Ada Valenwright
IC Info
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Date of Birth: 3 August 1985
Place of Origin: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Height: 5'4"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Sign: Leo
Hobbies: Working with her hands, tattoos, teaching
Likes: Baseball
Religion: Agnostic
Residence: Northwest Maple Circle, Akibimi-san
Occupation: Vice Principal, Teacher
OOC Info
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Ada often comes off as slightly gruff or perhaps a little shy. She's often seen wearing a leather jacket and jeans, though occasionally she'll get dressed up and put a skirt on. Her short blue hair is currently cut into a short fauxhawk. She has a reputation as bristly and butch, but her actions often run counter to this. Those who have seen her out of her normal tough girl attire can attest to the fact that she has a lot of tattoos, most notably a sleeve tattoo made to look like woven ribbon, a pinup girl on the small of her back and a tiger tattoo on her forearm. She's often seen at Leona's Bar and Girl, wandering Marobishi or up in the mountains where she lives in a house built by her own two hands.


Ada has a bit of a checkered past and doesn't always open up about it but she'll tell anyone she's originally from Cleveland, Ohio and her parents have recently become divorced, though she seems rather apathetic towards both of these facts. She's moved around a bit, most recently living in Tokyo before coming to Yuriba in 2004.


It's no secret that Ada has had some significant relationships, nearly all of which she looks back on with fondness. Among them are, Coral, Merrill, Anna, Fujiko, Lily, Azami and Haley.

Lately, Ada's focus seems to be on Siduri and maintaining close friendships with a few others.


She's done some tattoo and piercing work out of her home as something of a hobby, though she's proven adept at this. In addition to various carpentry projects and home maintenance, Ada has decided to put her wood working capabilities to some use beyond her own personal gain. Ada applied to be a teacher at Rinkei Gakuen and now teaches traditional Japanese wood working with a focus on joinery techniques. Recently she has also taken the administrative role of vice-principal at the school.

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