Phantasm Harbor

Phantasm Harbor is an ocean-facing dock suitable for handling small recreational vessels. It is built around a small inlet on the east coast of Maboroshi and can be reached by following the Boardwalk southward.

Though it is technically a harbor, Phantasm Harbor cannot support any large boats. It is home to three piers, suitable for small, simple boats, including smaller types of sailboat. As well, the bottom of the inlet is fairly shallow, and larger boats run the risk of tearing out their bottoms should they attempt to dock here. Passengers seeking to reach the harbor from larger ships must be transferred from the ship to the harbor via lifeboats or small rowboats.

Phantasm Harbor is partially circled by Yuriba's boardwalk on the north side, though most of it is ringed by a scenic beach. Exotic shells often wash up in the inlet, along with occasional chunks of sea glass or other strange artifacts. The water of the inlet is always calmer than the ocean beyond, as the inlet's narrow mouth dampens the worst of the tides. As such, Phantasm Harbor is a good place to swim or to simply lounge.

Phantasm Harbor is often visited by nature lovers, especially birdwatchers. Cobalt-Barred Terns and Amazon Gulls often fish here, and it is common to see Painted Geese and Bonneted Mergansers bobbing on the water. Surf Chasers dart along the beaches, as the inlet provides one of the safest places for them to feed. The grass behind the beach is home to assorted animal life. As few Yuribans own boats, the wildlife here goes relatively undisturbed, and they often visit the harbor for relief from both the stormier ocean tides and from the noise of the village.


The name "Phantasm Harbor" is said to originate with a girl named Yumi. Legend has it that her girlfriend, Emiko, took a sailboat out into the ocean, leaving Yumi waiting for her on the middle pier. The sailboat sank while at sea and Emiko drowned, but Yumi continued to wait there until she eventually died of grief and starvation.

To this day, legend has it that if one goes to Phantasm Harbor at midnight one can see Yumi's ghost standing at the end of the pier, waiting for Emiko to return. Some versions of the legend claim that if one looks out over the ocean from the mouth of the inlet it is possible to see a ghostly sailboat, presumably Emiko's. A handful of visitors claim to have seen Yumi, but she allegedly disappears when approached by strangers.

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