Aysuna Cliffs

The Aysuna Cliffs stretch along the northern edge of the island, north of the three mountains. The cliffs are generally quite steep, and the areas currently easily accessed by foot generally have drops in the range of twenty-five to forty feet in height.

The location of the Aysuna Cliffs between the northern sea and the protective barrier of the mountains means that they are often particularly hard hit by severe weather. Most of the trees and plants in the area show the effects of exposure to high wind; the area is also known as being the one spot in Yuriba where angstflowers grow freely.

Animal life seems to be fairly rare, the most common visitors being the Yuriban Cobalt-Barred Terns and a variety of seagulls.

Miyako also maintains a home near the cliffs. Past residences in the area have crumbled under the strength of earthquakes caused by the nearby Inishie-san.

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