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IC Info
Race: Human
Blessing: Hunyanniichuan (Foxgirl)
Age: 27
Date of Birth: August 16, 1988
Place of Origin: Nevada, USA.
Height: 5'10" when human.
Eye Color: Brown when human. Brown with amber flecks when in her Blessed form.
Hair Color: Dark brown when human. Red when in her Blessed form.
Bloodtype: O-
Sign: Leo
Hobbies: Reading, practicing magic, swordplay.
Favorite Things: Books.
Likes: Books.
Dislikes: People that don't like books.
Romantic Status: Married to Talmara.
Religion: Varies by day, but lately seems to be Yuriban Animism.
Residence: Behind the Floating Door, in the Pine Forest Portals
Occupation: Healer at the Yuriba Clinic.
OOC Info
Source: Original Character.
Other Characters: Elena, Susan.



Standing before you, most likely leaning against something, is Beth. The girl, standing at maybe 6' even, looks around with eyes filled with a calm happiness. Her hair reaches her shoulder blades, and is the shade of snow, a pure, stark white. Her ears have a slight point to them. Her almond-shaped eyes, helped by a pair of rectangle-framed glasses, are a fierce amber, and seem to have cat-like slits for pupils. Sticking up and back, from atop her head, are horns that in fact look more like antlers, each horn having three points. Upon her left cheek is a single, fairly large, scar, vertically extending from just below her left eye to her chin.

Her body is thin, but not without some softness. Her skin is olive-toned and smooth, where there isn't scales. Her just below average breasts are concealed under her top, and move slightly as she walks. It's also clear she's not wearing a bra beneath her top. Her legs and rear are nicely curved, if she doesn't say so herself. Her arms are toned, and scaled gold along the tops of her forearms, and the outsides of her upper arms. Her hands bear signs of moderately hard work. Her fingernails are sharp-looking claws, though it appears they were painted a playful pink.

Her top is naught but a long black t-shirt that extends down past her hips, but only barely. Upon her bottom half, she wears nothing. She doesn't need to, as golden scales replace skin, much in the shape of panties. It spreads along her hips, down her still rather plush bottom, and up between her thighs, with the scales hiding anything indecent. Sticking out from the base of her scaled spine is a long, sinuous draconic tail, with a tuft of hair the same shade of white as upon her head. Her legs are long and smooth until her shins. From her shins down, her feet are scaled, the scales the same shining gold as elsewhere upon her body. Her toes are clawed, and also painted the same pink as the claws upon her fingers. She senses your eyes upon her, and gives you a fanged smile.


Beth is... complicated. She is often calm, cool, collected, and relaxed. But just the same, she is twitchy, quick to take offence, and easily hurt. She's had a decent life, but the tragedies she's felt have cut her deep, very, very deep. She is also quick to make friends, and more than willing to very nearly sacrifice her life to help when anyone, even a stranger, needs it.


OOC Notes
Beth was born on the planet Earth where we, the players, live. Because of that, she has a unique outlook on the fictional characters she sees.

Early Travels

She was born to a normal family, in a normal hospital, and was raised in a semi-normal house. She was a chubby little kid growing up, leading to some self-esteem and body image issues that, even after so many years, still plague her. When she was 11, she learned that her family had a history of psychic powers and magical abilities. A few years later, on her sixteenth birthday, she snuck away from her party, found a spell book in the attic, and on a lark, cast a spell. There were enough factors in her favor that the spell actually worked. With a flash of light, she was taken from her universe, and deposited in a universal nexus.

In this nexus, she was taken in by a kind family, and enrolled in an Academy of sorts, made to educate beings that have found themselves displaced and unable to get home. She was taught fighting, medical techniques, and magic that in Yuriba would be Arcane magic, including how to heal with that type of magic. Upon her graduation from the Academy, she began a journey across the Multi-verse, going to worlds that, before her life changed, were shows and books to her. A short list of these universes (by franchise name):InuYasha, Star Wars, DC Universe, Marvel Earth-616, and varied non-franchise related universes.


On one of her travels, she was apprehended by a group of Multi-versal mercenaries, who, after discussion with their leader, decided to employ the young woman as a medic in their "company". During her time with the group, she found a love of swordplay, gunplay, and found her first love in a woman named Christina. Their relationship started out with pure hatred, but as it can, the hatred became deep, pure love. It was on a recon mission that fate decreed a powerful loss for Beth.

Both women were captured, and separated. Beth was about to be executed. Christina burst from some bushes, and saved Beth's life at a great price. Beth's rescuer and first love died in her arms, sending the girl into a catatonic state. The girl was in a mental ward at a hospital for six months, as doctors helped her come to terms with her grief. One of the volunteers at the hospital told her of a wonderful island where she had lived and found peace of mind, and suggested that once Beth was released, maybe she should make one last travel through the Multi-verse to this amazing island occupied entirely by women...

On the Island


Beth arrived on Yuriba a few days after her 21st birthday in August of 2009, and was instantly overwhelmed by the place. She was very, very shy and scared those early days, and would often encounter a person walking around, only to turn and run away without a word. It took the efforts of a woman named Hako, and a girl named Alythia to help her open up to the point where she would talk above a whisper.

