Morgaine Le Fay-Shade was born a princess in the castle of Tintagel in Cornwall, England. Her father was killed in battle against Uther Pendragon who subsequently married her mother, Igraine. She was taken by her aunt, Nimue, to Avalon to learn to follow in her aunt's footsteps and become high priestess. During her initiation into the priesthood, she was to act out a fertility ritual with the hunter of the stag. Little did she know that this was her half-brother because they were both masked and intoxicated... and she became pregnant.

Morgaine left the island of Avalon, vowing never to return, because of her aunt's treachery: her single minded focus was on breeding a suitable heir to the throne. She left to stay with her other aunt, Morgause. Morgause wanted nothing but to poison the young boys' mind so that he would destroy Arthur and with it the chance for Druidism to remain the religion of the crown and country.

Morgaine lost both her brother and her son in battle and wished to return to Avalon to make amends, but the island would not permit her entry and she was lost.

Doomed to wander the earth for the rest of eternity, she travelled the world. In France she became teacher to a young girl, taught her how to lead men in battle and strike fear into the enemy. That girl, whom she loved, was burned as a heretic. It drove Morgaine away into hiding and not much was heard from her until she turned up on the shores of Yuriba.

Morgaine stumbled upon the island in a storm whilst sailing. The winds and waves ran her aground and she looked around. She met a woman named Morwen whose gentle words reminded her of home and persuaded her to stay. She came eventually to the Ashram house and met Angeltear and Lisa Moonbeam. Angeltear let her stay as a guest, and eventually to have her own room there.

One day Lisa invited her to come to a friend's party with her. That friend was Alice Shade. Morgaine clicked with Alice. She felt able to share her story with Alice and later she would share everything with her. For some time they were lovers, then girlfriends, and now she is married to Alice, Lisa and Angeltear.

These are certainly the happiest days of Morgaine's long life.

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