Tomoe Hotaru

Hotaru Tomoe
IC Information
Nickname: Taru
Race: Senshi
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Unknown
Age: Unknown due to multiple rebirths
Birthdate Standard: January 6
Home Realm: Sailor Moon universe.
Birthplace: Japan, Earth.
Height: 3’9’’
Blood Type: AB
Hair: Dark, raven black. It appears to have a slight purplish tinge in some light.
Eyes: Violet
Residence: Seems to split her time in 3 places, in alphabetical order, Ariah and Anna's home, The Jove Residence, and Leona's Bar and Girl
Marital Status: Single. Never married.
Romantic Status: No affiliations
Hobbies: Reading, collecting lamps (oil and electric), cooking, sewing, studying medical journals
Likes: Soba, medical books, lamps, rain storms, snow storms, world history, fluorite
Dislikes: Milk, things that reveal her weaknesses (both physical and otherwise), being teased, yelling, arguments

Hotaru is the Saturn Senshi, the strongest and the weakest of the Sailor Soldiers of the Sailor Moon Universe. This is the profile for Tomoe_Hotaru, NOT Hotaru. They are separate individuals.


Physical Description


Hotaru is a small girl, her lack of height made even more pronounced due to Yuriba’s population of unusually tall people. She is rather plain looking, and if it wasn’t for her skin being so pale, she would just blend into the crowd. The child’s wardrobe of mostly black clothing only brings further attention to the whiteness of her flesh by contrasting with it sharply. Her hair matches her garments, being what most would call raven black, since in the right light it appears to have, in some places, an almost violet tinge to it. Her frame is very thin and frail, as if she were made of thinly spun porcelain that might just break if she were handled too roughly.


Hotaru wears almost exclusively black clothing. She is typically seen in one-piece skirts, long sleeve mostly, over a pair of tights. Not having too much of a fashion sense, nor really seeing the real need for her clothing to be the latest, or what certain other people may think is in fashion, Hotaru mostly sticks to simple garments. Mostly it is just what fits and doesn’t show off too much skin, since she also doesn’t see the point in people flaunting their bodies.


The child is mostly a shy girl, especially around strangers. She has come out of her shell a bit since she first arrived here, but is by no means open. She will engage in superficial conversation, but seems an expert in dodging and parrying questions directed at certain topics. To the few who have gained some of her trust, she is a little less guarded around them though they can find the extremely long time it takes to get her to actually believe what they say a bit frustrating. However, this stems from a history of abandonment that isn't fast to fade.


Habits, Hobbies & Family

She can often be found consulting and viewing an e-reader, or listening to an I-Pod which were gifts from Diana Jove . A laptop has also been seen being used by Hotaru, which was given to her by Anna, she prefering to use these items to keep herself entertained, usually reading from them or listening to the music on them. However, she can sometimes, though rarely, be seen playing some games on the laptop.

One of Hotaru's frequent hang outs is Leona's bar , where she works along with the Octopus Plushies . People often find it odd to see her there, especially when she's behind the bar and working, mostly because she has to stand on a stepstool to be able to really see over the counter. She doesn't look old enough to be out without supervision, much less in a bar. Much less _working_ in a bar. Even though the child is employed at the bar, she doesn't serve any alcohol, leaving that for the plushies to do, she instead getting things like water, juice, coffee, and anything of that sort patrons may need.

She has no blood family on the island, or perhaps anywhere at all. Her birth mother was killed in a lab accident, and her biological father cared for her for a while. However, she was eventually taken from her home by her first set of adoptive parents. Due to circumstances that she refuses to reveal to the public at large she had to leave from her home and wound up on the island.


New arrivals to the island have brought with them rumors and stories of the girl from before she arrived here on the island. However, the validity of these anecdotes is questionable since most of them apply to versions of her from the world of the new arrivals. Even though these versions very closely match the island's Hotaru up until the start of the trouble that brought her here, it's still hard to tell if they apply to her. One of the rumors says that she posesses the ability to drain or restore life or life energy with just a touch. Another is that she may not be fully organic, but that due to serious injuries inflicted on her, her father installed cybernetic or artificial components in her body in order to save her life. Yet another rumor says that she may not be fully in control of her mental state, that she is schitzophrenic or in other ways not completely mentally stable. Some say that she is just evil and just biding her time until she's strong enough to begin a master plan of destruction.


Hotaru was born a normal human girl, to normal parents in Japan. For the first part of her life she was just a regular baby and little girl until an explosion in her father’s lab took the life of her and her mother. Her father, Professor Tomoe, was so overcome by anguish and guilt that the man’s emotion summoned a being to him that offered to bring back his child and return her to life. Her grief stricken father immediately agreed, not thinking of the consequences, and so Hotaru was returned to life with the seeds of evil planted both in her and in her father.

