A picture of Merin in her current form, by Rae
IC Information
Use Name: Merin
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Species: Faerie (Shuitanyanniichuan blessed)
Place of Origin: Demon Sea, Red Orb, Sea of Chaos.
Birthdate: Uncertain, possibly around January of 3000 BCE.
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Eye Color: Icy Blue, Inherent Glow
Romantic Status: Involved (Rho & Whisper), Involved (Brysaihe)
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous, Open, Disclosed
Occupation: Guardian, Town Council Member, and Faerie Liason.
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Merin is the local and most visible member of the Island's faerie races, and one of the eldest residents of the Island. She generally sets her age at "Somewhere around five-thousand years, give or take a century.", though much of this time appears to have been spent in other places, only the last thousand years or so having been spent in connection with Yuriba.



A picture of Merin in her current form, by Aditya777
A picture of Merin in her current form, by Rae

Merin's appearance is highly varied. Due to what she calls an 'unstuck morphic field', she has shown the ability for limited at-will shape-shifting. She most commonly appears as a young woman of just over five-feet in height, with tan skin, dark blue hair, and icy blue eyes. Distinguishing marks include an ever-present black tattoo of an Eastern dragon that extends along the whole of her left arm, as well as a tattoo around her heart and another at her bellybutton. Furthermore, she can often be seen in the form of her blessing; a ice-blue furred otteress.


Being that Merin has only recently, in terms of her extended lifespan, found a place to settle down she can still be seen as a somewhat erratic personality. She is generally very amiable toward those who show good common sense and a respect for the others around them, though lack of either tends to annoy the faerie and engender feelings of distaste for a person. She despises formalities in most any form, and will generally only use them in sarcastic jest, or with people she sees as actually being worth the respect that such formalities are supposed to indicate.

Merin can also become somewhat of a loner, and wander off for days on end. The reasons for this change in personality are unknown, except possibly by those the faerie holds close. During these periods, she seems to become far less sociable and in general and less attentive to the world around her. Following an extended period of this in recent months, Merin seems to be back to her old self.


According to what is known about her, Merin was not originally native to Yuriba or it's Underhill. She is, like many other travelers to arrive on the Island, dimensionally displaced. The reasons behind this displacement are not entirely known, as Merin herself rarely opts to discuss them with those outside her family. What is known is that it was an event of great power, as it brought her to the Island well before the wards that kept most travelers out until recently had begun to weaken. General estimates from firsthand and secondhand accounts by the few Underhillians that are Above the Hill seem to indicate Merin has been on the Island in some form or another for the last thousand years.

Following her arrival, Merin was taken in by the faerie population of Underhill, due to her appearance, and quickly became at home on both there and on the Island's material plane. When the first settlers arrived on the Island, Merin was touched upon by The Lady to become a Guardian.

In the spring of 2005, Merin was involved in a major accident. The details are unknown, but for a time it left Merin's memory and powers shattered. The full extent of any lingering effects on her are unclear. It is well known, however, that she seems to have become more elusive in the years following the accident; disappearing for days or even weeks at a time to some unknown place.

In late 2006, Merin was bestowed the Hunyanniichuan blessing and for a while, seemed to default to that form.

During the eruption of Inishie-san, Merin was again elusive at best. What was especially notable about this, however, is that shortly after the eruption she was found floating face down in the Yuriba Lake wearing the blessing not of The Lady, but a blessing commonly attributed to Issui- The Shuitanyanniichuan blessing- which she seems to have kept since then.

After the eruption, Merin once again secluded herself from the rest of the island. Rumor has it that it was due to disappearance the dragoness Atara. She was briefly involved with the kitsune Sior, before the woman's sudden return to Underhill.

Merin is somewhat reclusive, disappearing from the public eye for long stretches of time. When she is seen in public it's in the presence of breisleach and Atara, and those related to the High Priestess. When not with them, she tends to be seen either with Rho, or Brysaihe, both of whom she has close relationships with.


Merin is the Proprietress of the Pixie's Pride Inn and a skilled bartender, as well as one of the Island's foremost experts on the subject of Arcane Magic. She occasionally teaches classes at the school on the subject and, even more rarely, takes on a student to train personally. She is also occasionally known to assist breisleach and Kula in their duties at Yuriba's clinic.

Of course, she is also one of the Island's Major Guardians, and generally views the forests as the domain under her protection.


Merin generally appears to be fairly cautious about forming her relationships. It is well known that she considers breisleach to be her elder sister, despite the faerie being the older of the two. By extension, it can be assumed she considers Amy and Kula to be her nieces. Merin is known to have a fairly close relationship with the dragoness Atara, as well.

Merin seems to have developed a relationship with Rho, who managed to catch the fae's attention quite handily, shortly after her arrival. The reappearance of Brysaihe has seen Merin spending a large amount of time around the Sylph as well. She has a friendly working relationship with Ella, as the two tend to have somewhat overlapping duties.

Merin's other known romantic relationships include:

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