Maboroshi is also sometimes referred to as Yuriba's "mini-island". Separated from the rest of the island after a minor earthquake, it is accessible either by a large sandbar, or by boat, depending on the current tide. A few homes, a small harbor, the Lily Blades headquarters, and a popular restaurant (the Ocean Lily) can all be found on Maboroshi. There are two roads on the islet: Water Lily Road, which runs north to south, and Sea Lily Road, which runs along the northeastern coastline.

The landscape on Maboroshi consists primarily of softly rolling sand dunes, and the islet is covered in wild sea grass. Sea Lily road runs north to south through the center of the island. Maboroshi narrows into a point at the southern edge, while the east to west expanse is widest at the north. A small boardwalk runs towards the eastern edge of the island, ending in a small rocky area containing several tidepools, as well as curving slightly around Phantasm Harbor, which is set into the southwestern shore of the islet.

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