and lives in the castle with her. She serves as, unsurprisingly, Mirabelle's familiar, and aside from her supposedly human-level intelligence, she also possesses a minor telepathic ability that allows her to communicate with others, or when she feels like "conversing" as a normal human would (or close to it). This ability, however, is only used when normal cat speech fails to get her point across. Her heightened feline sense of sight and hearing also make her the perfect watch-cat for Mirabelle's circle and the rest of the castle. Usually, Koyomi "guards" the foyer, and likes to meet new guests and become familiar with their scent. Mirabelle's other three pets are goldfish won at Yuriba's Matsuris, whom she has named Bubbles, Cheep-cheep, and Blinky; they swim in an aquarium in Mirabelle's room.

Mirabelle is the newest owner of the Alexandrite Wand of Faerie Summoning, although she rarely uses it.

Mirabelle visited the town of Silent Hill when she was eleven years old, but at the time experienced nothing frightening besides a strange dream she has yet to tell anyone about save for her fiancees. The sole souvenir she took from her visit was an impressionistic painting of Toluca Lake, which she, Asuna, and Juliet broke and burned for reasons she'd rather not care to elaborate on in September of 2007. The painting that replaced it in the apartment now hangs prominently in Caislean Dubhcoille's halls, a painting done by Juliet herself.

Mirabelle found the spring of curse removal completely by accident within her first month on the isle. It was useless to her, however, aside from it being a noteworthy location; she keeps its location on file.

With the increase of injuries as of recent causing the clinic to have a great shortage, Mirabelle has begun donating herbs grown in her garden to the Yuriba Clinic whenever they ask for them, though their availability is often dependent on the season.

Mirabelle was recently accepted into an internship job with the town council. Despite the responsibilities and authorities that the position grants her, Mirabelle continues to look up to her elders and live life as both a student and a homeowner on the island.

Mirabelle became one of the Guardians in 2011 after hearing of a severe shortage in their ranks. She did not officially have to act in the island's defense until the Eruption of 2012, where, after she and a group of villagers destroyed several Lava Darters attempting to set the Northern forest on fire and aided in containing the subsequent blaze, she was asked to protect the whole of Akibimi-san from Inishie-san's wrath. With Caislean Dubhcoille already acting as a shelter, Mirabelle redoubled her efforts and worked for two solid months with little or no sleep to prepare for the ritual that would protect the mountain, until the day of the eruption. Raising an elemental barrier, she ensured that stray fallout would come to the ground as harmless rock and steam if it penetrated. A few constructs of Inishie's wrath made an attempt on her life during this rite, but the Lava Darters sent to attack her were thwarted instead by Juliet, Asuna and Alma who were serving as her honor guard. Two months with no rest and tapping into a new well of power much more deeply than she ought to have left her comatose for an entire week, but she was soon to recover.

The Quotable Mirabelle

"What's with these Tarot cards scattered all over? Did Miss Cleo explode?"

"You mean someone's actually lower than Jack Chick?"

"Well, that blast didn't give me the headache that the quake yesterday did. I doubt it's going to erupt today." (Two minutes later, Inishie-san erupted.)

"I can't heal stupidity."

"I don't know what's worse about having a sentient cat; the fact that she might be smarter than me, or the fact that she knows it's wrong to sharpen her claws on the drapes yet does so anyway..."

"Yeah, well, trying to please everyone would be like trying to convince Drew Carey that the points matter."

"Jeez. I haven't seen anything that gruesome since that fight between a group of hippies and otherkin."

"Sorry, but... just because I'm a witch doesn't make me a miracle worker."

"Suffer not the emo to whine!"

"Welcome to Yuriba, where the adults envy the schoolgirls."

"This sucks angstflower pollen through a kinked straw."

"That Monty Python sketch was funnier the first thousand times."

"That's a nice theory... but completely wrong. Have a cookie and shut up." (From her Yuriba Trading Card; so quipped when a serious discussion was interrupted by a random off-the-wall suggestion.)

"I see someone had a nice big breakfast of Em-O's this morning."

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