Yuriba is an island located close to Japan. However, due to its highly magical nature, Yuriba's climate often varies significantly from the world outside its shores.

Being an island, Yuriba tends to have a high level of precipitation all year. The wind tends to vary quickly, caught between the warmer breezes from the sea and the cooler air coming off the mountains. Clouds cover the sky as often as it's clear, with a totally clear day being an oddity, though it's also rare to go a whole day with no sun.



There is quite a variation in altitude between the Foothills to the south of the island and the mountain peaks to the north. The peaks of the two mountains, Akibimi-san and Engetsu-san are covered in snow year-round, with high winds at the upper altitudes.

The volcanic mountain, Inishie-san is the exception, being unclimbable due to the lava flows, the area around it is the hottest on the island year-round.


The springtime in Yuriba is often cold, with the remnants of winter lasting sometimes into May. Light snowfalls in March and April are not unheard of, though the flowers and cherry blossoms never fail to recover from the cold snaps.


Summers in Yuriba are quite warm with average temperatures ranging from 20°C (70°F) at night to somewhere around 30°C (86°F) during the day. The temperature can change rapidly when a storm blows in off the ocean, sometimes dropping almost five degrees in a matter of minutes. Rain is frequent during the summer, as always, with changing winds.


Temperatures begin to fall in late September and October, sometimes resulting in an early snow, but usually moving to cold rains in autumn. The trees keep colored leaves only a short time due to the harsh winds that are common during the fall season.


Winter in Yuriba is usually cold and sleety or snowy. The temperature rarely exceeds 10°C (50°F), though it usually does not drop too far below freezing. Snow is a reasonably common, although usually not too heavy, in the lower altitudes. Sleet, hail and freezing rain also occur, but less frequently. Most residents spend the winter months indoors, when possible. Though a good snowfall will bring people out to celebrate.

Tarot Cards

There is a magical deck of tarot cards that seems to be aligned with the magic that surrounds Yuriba, including its climate. Some of these cards are known to have very minor effects on the weather; their effects are usually so limited that they tend to go unnoticed, except by those who are specifically watching for them. One of them, however, can cause the weather to do a complete turnabout...

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