Yuriba Forest

A rather nebulous term, the Yuriba Forest is, most commonly, considered to be the over a dozen miles (measured north to south) of heavily forested land that lies between the main village and the foothills at the base of Akibimi-san and Engetsu-san. Technically, however, it can be used to refer to any of the large, forested parts of the island, including the area that stretches to the west and is largely unexplored.

The area commonly referred to as the forest contains several old roads, ensuring that travel through the region is not too arduous, although the distance between homes located in the woods can be significant. Cedar Lane, Cherry Lane, and Spruce Lane all traverse these region, with two small foot bridges allowing for the crossing of the Yuriba River. There are a few old ruins studding the expanse, although most are a ways off of the beaten path, difficult to reach.

Like all of the island, the forest has patches of unusual magical activity where the ley lines cross, leading to strange phenomena. The most reliably observed of these are the high rate of phosphorescent plants within the woods and the thick mists that often hang over the more southern parts, particularly common in morning hours. Native pixies are often spotted flitting about the forest as well, although they very rarely engage in direct contact with other residents of the island.

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