"Hi-chan" Aino HiSenshi
Quote: "It's kinda hard to look like a pre-teen and convince people you're in your twenties..."
IC Info
Race: Human
Blessing: Wolfgirl
Gender: Female, formerly Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 23, apparent age changes with her form...
Date of Birth: July 25th, 1984
Place of Origin: Oklahoma, United States
Height: Depends on her form...
Weight: See above...
Eye Color: Hazel Green/Blue
Hair Color: Auburn/Red
Sign: Leo
Romantic Status: Single, Polyamorous
Romantic Identification: Claimed Single
OOC Info
Player: user:HiSenshi
Other Characters: Taiki Katchs



Aino HiSenshi, or just Hi-chan for short, is a young wanderer from the states, and more specifically, from Oklahoma. When Hi first arrived on the island, he was male, until his footing slipped, and he fell into the Nyanniichuan of the Jusenkyou Springs, located south of the Village Center. This, combined with the natural magical force of her spirit, changed her body entirely, making the change natural and permanent.

Much more has changed in her since first arriving on the island, but she still seems to remain the same mind and person she always has...no matter how much her body changes. Which it seems to do so a lot.



When Hi was male, he was a wandering aspiring American "Manga Ka", or Japanese comic-style artist, that was traveling in search of inspiration for his artwork. He is the brother of two boys and one girl, whom is the youngest of the four, and his parents are separated. His mother is re-married, while his father lives in his hometown. As it stands, there is no real family, adopted or blood, to him that exists on the island.

His travels guided him to the oriental world, and either by accident or fate, he happened to arrive upon the island of Yuriba. It wasn't long after he set foot on the island that he found the shore of the Nyanniichuan, and while sketching, he lost his footing and fell into the pool. When he submerged, he was still his own age, but the waters had permanently changed his body to that of a woman.

The Island of Yuriba

Little happened too significantly to the woman after Hi was transformed that hadn't happened to anyone else on the island. Friendships and relationships otherwise come and go all of the time for many people, and more so on this small land where so little but women live and grow.

After deciding that staying on the island wasn't going to be the worst idea in the world, she took up to hiding into the dark recesses of the Yuriba Gym. When the building was taken as condemned and demolition talks echoed in the shadows of the island, she took it upon herself to take up and rebuild the gym. She now lives in a private room beyond the doors of the new gym's office.

Not long after these events, she left the island to wander once more, to travel for more of what she felt she couldn't find on the island, and more privately, to run from what fears she had found along the way.

The Mysterious Sword

In her wanderings, Hi came across myths and legends of a sacred, heavenly sword that held divine power. More stories told of a dark sorceress who sought to find that blade and use its power to rule the any lands she could. So, in a desperate race, Hi took up to her abilities and natural spiritual sights to find the sword herself.

At the last few minutes of their rivalry, they managed to get to the sword, but Hi managed to catch up the sword first. In anger and hatred for the woman, the dark sorceress cast a curse upon the woman's head intended to kill her. But, as it turned out, all it did was shrink her to a smaller girl in her mid-teens, and it continues to slowly affect her to this day. It is possible that, in time, the curse will revert her back so far that it will eventually cause her existence to simply fade forever.

Return to Yuriba

Many leave and come back to the island, and Hi was not much different than them. However, with her experiences with the sword, she returned looking quite a bit younger, and as such, tried her best to hide the fact of just who she was. Well, that didn't work for long, and now most know her as she is and have begun to forget who she once was.

Whatever factors may apply, things on the island change very little, even with the passing of time. Hi-chan, as she now goes by, still runs and upkeeps the gym to this day. Since she has returned, her relationship with one Kayla Anderson has once more begun its cycle of on-to-off, and she's continued what of her life here that she can.

Recent events are much more calm. Angela, Kayla, and herself are in a casual triangle relationship, though, Hi-chan herself still counts herself as single, since she's hardly around anyone else. Just for fun, however, she can sometimes be seen bartending at Leona's Bar and Girl.

Jusenkyou Springs

Hi-chan is a hunter of the Jusenkyou Springs, though she blames Kayla Anderson for this. So far, the list of what she's found is as seen below. The ones with !'s next to them, she owns the water to, as well, as she collects them.

Notable People

Angela - Hi's old friend, formor fiancee and roommate.

Artemis - Hi-chan's formerly fiance, recently deceased...

Kaslin - An old friend of Hi's that she met on the island. One of the few males, and certainly one of her most trusted friends.

Kayla - Hi's very much on-again, off-again girlfriend, for a long time. They've seen a lot of each other's relationships and how they went, and they always seem to keep in close touch with each other.

Leona - Owner and keeper of Leona's Bar and Girl, and a friend of Hi's, though the two hardly passed a few greetings between each other until recently.

Tomoe_Hotaru - Hotaru-chan and Hi are almost like sisters, and even moreso when lil' Hi-chan is closer to the other girl's age. They see each other mostly at Leona's Bar and Girl.

Yurico - Former love interest, though hasn't been seen recently.

Notable Places

Leona's Bar and Girl - The island's most popular hangout, and frequented for several reasons by Hi-chan. If she's not home, she's most likely here than anywhere else.

Yuriba Gym - Hi-chan's home and workplace. She lives in a small room in the back and upkeeps the whole building, keeping it neat and organized for any and all patrons that might happen her way.

Character Art

This space is open to character art of Hi-chan and/or friends, either done by her player himself, or others. All images will be accredited appropriately...

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