IC Info
Race: Spiran (Kilikan), Batgirl
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 19
Place of Origin: Spira, city of Luca
Height: Slightly over five feet
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Black
Romantic Status: Widowed (Jenn)
Romantic Identification: Monogamous
Residence: Temple of Harumeku, Underhill
Occupation: Fisherwoman, Sentry
OOC Info
Source: Original character set in the world of FFX and X-2

Ella is a young woman of around nineteen years of age, a non-native of Yuriba who was somewhat unceremoniously dumped on the island and has since made it her home.


Physical Description

If it weren't for her large, bat-like wings, Ella might go generally unnoticed, holding herself shyly most of the time. She has something of an island girl look to her, dark hair and deeply tanned skin lending to this illusion. She seems to have had something of a rough life, her right arm very scarred from a little below her wrist to her elbow. Her usual attire of shorts and a short top when the weather is appropriate also shows the very bad scarring on her left side which appears to have been caused by several sources, and she has a small scar over her right temple which seems like it was fairly deep at one point in time. All in all though, she's not very self-conscious of the scars, used to them.


Very shy around people who she doesn't know, Ella is more likely to slip from an area rather than interact with new people. Her politeness, however, dictates that she'll speak to any who approach her, though she'll be a fair bit on edge for a while. Very hard to anger, she's almost too kind to the point that she puts herself into potentially dangerous situations, willing to trust people quickly, Ella believing in the general good in everybody, almost to a fault. Her natural curiosity has slowly taken a greater hold on her, pushing her shyness slowly aside. She seems to have a very bad memory, difficulty remembering names for the first few times meeting someone, though she seems to pick up faces a bit easier.

Very self sufficient due to her and Jenn's life before Yuriba, she's very reluctant to accept help, while willing to give hers freely. Much more willing to fair trade for something than to be given something she needs, she's not quite comfortable with the general 'free' atmosphere of many things in Yuriba.


Before Yuriba

OOC Notes
This information is generally unknown, even to those who she's befriended, except in the very general sense.

Orphaned at a young age in an event which also caused the scaring on her side, Ella was brought to the city of Luca to be placed in an orphanage. Events occurred which resulted in her running away from this place, to be later found and taken in by another orphan, Jenn, on a very stormy night. The two girls managed to eek out an existence in the abandoned part of Luca known among the orphans as 'Old Town', living on Ella's ability to fish and Jenn's various small jobs. The fall of the monster Sin began to reveal latent magical talent in Ella, though if it were natural, or due to the fragment of the monster which was lodged into her side, isn't entirely clear. Haunted by a person who was twisted to believe that those like her who had been 'Sin-sick' were to be killed, her life became somewhat hectic for a short period of time, but she and Jenn fought through, determined to work toward having a good life for themselves.

Life on Yuriba

Things had finally begun to calm for Ella and Jenn on Spira, and it was during a quiet, relatively relaxed day that Ella was unexpectedly dropped in Yuriba on the beach at the wading pools. Found by Merin, Ella was calmed down from her frantic state, she completely lost without Jenn, since the woman was nowhere in sight, though she appeared a day later. Initially believing herself and Jenn to be dead and passed on to their worlds afterlife, it took the convincing of breisleach, Merin and Hokuto to get her to believe that no, she wasn't dead. Given the guest apartment at the Woodland Retreat, Jenn and Ella began to adjust to their new lives on Yuriba, both girls accepting generally that they likely could not return to Spira.

Disrupted by dreams which seemed to be generated by the pyrefly which followed her and Jenn from Spira, Ella soon confided in Merin and breisleach as to what it was she was dreaming, the two women having suspicions that the pyrefly was linked to the dragoness Atara, who had been missing from the island for quite some time. The dreams proved to be memories and messages from the dragoness, helping to lead Merin to finding her with Ella's help as the 'key'.

Ella's natural magic was also creating further disruption for the young girl, she not fitting with the flow of magic about the island. Given a small ceremony by breisleach to 'introduce' her to the Goddesses and magic of the island, resulting in Ella becoming much more in tune with her new home, and possibly one of the first steps to getting her blessing.

