Alice is a blonde girl of Russian descent who immigrated to Yuriba. She runs Riverview Apartments.


Alice can usually be seen as tall stick-figured pale blonde. Rarely, she might be caught out in the form of a huge white siberian wolf-girl.

Either way, Alice seems to be more or less polite, if brash. In any form, Alice possesses blue eyes, waist-long blonde hair, and a very pale and narrow complexion. Contrary to her appearance, Alice is exceptionally strong for a girl of her size and build. (Though, of course, nothing like lifting cars, or uprooting lamp-posts. She can carry as much as a trained human, not more.)

In either form, Alice has a couple of smaller features - like her earrings in left ear, the wedding ring on her left hand, and calloused fingers and knuckles. Also, she often speaks with strong accent (although she is capable of speaking clearly when she wishes to).

Short Biography

Alice is Russian. She does not expands on her past a whole lot, unless asked. According to her, she has a quite rich military background and given her skills in beating or shooting someone up, it's probably true.

From what she conveys, she ran away from home at age fifteen and enrolled in the army. While it's not 100% proven, army life probably was to her liking. She does gripe about the army from time to time, but gets very defensive and protective if someone doubts the merits of the army.

Alice is strangely silent about the period of her life shortly before her arrival to Yuriba. Some pointers indicate, however, that she could have been engaged in various illegal activities in that time.

She claims that she came to Yuriba for 'health' reasons, mainly the warm climate, hot springs, and relaxed atmosphere. Seemingly, her relaxation period has spanned for over a year now and she is pretty much willing to continue in that fashion.

While already in Yuriba, Alice had fallen in Langnyanniichuan spring, making her a wolf-girl. While she does not seems to be particularly fond of it, she does walks around sometimes in that form. For some reason the spring affected her more than other girls, giving her full-body fur and eight breasts, as her most notable features. (The six lower are underdeveloped, so she does NOT go around looking like a photoshopped freak, though).

Over the first year of her stay, Alice had entered into a communal marriage with Morgaine Le Fay, whom she was girlfriends with for quite a time, and Angeltear, with whom she slowly went from mentor to lover as Alice grew accustomised with Yuriban customs. Lisa_Moonbeam had entered the marriage from the other side, being Angeltear`s girlfriend. Later the marriage was expanded with Snow, who managed to win all the four wives over rapidly. Currently, they do not seek to expand family further.

Alice became manager of Riverview Apartments during her second year of stay. For now, it's not really clear if she's a good one, but at the least, hallways were cleared out of all the gunk. On the other hand, she introduced a monthly rent. She promises expansion of services - what will become of that remains to be seen.


Alice is quite relaxed in the way of morals or at least so it appears from the first glance. There are girls who can claim to having casual sex with her, for example. However, people who were interacting with her on a deeper level, have encountered extremely rigid self-imposed limits which Alice does not overstep. They include her sexual orientation, philosophy views, and especially, her attitude to "drama".

Basically, Alice is averse to any kind of angst and drama-based situations and when forced to deal with those, her first reaction is to find out someone responsible for the said drama and smack that person into full submission and dropping the subject altogether. Of course, she can refrain from violence unless really needed, but she'd obviously be a 'smartass' and do her best to sass, mock and ridicule drama-inducing people as much as possible.

Alice is both a smoker and a drinker. While she does not drink enough to be dipsomaniac, she certainly doesn't mind tapping a keg. As for smoking, she does smoke a lot. She usually does so someplace that will not to bother anyone, like at home, although she can occasionally be spotted with a cigarette or a pipe on street. She does not seem to be attempting to stop smoking or drinking, and when confronted claims to be doing both from thirteen and she is not going to stop now.

Alice has slight issues with socializing (and a few mental problems) but unless irritated, she might be tolerable or even pleasant to deal with. However, avoiding sparking her interest in something might be a good thing, as once sparked, she will drag on forever, finding ways to satisfy her curiosity and pride - until she has it her way.

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