Diana Jove

Diana Venus Jove
IC Information
Nicknames: D/Di
Race: Human, Occasionally Owl-Girl
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Age: 22
Birthdate Standard: June 7th, 1986
Birthplace: Tampa, Florida, United States
Height: 6'3"
Blood Type: O
Hair Color: Brown, Sometimes Grey.
Eye Color: Emerald
Religion: Shinto-Buddhist
Residence: Living with Mikono Elena, Mes, and Hotaru in their shared home.
Marital Status: Married.
Romantic Status: Currently Married to Mikono and Elena, dating Mes.
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous, but open with friends.
Hobbies: Ritualism, Drinking, Play acting, Cooking, Reading, Anime, Eating, Music, Mikono
Likes: Love, Stomachs, Moonlight, Polearms, Sushi, Teasing (Both sides), Sunbathing, Eating with friends, Meat
Dislikes: Guns, Needles, Crowds, Bees/Wasps
OOC Information
Source: Original Character. Player inserting herself into the MUSH.

Diana Jove is a large girl from a "backwater town in Pennsylvania." She has acquired a unique Blessed Form, that of an Owl Girl.


Physical Appearence

A rather large girl of about six foot even. She sports long brown hair, sometimes purple that is left loose and straight down her back, ending at about her rump. Two locks of shorter hair frame her long but chubby face, ending at about her chin. She has a second chin, but it is not terribly noticeable, though her emerald eyes are. Her frame is very round with a distinct apple shape, her stomach and breasts carrying the bulk of her fat, with her weight easily approaching 400lbs, or 29 stone. Her exact weight is unknown, even to herself, though she estimates she is about 415lbs.

Owl Form

When she is an Owl Girl, her hair takes a gray color with brown or black ends. She also gains wings of similar coloration. Her patterning makes her seem akin to a Great Horned Owl. Her fingers also then end in curved nails like talons and just as sharp.


Typically, Diana wears skirts and t-shirts. These skirts almost all go down to near her ankles, or at least down to the point that, coupled with her high heeled boots, little to no leg is exposed. As far as t-shirts go, Diana prefers either solid colors, or ones with fantasy, video game, or anime depictions on them. When the weather demands it, she wears a long leather driver's coat, with removable alpaca lining to keep warm, and a ranger hat atop her head.


Diana is normally a very kind and sweet girl. She enjoys being with others in small groups and is as friendly as can be. She has a particular soft spot for children and cat girls.

Her biggest flaw is probably her lack of self confidence, she constantly criticizes herself. Though she is a talented singer and plays the guitar quite well, she sees herself as a no talent hack. This also extends to her size where her own opinion is dualized. On the one hand, she is quite proud of her size and adores being so fat. On the other hand she perpetually worries about the opinions of everyone around her.

Diana also has a sacrificial personality, to her it is perfectly acceptable, if not required, for her and her alone to sacrifice anything of herself for someone she deeply cares for. This can be anything from giving organs or blood to her own happiness and exiling herself from a person or location. She is extremely resistant against anyone close to her doing something similar.

She also has two related phobias, Spheksophobia (wasps), and Belonephobia (needles).

Life Style


Diana's has only shown one distinct artistic hobby: Music. She sings as well as playing the guitar and is quite skilled. Her singing edges out her guitar playing a tad, though the full range of her voice has not been tested since arriving on the island. Other then that, she typically spends her free time catching up on Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and a few TV shows. Mythbusters being one of her favorites.


Unless Diana has shared this information with you IC, consider it OOC.


Diana was born down in Tampa Florida way back in 1986. At age three her family moved up to Pennsylvania into a small town near the Poconos. She grew up with only one other sibling, her twin brother Nathan. Diana was never a normal little girl, rejecting her Barbies and baby dolls for Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not surprisingly the little girl found it easier to relate to the boys of the neighborhood then the girls. This extends into more then just toys. In fact, in her early teen Diana discovered a fondness to working out and getting buff along side her male friends. The most life changing of the things she shared with her friends was a shared attraction: Girls.

This discovery of her homosexuality was slow. Since Diana wasn't in much contact with her own gender, she didn't know how she should feel towards boys and didn't think much of herself looking at other girls. It wasn't until she met her first love that things began to rapidly change.

Diana met Amy in the spring of her Sophomore year of High School. The two became fast friends, despite protests and obvious annoyance by Amy's fellow cheerleaders. It was only after a few months of hanging out together, that Amy confessed her sexuality, and attraction for the brunette. Despite her shock, Diana did start to officially date Amy, though this ended up in her expulsion from the cheerleading squad.

More to come soon...


Though Diana is for the most part a regular human, she does have a few interesting capabilities. She is capable of transforming into an owl girl when exposed to cold water. Though she lacks the ability to fly in this form, she acquires talons that are rather sharp. She treats these talons as an anathema however, given that she risks slicing open herself and lovers with them.

In either form, Diana is remarkably strong, despite her layers of fat. She has also hinted at mild martial arts training. Both of these together would make her a dangerous opponent, doubly so with her talons.


This is not an exhaustive list.

Mikono is her first and foremost lover and thinks the world of the girl. Though the pair had a rocky start, she has grown very attached to her. She has a tendency of being very protective of her and constantly fusses about things such as her diet. It occasionally, gets to Diana, who wonders if she has a wife or a daughter. Since the winter of 2008, the two have been married. On August 21, 2009, Diana gave birth to their twins, Isis Cibele, and Iris Kara.

Arturia, was once someone dear to Diana's heart. The two initially became close friends and lovers, even going so far as considering each other wives. However Diana and Arturia's relationship became strained and the two parted ways at Diana's insistence.

Elena, or Laney, is Diana's latest wife. The two met at the bar over a pint of Guinness and became fast friends. Fast friends lead quickly to love, and after a bit of a whirlwind romance, Elena declared her want of the Jove name. Since then, Elena has been a major factor in Diana's life, being her strongest pillar of support, something that the mentally and emotionally unstable woman needs.

Tomoe_Hotaru is not a romantic interest of Diana, instead she is looked upon as her child. Diana has even gone as far as introducing the girl as her own daughter and including her in anything that has to do with the family. Hotaru has a basement room in the house which she shares with her Octopus Plushies when at the residence. Due to the octopi's presence in the home, several modifications have been made by both Diana and the plushies themselves to make life easier and better for all who live there.

Abryn, Leona McAllistre, and Flame, are a trio that Diana has had mixed feelings about. Her early interactions brought anger to the girl because of the perceived slavery that Mikono was under. Her opinions soon changed as she began to understand the truth of the relationship. Her relationship with Abryn has changed the most, due to Abryn's chastising and reprimanding of her behavior surrounding the Mikono-Janis issue.

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