Stone Sitters

Stone Sitters are a form of small rodent native to Yuriba, similar in size and appearance to the Hyrax, although their coats are spotted with white. They are most commonly found on the slopes of the mountains. Their name appears to derive from their habit of making dens within the remnants of old rock slides and ruins. Stone Sitters can often be seen perched on the tops of such rocks acting as lookouts. When an intruder to their territory is spotted, they emit a high pitched chittering sound, and generally disappear into their underground dens.

It can be difficult to spot a Stone Sitter sentry as their speckled fur works as a surprisingly effective form of camouflage during daylight hours. (These rodents are diurnal, not nocturnal.) While not common, Stone Sitters are sometimes raised as livestock animals for their meat and pelts. However, their shyness and high pitched noises make them relatively unpopular, with the easier to handle brush rabbit being preferred.

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