IC Info
Race: Human
Curse: Winged fox-thing
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Yeah sure ok
Age: 35
Date of Birth: October 24, 1986
Place of Origin: United Kingdom
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Yes
Hair Color: Varies, naturally blonde
Bloodtype: O-
Hobbies: Irritating people
Favorite Things: Devil cards
Likes: Sharp things, plants, hardcore gangsta rap
Dislikes: Pandas, humourless people, spiders, pandas
Romantic Status: Committed(Ariah)
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous
Residence: Several
Occupation: Troublemaker
OOC Info
Source: Original Character
Player: User:Elissia
Notes: Gonna eat that horse.



Anna's personality can charitably be called erratic at best, or unstable at worst. For a number of years on the island she was generally good natured and sociable, if a little moody at times. After a particularly severe episode of depression she withdrew from general life, staying in her home alone for the better part of a year. When she eventually resurfaced Anna was like a completely different person; bitter, and cynical. After her blindness, Anna began showing signs of a deep-seated anger, bordering on violent rage at times. She usually masks this behind dark humor and cynical jokes however.


Before Yuriba

Anna seems to prefer keeping her past to herself for the most part. She's open enough about living in the UK and that "Anna" isn't actually her real name, but that's about all she lets on most of the time.


Anna arrived in Yuriba around the beginning of summer in 2007. It was intended to be an accidental holiday but she eventually ended up settling in as a resident. She had multiple flings with various people on the island over the years but fewer serious relationships, with Abryn, Ada, and Ariah chief amongst them. At some point early on she somehow stumbled ass-first into the shapeshifting magic of the island. ("An unfortunate incident with some cards" in her own words.) This manifested in a pair of wing tattoos on her back becoming real wings and began what can politely be described as an obsession for collecting and cataloging the effects of the various tarot cards.

After an incident that she refuses to discuss, Anna ended up with a trio of fox tails and the ears to match. She refers to her current form as "an affront to the eyes of man and god" even if she seems comfortable with it. It was after this transformation that she began using some of her stockpile of tarot cards to cause mischief and great irritation to various residents of the island in pursuit of her own amusement. This was also shortly before she lost her eyesight, something she still denies is linked in any way.

Around early 2015- presumably with the events of the 2012 eruption in mind- she began acting as something of guardian over Inishie-san. She has openly declared her intention to kill those who linger on or around the volcano too long. It seems very unlikely that it is an idle threat.

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