Crimson Rose and Sword

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The Crimson Rose and Sword is a restaurant and inn located on Sand Lily Road. It includes a dining room with natively sourced pub style fare and several rooms for rent.


The Rose was established in May of 2002 by Samantha, Willow, and Madoka, although the three have since left Yuriba for other parts. From 2005 until October 2007 it was held in trust by the Town Council. In October of 2007 ownership of the Crimson Rose and Sword was transferred to Shay Black. Both Shay and Miyako Tanaka split ownership of the Rose, with Shay doing the actual management of the Rose and Miyako working on the general upkeep of the aging building. Following the frequent earthquakes, volcanic activities and related violence during March 2012 the inn was briefly closed for renovations and repairs.


Inn Layout

The CR&S (as it's sometimes known) serves a variety of natively sourced pub food primarily of a British or medieval origin. Generally, the food is simple and hearty, making it very accessible to visitors of many origins. The inn additionally offers a selection of house brewed beers, wines and liquors, some of which use ingredients unique to Yuriba. Raiko is the server for the dining area and its four tables, while Bella serves the riverside patio at the building's rear which overlooks the Yuriba River.

Upstairs, there are three rooms available for long term residential rental; these are mildly Victorian or Medieval in theme and each contain a small fireplace among other amenities.

A Rental Hall is available on the first floor to be rented out for events; it is sometimes used for the Silent Auctions at the festivals, or to host parties or wedding receptions.

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