Cacao Heaven

The Cacao Heaven is a chocolate and sweet shop, located on Tiger Lily Road, southwest of the Village Center. It is a joint venture, run by the pair of Lynn Vendaris and Nagisa Vendaris. The Cacao Heaven was decorated in the style of a 50s Malt Shop, buts has recently updated to a more Japanese influenced aesthetic, and offeres custom ordering of chocolates not included in its regular wares. In addition, the Cacao Heaven is home to the ultimate creation of Lynn's, the Chocopool, which had a room devoted to itself in the back of the shop.

Another interesting addition to the shop is the glass case that resides in the lobby. Inside this case are samples of almost every Jusenkyou water known to exist on the island, including several that are rumored to be unique. Needless to say, this display is kept under careful lock and key.

The Cacao Heaven sustained heavy damages in the earthquakes prior to and concurrent with the 2007 eruption of Inishie-san. Because of this, it had to be closed down until such time as extensive renovations and safety updates could be done to the building.

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