May Valentine

Mieiaorum Arummoiunnotte Yrrkradolltz Vaougmmiif Lenhar Tiarunoseiyo Neuunnochiiqqkru (Real Name)

May Valentine (Official Short Version)

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Quote: "I am May Valentine, at your service."
IC Info
Race: Seraph (A form of angel.)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 10,017 Years (Calendar of Celeste);385 Years (Calendar of Earth)
Place of Origin: Celeste (A different dimension.)
Height: 5'5"
Eye Color: Sky blue.
Hair Color: Black
Hobbies: Wander around the village, spend time with her lovers, look for interesting things.
Likes: Meeting people, making friends, strawberries(flavor and scent), hot springs, and pretty much any sweet tasting food or drink.
Dislikes: To be seen in pain. Seeing people worry about her. Being driven to have sex.
Romantic Status: Involved.
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous(Confusing)
Residence: Undetermined... she plans on relocating herself in the island.
OOC Info
Source: Original Character
Other Characters: Josei (puppet)

Mieiaorum, or May, is a seraph, an angel that comes to possess three pairs of wings, though she having more than what would the usual thing be. She, though sometimes being thought of as being new to Yuriba by some, has actually lived there with an appearance that would look no more and no less than just mere human.



Physical Appearance

Mieiaorum, despite being well over ten thousand years of age, she is quite young looking. In general, her physical age could be placed between her late teen and her early twenties. However, the age-range could be thrown off due to the more child-like appearance of her face when compared to the "physical attributes" that the girl possesses.

May is noted to be fair-skinned; a rather white skin color with hints of a natural tan to her. Her hair is colored black, straight in type and fine-threaded. It has also been kept long, reaching down to her ankles and usually maintained to stay at that length.

When seen in her angel form, people would usually see her with five pairs of wings; her head being host to two pairs, while the other three pairs are seen around at her back. However, she may or may not be seen with more more than the pairs of wings she usually possesses; up to seventeen have been seen throughout her body. Of these, only the usual five pairs are her natural wings, while the rest are what she calls "soul wings". A trait of these wings is that their color slightly vary; although being white, her five natural pairs of wings shine in a light blue hue while the rest glow in a yellow-golden hue.

Also, and upon Mieiaorum's will, an aura can be noted around her. This aura is at times accompanied by glowing light blue orbs and tends to shine as brightly as the girl wishes.

Fashion Sense

Meiaorum claims to have access to a very large amount of clothing articles; from single pieces to complete outfits that may vary in style, culture, and even time. In her early days, she was often seen wearing pieces of clothing that reflected a western human lifestyle, usually using pants, shirts, and dresses according to the seasons. However, with the passing of time, she turned from the western style to the more traditional eastern-Asian, now using kimono more notably.

Though, this now often use of kimono has been justified at times by her as a mistake she did. She went back to her home world Celeste, and there she wore a kimono (specifically a miko outfit, as she claimed) by mistake, which was accepted and eventually became a fashion sense in her world. Since then, her wardrobe and outfit preference slowly changed to wearing kimono at most (if not all) of the time.



May is a person driven mainly by polite manners, this noted from the point anyone meets her for the first time and through the course of a relationship of any kind. She most usually speaks with complete sentences, using the more correct form of speaking rather than the natural way to speak. These often displays of politeness are due to her long life as royalty which has embedded itself on her mind and thus come to her as second nature. However, she has been able to at least de-formalize her speech somewhat, though not seen as often.

Something often seen in her is that caring attitude towards others, usually putting everyone before herself at any given time. However, this attitude is somewhat masked with indifference, usually looking untrue to what she feels (smiling while being worried about someone or not physically show her feelings at all), though this seems to not affect how other view her.

Most usually, she is one to have a rather whimsically happy-going expression to her, always smiling and doing random things to entertain herself. This makes people think of her as a child inside of a woman's body.

Another trait that she has is that of being logical, being capable of going through most conversations of any philosophical depth, or at least understand what people are talking about if she lacks any knowledge of the topic.

Shyness is often noted during situations when she has to deal with romantic or sexual interaction, often blushing and showing embarrassment if not complete discomfort for what comes her way.

Towards Close Friends

May is more open when interacting with her close friends, capable of telling them her most personal thoughts and memories. She is even capable of treating them in a more personal manner than with any other people she meets, with the exception of her lovers.

When it comes to physical interaction, usually sticking the more basic forms of interaction, like formal greetings and sometimes hugs. This is due to her considering any deeper form of affection as a more personal thing, only done with people she considers her lovers.

However, there are few people who she chooses amongst her closest of friends and allows them to greet her with a greeting kiss used on Celeste, a light lip-to-lip kiss that is given either one to the other or mutually. However, this kiss can only be given at the moment of greeting and only by those who she allows, otherwise she would think the kiss is that of human romantic intent. So far though, only Jolana and Asuna were given such privilege.