As she grew, Hotaru suffered from a large number of medical problems which left her extremely frail and weak, tiring very easily and suffering from both seizures and blackouts. It was these blackouts that caused her, and others, grave concern since it was after she would have these that people would tell her she had done things she did not remember. The things she had done would, without failure, be evil, mean, and vicious, ranging from simply yelling and cursing at fellow students, to physical violence using unearthly strength she did not possess when in control of her senses. This alienated her from her classmates who thought she was simply insane.

However, one day when a student was injured severely at school, which was not her doing, she used a power within her to heal this individual and saved them from death. Rather than people thinking she had done well by helping this student, she was instead called a witch since her classmates found her power to be perverse and unnatural. She was often teased, chased, and would come home from school in tears most every day.

One day, though, while in the park by herself, she met another girl called Chibi-Usa. They fast became friends, and spent quite a bit of time together. During that time, she had very few of her blackouts, but out of the blue while at school they returned with a vengeance. She suffered the longest loss of time she’d ever had, injuring a few students and getting completely branded as a lunatic.

That was just the beginning of her troubles, since just after that, the fruit borne of the evil planted in her revealed itself in the form of a being called Mistress 9. When she became the other being, this evil woman, her father also turned into a demon and the two had set out on a path of destruction. The two were only stopped by the Sailor Soldiers, and by Hotaru’s sheer force of will which instead of continuing down the path of evil chose death and Mistress 9 was destroyed.

Because of her sacrifice, Hotaru was born yet again as an infant, who was entrusted to the group of Sailor Soldiers known as the ‘Outers’ , over the initial objections of Pluto, and began to age rapidly to return, physically, to the age she had been before Mistress 9 took over. It was during this time, when she was about halfway restored in age, that the Saturn Soldier came to her in the night, infusing her power into her and making her the Senshi of Saturn.

After this, Hotaru joined the rest of the Senshi as the Saturn soldier, and though her life was far from idyllic, as her physical still remained to plague her, she was mostly happy. This happiness was diminished when her only friend Chibi-Usa had departed, leaving her feeling alone and powerless among the older, more experienced girls. Yet, inside her was power greater than that of all the Senshi, which lead to jealousy and fear. During a meeting of the Senshi at the Outer’s home, Hotaru had been listening in when she was supposed to have been asleep. She learned that they were concerned that her power was too great and they feared she could be used against them or maybe even turn on them and they would be unable to stop her. It was while they were discussing how to deal with the problem that Hotaru packed up what few things she had and snuck out a window, leaving everything she knew in hope that she could find somewhere that she wasn’t considered a problem and didn’t need to be dealt with.

The child got on the first boat she could find, stowing away on the ship, hidden in one of the runabouts and fell asleep inside. When she awoke, the boat was at an unknown port, and the child not knowing how long she’d been aboard, immediately disembarked when the ship began preperations to return to Japan. Hotaru hurried off, and found herself alone on a strange island that she learned, eventually, was called Yuriba…


Hotaru doesn't like to tell people who she trusts, and how much. From past experience, she finds that that kind of information can easily be used against her, so she decides to keep things like that secret. The only publicly known trust from the child is toward the octopus plushies. If she is around somewhere, count on there being at least one of them nearby. It is known that she does have rooms in both, again in alphabetical order, Anna and Ariah's home, as well as Diana Jove's place. The fort in Leona's bar also serving as a place to catch a nap, or as a makeshift shelter when there is a sudden downpour, or the weather becomes unfavorable for travel by foot

Other Senshi

Due to what she had gone through with the Senshi of where she originated, she naturally shows a very strong mistrust for the vast majority of the other Sailor Soldiers she comes across. Avoidance and silence are her usual ways of dealing with the others whom she has run into on the island and while she intellectually knows that these are most likely not the same Senshi from her place of origin, her memories and feelings are too strong to allow her comfort around those she had heard speaking of 'dealing with' her. Of the Sailor Soldiers, the only one she hasn't mentioned a distrust for is Mizuno Ami, or the Soldier of Mercury, as she was the only one who defended her during the discussion she heard before she left. As for her thoughts and feelings about Chibi-Usa, who was not there at the time, it is unclear and very uncertain as to how she would react to seeing her.

The Octopi

Hotaru has become close friends with 10 Octopus Plushies . While even she doesn't know how they became sentient, or how they do any number of the seemingly impossible things they accomplish on a daily basis, she does know that they are her most trusted, best, and most loyal friends. She can always count on the plushies, and they can do the same for her.

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