Lisa Moonbeam

Lisa Moonbeam
A closeup of Lisa's pretty face.
IC Information
Nicknames: None
Race: Human
Gender/Sexuality: Female/Lesbian
Age: 36
Birthdate: May 23, 1982
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Height: 5' 4"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sea Green
Residence: Riverview Apartments
Romantic Status: Polyamorous
Hobbies: Yoga, music, meeting new people, exploring
Likes: Yoga, playing the guitar, meeting fun and nice people
Dislikes: People who are homophobic or rude
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Lisa Moonbeam was born in 1982 as Elisabeth Jennifer Kelley in Dublin, Ireland. She took an interest into learning to play the guitar when she was very young, and at a young age, became a well known rock musician. In the meantime, she spent her free time practicing yoga and learning about different styles of music and songs. She developed a unique knack for playing the guitar and singing, learning how to identify various quirks of songs that she heard. This helped her to play songs she'd heard before with little difficulty, as well as writing new songs efficiently.

However, when she realized she was lesbian, one of her session musicians became enraged and began to stalk her constantly, as well as threaten her fans because of this. When she learned what was happening, she realized she could no longer endanger her fans as well as her friends and family, and that was when she learned of Yuriba. It was a hard decision for Lisa, but she knew that she had to do it.

She then staged an act to make it look like she had accidentally killed herself, but in reality, it was all a ploy to throw her stalker off her trail while she escaped to Yuriba. She retained her stage name as a way of holding onto the past, since she believed it was important to retain the positives of her life, no matter how small they might be.

As soon as she arrived in Yuriba, she met a young woman named Angeltear, who was very shy and nervous, yet seemed to take a liking to Lisa because of her yoga practice and her kind heart. She immediately invited Lisa into her home, and that was when Angeltear realized she was truly in love. Not long after she moved in with her, they made the decision to move their home, the Ashram House, to a spot near the beach, and opened it to others who sought to enlighten their mind and body through yoga practice, or to see Lisa, Angeltear, or some of the other residents of the Ashram House.

Later, they found Morgaine as a newcomer to Yuriba, and let her stay in the Ashram House for awhile. When Lisa invited Morgaine to go to a party with her, she met Alice and the two women clicked together.

Some time later, Angeltear and Lisa were married in a four-way ceremony alongside with Morgaine and Alice. Not long after that, Angeltear met a wonderful young lady named Snow and she would become the fifth wife in the Ashram House.

All the while, Lisa later met a shy catgirl whom she would go on to befriend. That girl was Junitea and the two would become such close friends that they became like sisters to one another.

As time went on, Angeltear, Morgaine, and Snow had to leave Yuriba for some reason or other. That left Alice as Lisa's remaining wife. With Angeltear leaving, the Ashram House disappeared, and Lisa now lives at Riverview Apartments. Despite having been gone for a long time, Lisa still remains optimistic that they will return someday. She has recently become engaged to Chisa.



Alice: Lisa's remaining wife. She lives with her in the Riverview Apartments and loves her dearly.

Chisa: Lisa's fiancee. They seek to officially marry soon.


Lisa has met many women in Yuriba and considers a good portion of them to be friends. Some of them include:

Ada: Having met Ada through Fujiko Tanaka as well as seeing her at the bar has led to Ada and Lisa connecting and becoming friends. While their interactions are off-and-on, they nonetheless enjoy the company of each other.

Chisa: Chisa is one of Lisa's fiancees, whom she hopes to wed soon and add to her family.

Flame: As one of Leona's wives, Lisa has gotten to know Flame as well.

Fujiko: Lisa has spent time with Fujiko in various locations and has gotten to know her well. Lisa sometimes sees Fujiko when she visits the library, while other times it's while she is out and about in Yuriba or at Leona's Bar and Girl enjoying the company of other women.

Leona McAllistre: As a frequent patron of Leona's Bar and Girl, Lisa has become connected with Leona and considers her a friend, which is somewhat ironic considering that Leona sometimes has the form of a naga while Lisa herself is afraid of snakes!

Mika Tetsuyama: A girl Lisa met at Leona's who she connected with after not too long. She has a strong attraction to Mika and has considered getting closer.


Rae-Anne Anderson: Having made some unfortunate mistakes with Ms. Anderson, Lisa eventually made an enemy out of Rae after a misunderstanding with one of Rae's friends. Over time, though, Ms. Anderson has seemed to soften up a little on Lisa. Unfortunately, there is still a bit of bad blood between the two of them, meaning that becoming friends may not be easy. Nevertheless, Lisa does not believe in making enemies that easily, and is hoping to, eventually, smooth over the mistakes she made with Ms. Anderson. Lisa knows she made a lot of bad decisions and definitely regrets what she did. Even though it would be impossible to change the past, Lisa would do so if she could. As it stands, she hopes to, one day, slowly end the bad blood between herself and Ms. Anderson.


None currently. Lisa is not the type of person to become hostile unless she feels it is absolutely necessary. As an upbeat and positive woman, Lisa seeks to make friends instead of enemies.

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