Cecily, doing part of her John Preston impression.
IC Information
Nicknames: Cessy, CeeCee, Foxy
Race: Chimaera
Gender: Female
Age: 12 *Appears 23*
Birthdate: October 29
Birthplace: Neo-Tokyo, Alternate Japan
Height: 5' 7"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Variable
Romantic Status: Involved, casual
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous
Residence: Vault 85
Hobbies: Tea, reading, tea, sleeping, tea, cuddling, reading, stargazing
Likes: Kind and gentle people, thunderstorms, rain, tea, friends, nighttime, snow, snuggles
Dislikes: Angry people, zombies
OOC Info
Source: Original Character

Cecily is a young woman from a super futuristic Neo-Tokyo. She was designed and built by her 'parents', who each wanted a child but were either too old (her father) or too injured (her mother) to procreate through natural means. So they utilized the power of SCIENCE.




Despite the varying sets of genes within Cecily's body, she maintains a generally human form. Though she is known to take the shape of a white wolf or a white fox or even a large panda, she keeps white fox ears and fluctuating numbers of white fox tails (between one and nine.) Her hair is black, can vary in length but is generally quite long, made up of a unique particle field that makes it appear and feel like a cool liquid. She's several inches below six feet tall and has a lean, athletic body. There's no real signs of age about her, due to her artificial construction.


Early Life

Cecily wasn't so much born as she was created. She was built in her current form by her scientist father, utilizing DNA from both himself and his wife (her mother) as well as a level of genetic engineering and cyber-modification that's beyond contemporary technology levels. She was implanted with two decades of memories of a childhood she never had, as well as several traits and skills of both parents. Cecily is fully aware of her creation process, and doesn't feel like she's living a lie, despite some sadness at not having a real childhood or upbringing. The project itself took little over two years from conception to completion, resulting in a genetically engineered bio-mechanical Chimaera.


Cecily has come to the island as sort of a permanent vacation. Her dimension-travelling Vault has given her solitude beneath the ocean waves, inaccessible save for attuned teleportation links, which she may share with very close friends. She tends to be reclusive, oft preferring the company of her books to most people, but does find herself out and about on occasion, or to see certain people. Despite being a longtime resident of the island, she's still fairly unknown due to these traits. At one point she had her mind made up that she would take over the island by dispensing delicious cookies to all who would eat them, and proclaim herself empress or some such. The cookies were delicious, even if they contained no drugs or mind control devices, but she and her minions just ended up hanging out and eating them half the time.


Leaning towards warm and motherly, Cecily does her best to get along with everyone. Her kindness is almost unfailing but it can get her into trouble when it creates friction with jealous parties. Though likely coming off as aloof and absent-minded, she's a lot more attentive than she seems, and her kindness can be disarming as well as her casual approach to affection. She has a bit of a tic that drives her to regard everyone as 'dear' or in the case of closer companions, 'love.'


OOC Notes
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Cecily has a mother and father she left behind when she came to the island. She seems to contact them irregularly, and probably has made friends out of the lab techs back home.

Romantic Interests

Despite her leanings on polyamory, Cecily does try to limit her relations to keep drama and friction at a minimum. As much as she enjoys physical encounters, love and romance are still paramount to her. With Abegweit, Haley, and Tess, Cecily is the 'father' of four fox kits, one with Abegweit and twins with Haley. Her 'goal' of populating the island with more cute fox-girls is coming true.

Former Romantic Interests

Cecily has had a number of relationships, disengaged for one reason or another. This is not a comprehensive list of casual encounters. Her first relationship, and encounter with another female was with the OS-Tan known as XP-Chan. She would be the first of many women to simply up and disappear without warning. For a brief time, she had the hearts and minds of Kaoru, Karoka, and Jasmine during her brief stint as an evil mastermind. Being not so evil and too absent minded for masterminding, the 'group' parted ways. Cecily still holds a very big place in her heart for Morwen and the close friendship they had shared.

A relatively short period of time was spent married to Cobalt and upon the woman's return, Cobalt's ex, Fayle. Cecily was unfortunately unwilling to endure the emotional strain of the perceived 'forced' marriage, despite her affection for Fayle, and had to walk away. The vampiress Chinatsu served as her girlfriend for a brief while, though she too ended up being one of those that vanished without word or trace. Cordelia would be next, not so much vanishing but being the first and presently only woman to cut ties with Cecily, leaving her under the bridge rather unceremoniously.

The nymph, Veen, briefly adopted Cecily as her girlfriend. Despite being receptive to the idea, Cecily remained somewhat wary of the Naiad's extremely casual brand of affection.

Perhaps due to Veen in part, Cecily found herself close to Beth and her fiancee Karoline. Beth and Cecily shared several things in common, and she seemed to get along quite well with Karla which made things pleasant.

The timid catgirl Neiko is still very, very close to the fox's heart, and she still feels pangs of regret for not only asking for her hand in marriage, but being the one to break off the relationship. Her reasons for this stem from fully realizing her desires for polyamory versus Neiko's firm views on monogamy. She still blames herself for pretty much everything.

Place of Residence

Nestled in the foothills across from the Apex Inn, Vault 85 is a fallout shelter dug beneath the ruins of an old homestead. It's surprisingly cozy and comfortable for what was originally designed to be an emergency shelter, and it is built to withstand nearly any sort of disaster. Cecily prides herself in her large tea garden (and surface-level citrus orchard left over from the previous residents of the clearing) and huge library.

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