Rylia Wayas is a human woman about twenty-eight years old. She hails originally from a woodland village somewhere in Ireland, but at the age of ten she was inducted to the Order of the Wanderers, more colloquially known as 'rangers'. This led her around the world until about her twenty-third year of life, at which point she suffered a curse at the hands of a dying, insane witch who thought her one of the bandits that had attacked her. Believing herself unable to return to the Ranger life, Rylia wandered the world aimlessly for a few months - until she found Yuriba, where she promptly set down roots. After her arrival, she discovered that the Rangers did not in fact reject her over the curse she suffered, dabbled in Bardic magic, become a catgirl, reverted to humanoid form upon becoming a vampire, and met her then-fiancée and sire, Rianna. Of note is that she flatly refuses to discuss the nature or current status of her curse.

Disagreements between herself and the other Guardians led Rylia to pick up and leave the island for over a year; upon her return, her vampiric status was gone, and she seemed to have aged disproportionately to the time she'd been gone - about three years passed, according to her. Further, she had become a 'drunken master' in that time, and spent most of her own time roaring drunk (she literally stumbled onto the island in a drunken stupor without consciously realizing it).

Since her return, however, Rylia has cleaned up her act; having been mysteriously left a bottle of Yannyanniichuan water (which, being half-awake and hung over, she drank thinking it was regular water), she was somehow rendered unable to drink alcohol by the blessing. Without it, she is unable to perform drunken boxing, but doesn't seem to mind this in the least. Her blessing has also had a few other odd effects as well: while normally the effects are purely physical, since acquiring her blessing form, Rylia has found herself predisposed toward dancing and being close to fires. Looking at the signs, she decided that Kaika seemed to either be favoring her or trying to tell her something, and dedicated herself to studying the lore surrounding the goddess; at this point, she has finally bitten the bullet and taken up the training to become Kaika's priestess. This seems to suit her physically active and somewhat mercurial nature well, and it seems as though she is taking to the new direction and responsibility favorably - which is good, as her longstanding relationship with Rianna dissolved; she doesn't seem to want to discuss it, but does seem open to new relationships.

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