She ended up in a relationship with Alythia that lasted for a few months, until the woman left without a good bye. This started a chain of bad relationships that ended all the exact same way. A declaration that they would never leave, followed very closely by abandonment without a good bye. During this time of strife, she acquired a number of the island's Blessings. First, the Dadaishunyanniichuan blessing, then the Emoniichuan blessing. Eventually, she made friends with a naiad named Veen, who gave Beth a proper home upon the island.

The Estate

Life at the Emiya Estate was often slow, and relaxing. She made many friends at the time, and started the process of healing her mind from the damages it had taken over the years. She made a relationship with a girl named Inuyasha, and Beth had thought this would be the one. Sadly, this one ended much the same as the other had, save for a difference. Beth was pregnant with her first child, a quarter-dog demon girl who was given the name Rose. While she was pregnant, she again had a relationship that went badly, ending in more pain for the damaged girl. Though one good thing happened during this time, she gained a bottle of the spring of drowned fox-girl, and after some consideration, gave herself the Hunyanniichuan blessing, one she has kept without any thought to change it.

Some time after the birth of her first daughter, a close friend, Talmara, asked Beth if she would like to go out on a date. Beth agreed, and began a relationship with the demoness that has been the longest, and strongest of all her relationships on the island. While she was at the estate, she received a message from someone she didn't know, a notice that she had received a gift from an unknown benefactor.

Sakura Keep

Near the end of 2011, Beth had found out that she was pregnant once more, with triplets this time, from a curious quirk of the innate magic of the island, from three different people. Talmara, a natural mousegirl named Nazrin, and a Sentry of the island, Nagisa Vendaris. The gift she ended up receiving was a home of her own, the Sakura Keep, up near the cliffs far north of the Village Center. After she moved in, many new loves appeared in her life, and life continued on more than happily, with Beth finally finding the peace of mind she had long desired.

The Keep had become a solid home for the vixen and her loves. Life is good.

Eruption of 2012

OOC Notes
For full information, see the Eruption of 2012 article.

Until Inishie-san started rumbling. Feeling trouble coming, the combat medic dusted off the old gear, even as her babies developed within her. Quickly making arrangements with her friend Cecily, who was running a shelter, she evacuated the keep as soon as she could. She fought in many of the battles, and officially became a healer at the Yuriba Clinic, determined to help in anyway she could. She paid a price for her efforts, though. In healing Kaslin's leg after the battle against Agrona, she, even with help from Serra, was forced to use some of her lifeforce to heal his shattered leg, aging herself three years in the span of 10 minutes. When the final blow was struck, she stood strong against the wave of hatred and pain, held up by the love she has gained through her time upon the island, her life, essentially, coming full circle. The final loss she faced, though, was the destruction of the Sakura Keep, sent down from the cliffs by the eruption. She is far from homeless, though. With her friends and family at her side, she is certain all will be well.


Her magic is of the Arcane school, reliant on internal and ambient energies. One fact of her magic is that is can be draining. She bears a fairly unique ability: to heal with Arcane magic. For her, it was the first ability she learned after leaving her home. She also can create fireballs, and handle all but magical fire and lava with ease.

Another ability of hers is that she can travel between universes and dimensions at will. She sets an anchor point, normally resembling a door of some kind, and travels through it, into a hallway that contains many other doors, all of which lead to other universes. This also gives her a unique advantage of being able to send a request through the subjective doors of the Multiverse, and receive items that otherwise make no sense for her to have.

Romances and Relationships

Talmara: This demoness has been a life saver for the damaged woman. From their first meeting, Beth had a crush on Talmara. When the demoness asked her out, Beth agreed at once. The happiness felt by Beth when Tali asked to deepen the relationship was insurmountable, and when Tali proposed, was unstoppable. For Beth, each day is better than the last.

Nazrin: The mousegirl met Beth at Leona's Bar and Girl, became tight friends, then deep lovers. The exact happenings are lost to the ages. (ooc I forgot)

Nagisa Vendaris: The Sentry and the vixen are close. Not as close as she is with Talmara, Nazrin, and Senka, but Beth has spent many a night at Nagisa's home, talking and enjoying her company into the wee hours of the morning.

Diana Jove: This one is not a relationship of romance, but a friendship that has become so deep as to feel like family. Beth and Diana are sisters in all but blood, sharing many likes, dislikes, and neurosis. While there is romance between them, more often than not, their strong bond has them holding each other up in a myriad of ways.

And these are just the truly deep relationships. There are many, many others that cannot be listed here, for they were chance meetings that either were deep in a small way, or are still growing. Elara's a recent love, that still has room to grow. Kaslin and Beth are going to be training in fighting and magic, both feeling like they should be sharper after the Eruption. She is close friends with Leona McAllistre, the owner of Leona's Bar and Girl. While at Leona's, she met the dragoness known as Onyxia, and has become a close friend and confidante to the woman. The list goes on and on, and with luck and the fates providing, will keep growing.

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