Jusenkyou Springs

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The Jusenkyou Springs (alternately Jusenkyo, Juusenkyou, or Jūsenkyō) are an odd magical phenomenon common on the island of Yuriba. These pools of enchanted water grant a shapechanging effect, changing the form of those who bathe in their waters. Each pool seems to be linked to a specific shape, such as cat-human, or human girl. Those affected by the Jusenkyou magic shapechange to the pool's granted form after contact with cold water, and back to their natural body after contact with hot water. Though not common, some people have been known to exhibit signs of what's called Jusenkyou syndrome after contact with the springs resulting in permanent changes to their base form relating to the blessing they acquired.

Some of these pools can be found lying in the open around the island, but many are hidden or require the solving of a puzzle or trick to access. Theories for this vary, depending on who you ask, but the most commonly heard reason is that the Jusenkyou pools are sacred to the local druidic faith or specific deities of that pantheon. Followers of that faith refer to the effects of the pools as 'blessings', and apparently use them to christen children. The druidess breisleach has publically stated that doing so has some protective benefits.

The term Jusenkyou derives from the names of a similar collection of springs in the Bayankala region of China. The Chinese pools are known to be created by drowning – the drowned creature's form is then granted by the pool – and most immigrants believe that this is also the case for the Yuriban pools. Native residents are more likely to simply call them the blessèd springs, and do not generally believe that they are the result of a death (although many do believe that a completely symbolic "drowning" is involved). As such, there is some debate among residents as to the morality of using the pools.

Known Springs

Below is a list of Jusenkyou Springs known to be present within Yuriba, along with their formal name.

Legendary springs

These springs are believed to not actually exist.

Special springs

Below are a list of unique springs or spring waters that don't fall into the same category as the above springs due to their special properties.

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