Towards Her Lovers

When she is with those she considers her romantic partners (and sometimes the people she loves without being romantically involved with her) she is quite loving towards them, or at least she thinks so. Often she greets them with kisses and tends to call them names that to her may be cute and representing of their relationship. She also seems to like keeping close contact with them, usually snuggling/cuddling them affectionately and in any way they feel like.

She also seems to have no problems when it comes to talking or behaving in any way that could be considered more than "publicly romantic". Her lovers bring out a sealed openness to such conversations, more likely due to the confidence she comes to possess for her dearest ones.

When it comes to clothing, that only they (her lovers) are able to see her wearing clothes intended for private romantic moments, or even her nude body altogether. However, it is as much an embarrassing thing to her, unless this happened often enough for her to see it as a normal thing.

As of current, Mieiaorum is involved with Ichiko, Jolana and Asuna in a rather complicated relationship. However, events that occurred after she went to her home world led her to fall in love with herself and mentally look at a lady in the mirror. This love she feels for her has led her to virtually push her relationship with Ichiko, severing the ties towards her. But her personal bodyguard Josei has told Ichiko not to trust May because "she is not herself as of late".


May did not have any interest in the island by the time she came to the place. Her actual motive that led her to Yuriba was that she wanted to find a place to fit in as an angel and avoid the hardships of being a crown princess and only child, thus she stayed most of her time in a human-like form. And then even, she was still rather fearful of rejection as a human as well as being notably uncomfortable of how "affectionate" people behaved, which led her to spend most of her time in hiding.

However, time proved the place to be much more comfortable than it appeared and managed to eventually call it "a home away from home." Ever since then, her interests on Yuriba have grown from a mere place to live in and relax while off-duty.

Bearing A Child

The more prominent of her interests is known to be her desire to know how to bear the child of another woman. Her time spent on the island had made her realize that she prefers women over men. This made her choose to have a woman as her lover and eventually marry her.

However, although her home world is not one to will not allow that to happen because heirs to the crown can only marry a person that would allow the birth of a child of royal bloodline. This obviously led to allow her to marry only men, something that she just would not accept. But after she attained knowledge that in Yuriba women can fall pregnant of other women, she set herself to try and find out the knowledge of how is it that two women can procreate so that she could one day marry the woman she loves (as she first intended) and have her child to continue passing on the legacy of her family.

Satisfying Curiosity

She has also grown more interested in the island of Yuriba itself, intending to understand more of the place which she has chosen has her second home. This is more due to how she has seen the different creatures that live there as well as the many attributes that it possesses, including the many secrets that it may hold.

Historical Details


May was born a crown princess of Celeste, a kingdom/empire from another dimension. From birth she was considered among the few odd people in the world, mainly because she was born with an unusual amount of wings, even for her seraphic race among the angelic species. This was so, that she was not presented to the world until she reached the age of six.

After she reached the age of twelve years old, and by mandatory reasons, she was enrolled into the Valkyrian Fleet Academy. From that point on, she started her training in all sorts of things in all aspects of life. Even though her training was re meant to teach everything, there were some thing that were taught the better, these being related to the laws, government and military.

After one thousand years of training she started to be seen more often, her first appearances in public events, representing her parents while they dealt with other matters that either were equally or more important. Time would let then know of her being seen in courts of law, serving as both judge and jury, and doing her job quite impartially and unbiased, to the point of being known as one of the strictest judges that have ever lived.

Eventually, she made her way to the battlefield, her first assignment of war completely disregarding and turning a mission of war into a peace-keeping one; she did only but display raw power and defeat others of her kind (other seraph, never battled other races of angels unless in large numbers) without spilling their blood, however, making use one of the worst punishments ever to make her point with those who dared to continue war efforts; she cut the wings of those kept battling, and forever declaring them as having no rights. For this she was actually feared, yet respected at the same time, this because very few people ever did get punished by her in such manner and even tried as much as possible not to be led to taking such decision; she even cried she had no other option but to do it.

But even as much as she was known by others and the comments on her existence, there was something that was amiss. For some reason she could not fully achieve happiness in her life, even though she liked her way of life. It was this that led her to escape from her home and use her knowledge to find her way over to another dimension. She traveled from place to another, trying to find that something that she did not have; trying to find something that she did not know. This was the point in which she arrived to Earth, spending several years traveling the planet, trying to see if she could find that something there. She was about to loose all hope of finding that something until she arrived an island that went by the name of Yuriba.

She traveled the place, and her impression of it was of a rather peaceful place to be. As a human she decided to stay and it was not up until a few years after her arrival that she began to reveal her true form around the village. To current date, May keeps traveling to and fro between Yuriba and Celeste, her home world, her reason being those that live there which are too dear for her to leave.

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