IC Information
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Species: Kitsune
Place of Origin: Underhill, Yuriba
Birthdate: Uncertain
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Varies, (Usually Brown)
Eye Color: Blue, shot with gold
Romantic Status: Undefined
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous, Open, Disclosed
Occupation: Wanderer, POEE, Pope
OOC Information
Source: All original!


Physical Description

Slacker was a black-furred, anthropomorphic nine-tailed kitsune. She was fit, physical woman, with black hair and blue eyes, shot with silver.

Her wardrobe was slightly varied, though never capable of being termed a "clothes horse". In general, she tended to stick with a few comfortable outfits and seldom stray from them.

Since her return, her appearance has altered significantly. Her hair is a deep brown and her eyes, while retaining the blue coloration, are now laced with gold. Most notably, though, is the shift from an anthropomorphic form to the far more common Yuriban kitsune appearance, that of an otherwise normal-seeming woman, with tails and fox ears.

Currently, her fashion sense seems to favor styles and fabrics that can best be described as "well loved".


Before her disappearance, Slacker had gained quite a reputation for her personality, expressed through her sharp, biting tongue. Her temper was quite prickly and seemed to follow the same general path as a bottle rocket: Short fuse, a lot of noise, and then nothing. She was once quoted as "not holding a grudge, but instead nursing it and making it strong for years and years." However, she was noted for being quite loyal to her friends and possessing a strong, though slightly unusual, sense of humor.

Currently, she seems quite a bit more formal then before, often referring to people as "Miss", even in casual conversation. She still seems to possess a sense of humor, though it's often a bit muted and couched in references that bewilder the average Yuriban citizen.


Early Life

Born in the Yuriban Underhill, Slacker was raised among her family, who were well known for being highly eccentric, even by Underhill's lax standards. Among the many oddities of the family were their names, often being choosen by themselves for themselves, and sometimes changing multiple times during their lifetimes. This is undoubtedly due to their true name traditions, which do not seem to follow any of the more common Yuriban beliefs.

Very little is known of Slacker's early life, as she tended to be singularly close-mouthed about it, or about herself in general. It is known that it was sometime in her first few centuries, she met and began a relationship with the kitsune breisleach, who was in the process of her druidic training. Slacker and breisleach were married at an unknown point in Underhill, before the founding of Yuriba.

Yuriba's Founding

Upon the founding of the town of Yuriba by Phil-chan, breisleach and Slacker both travelled to the material plane and settled there, watching the new arrivals with intrigue. For a short period, she and her wife were in a relationship with FurrySaint, a tigercoon woman, but this eventually ended under amiable terms.

Though her wife took to the town and the material plane with great aplomb, Slacker seemed ill at ease after the first few months, growing more reclusive and grumpy. There were rumors of conflict with the town council and Phil-chan in particular, though these were never confirmed. After some time, she disappeared from the island altogether with little fanfare in early 2003.


Sometime in the summer of 2007, a kitsune woman named Slacker has returned to the island, accompanied by her familiar, Myria. She claims to be part of the original's rather extensive and outsider-confusing family tree, thanks to the family's habit of changing names seemingly at random. She seems to be quite interested in speaking with breisleach, a fact that seems to make the other kitsune nervous and skittish around her. She also seems intent upon locating the current whereabouts of the village founder, Phil-chan.


Before her disappearance, Slacker ran the Erotic Boutique and was active upon the town council. However, after she went into seclusion, the Boutique was abandoned and fell into disrepair, finally being removed from the streets of Yuriba.


Little is known about Slacker's relationships before coming to Yuriba, already married to breisleach. For a short time, she was in a threeway relationship with FurrySaint and breisleach. She was quite friendly with a close group of people, while being quite prickly with most everyone else.

Since her return, she's been quite insular, not having made any deep friendships yet and seeming to prefer being by herself most of the time.

Her closest relationship, if you can call it that, appears to be with her familiar, Myria, which seems almost familial in nature.

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