Asking for and getting permission from breisleach to build a home at the Woodland Retreat, Ella and Jenn chose a location north of the waterfall, and are currently in the process of building a log cabin for themselves, finally fulfilling a dream of theirs to have a home of their own. With Ella fishing to catch fish to trade with several villagers for needed items, and Jenn doing most of the physical labor with a bit of help from Atara, they managed to build a one room cabin, however it's since been reclaimed by the island the Retreat stands on after being damaged during the volcanic eruptions, Ella unable to bring herself to live there alone.

New climate had hit both her and Jenn rather hard as they began to experience their first winter, the two girls going into something of hermit mode, Ella only occasionally seen dealing with local fisherman for short periods of time before returning again to her home with her partner. Nearly invisible through the summer and fall of 2008, Ella seems to have come fairly well to terms with living in Yuriba and the changes in it's weather. The summer of 2011 proved eventful for the young woman; the strong rains and storms which had struck the island through the late spring and summer proved tragic. While on a usual fishing trip with several other women, Jenn was lost at sea. Ella's abilities as Zokutou's Sentry allowed her the blessing, or curse, of not having to live in uncertainty, rather she knew the moment that Jenn passed. Though the two were never married, their bond was as deep as mates and a bit more, leaving Ella lost more isolated than before.

On one of the rare occasions after Jenn's death where Ella was in the village park and not in a more non public place, she met Bluebell, the woman approaching her with a motherly tone that, while initially causing the girl to be wary, her longing for company and comfort brought her to trust the elder woman and seek to get to know her better. She quickly grew attached to her, and circumstances prevailed which lead to her being adopted by the High Priestess, and living in the Temple of Harumeku in Underhill despite being the Sentry of another goddess. Recently, she has found a friend in Five, her little personal circle growing again.

Due to her job as a Sentry, Ella seems to come and go at odd hours, spending her time largely in what she calls 'The other side', abilities granted to her by the Goddess leading her to locations most of the natives and locals don't often see.


Currently, there is really only one way to receive the Emoniichuan blessing - this however was not the way that Ella received it. She seems to have caught the eye of the goddess Zokutou, likely due to events in Ella's past as well as the nature of the world which she comes from, and Ella says that she was spoken to by the Goddess, and given the blessing directly from the divinity herself at the waterfall at the retreat. Having no concept of what the blessing should appear as, Ella has taken on more a 'batgirl' look rather than that of a demoness, notably lacking the tail which most with the blessing carry. The scar on her side has also changed some with the new form, a spiraled scar forming about the puncture wound that's there. This change and the way she was blessed, along with a few other incidents, gradually lead Ella upon the pathway of greater acceptance of the goddess in her life. Finally taking the steps to do so, Ella has become Zokutou's Sentry, and seems extremely pleased with this close connection with the elder Goddess, referring to her as 'Momma'. It is also of note that the 'blessing' seems to have become Ella's real form, as no amount of hot or cold water can make her change to a normal human. Testing this does, however, make her grumpy.


Becoming Zokutou's Sentry has had a major effect upon the young woman. Finding herself physically changing to more appropriately reflect her real age, the effects of malnutrition and the hardness of her life before Yuriba being pushed away as her spiritual form overwrites her physical, Ella's a bit awkward and unsure of her newfound physical appearance. Having already been more private and withdrawn of a person, she's only withdrawn a bit more, having difficulty relating to people due to her abilities as a Sentry. The ease with which she can see down the spiral into the past currently causes much worry and distraction, driving her to even further isolation and the feeling of being largely misunderstood, as has some recent concerns as being seen as an omen of death.


Being an orphan, Ella eagerly seeks for friends to fill her life, at least once she gets beyond her shyness, looking for what amounts to an adopted family. Very dedicated to Jenn and very much in love with her, even Jenn's death has Ella not terribly interested in that level of a romantic relationship, but is happy for friends. Fairly close to the dragoness Atara, she also thinks very highly of Merin and breisleach for all of the help and kindness she's been shown. She regards the priestess Kesla to be almost sister-like due to her serving the Goddess Zokutou, but does not yet have the closeness of a sisterly relationship with the woman. Due to her shyness, she's not yet met too many other people, very rarely venturing into the main village, keeping her travels to the mountains, and the beaches where she fishes. The bulk of her time is now also spent in Underhill, where she lives with her adopted mother Bluebell, and is otherwise frequently found with Five, a newer friend with a close bond.

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