Kayla Anderson
IC Information
Species: Human (Angelic Catgirl blessed, caused by mixture of Tianshiniichuan and Maonyanniichuan)
Birthdate: 27 November 1982
Age: 38
Height: 5'8"
Bloodtype: AB-
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Hazel
Feathers: Silver (appear white when in bright light)
Romantic Status: It's complicated...
Religious Views: Pantheistic
Occupation: Occasional bartender at Leona's Bar and Girl
OOC Information
Source: Original Character

Kayla Anderson is, ostensibly, a bartender at Leona's Bar and Girl. Well, she is, in the sense that she still has her original position there, despite her lack of time that she spends actually bartending. Her personality is calm, almost serene, which stands in fierce opposition to the fiery-tempered brat who originally came ashore in Yuriba.


Pre-Yuriban History

Born on 27 November 1982, in a small town in Tennessee, her childhood was quiet, with Kayla growing up in a conservative family, doing relatively well academically, and later going on to get a bachelor's degree in psychology. She left Tennessee when her family disowned her for her sexuality, and she spread her then-metaphorical wings, spending several months traveling the world including, to hear her tell it, a stop in a Chinese Amazon village, although those accounts can't be independently verified, until she finally made her way to Yuriba.

She prefers to keep herself out of conflict, as she has become a much more peaceful person over the years she's been in Yuriba, and she will do almost anything to retain peace, although occasional bouts of drama do flare up, on occasion.

Early Yuriban History

Kayla's first few years were spent in a flurry of wild relationships and romantic entanglements, including one with her now ex-wife Ilunara who swept her off her feet. Other than a few small trinkets, like the photographs on her desk, she tends to gloss over this portion of her history, and for good reason. This was a time in her life where she was flighty and where she would flit from lover to lover without caring about the wreckage left in her wake, and this attitude even impacted her early friendship with HiSenshi, the younger redhead seemingly put off by Kayla's constant flirting and bouncing around.

Still, change began to come, as Kayla first met Angela, and she fell hard for the angel, much to her dear friend HiSenshi's chagrin, Kayla becoming incredibly insistent on a relationship with the angel, which culminated in a marriage. Around this time, Kayla was also deeply, fiercely involved with Athame, and this is also the time period when she first gained her Tianshiniichuan and Maonyanniichuan blessings.

The Middle Years

As Kayla settled into island life, and as various circumstances caused a split between herself and Athame, she met a tall, charming, silver-haired catgirl named, appropriately enough, Silver, and the pair were eventually wed, during one of those warm, humid Yuriban summers that seem to blend from one into another into another, and the couple settled into happiness, the trio of herself, Angela and Silver in all their wild, polyfidelic escapades seeming to be happy with one another, with several years going by and there being very, very little in the way of change between the three. Kayla grew closer with Silver as time went by. As the relationship got stronger between herself and Silver, Kayla found herself retreating from the public sphere more and more, the angel content to spend her time at home with her loves, up until the point when Silver left.

Recent History

Soon after Silver's departure, Angela made the move that would change the course of Kayla's life forever, that would throw the careful balance into complete disarray, by introducing her to her then-lover Zheng. The butterfly and the angel hit it off nearly-immediately, and even as Zheng and Lesley were growing closer in their own relationship, so were Kayla and Zheng, the tall angel and the tiny butterfly becoming nearly inseparable, with wonderful heart-shaped cookies and cakes and little strawberry hearts seeming to flow endlessly from Kayla's kitchen for a while. Later on, Kayla even began expecting a daughter with Zheng, a beautiful little angelfly named Catherine, who was born early in the spring of 2016, and she was happy, for a long while. She had her family, her butterfly-winged lover, her angelic wife and her sweet, silver-winged butterfly-girl daughter, until one day, in a conversation with Lesley, Catherine came up. After some long, frank discussions between Lesley and Kayla, and attempts to reach out and talk to Zheng, the butterfly-girl has been scarce on the island since that day, making the winter of 2016 a very long, dark winter for the angel, her normal, flirtatious ways seemingly giving way to bouts of fury and various explosions of temper, as she's worked her way through coming to terms with what happened, culminating in Kayla asking Angela for a divorce.

Spring of 2017 came and went, and the formerly-vibrant redhead began to awaken from her long dark winter, streaks of grey having appeared in her long hair as she's been caring for Catherine, and as she mourned Zheng's departure. Still, over this time, she became far, far closer with Fujiko and with Lesley, the former as a close, dear friend and confidant, and the latter as someone who began to thaw the iciness around her heart again, someone who understood the butterfly-shaped hole that was left. She officially left Angela at the beginning of the summer, keeping her as a close, dear friend, but not as a lover.

In July of 2017, Zheng returned into Kayla's life, exhausted, tired, and still absolutely adorable, albeit this return was short-lived, the butterfly flitting away not long after she'd returned. Ever since that point, Kayla has been increasingly reticent, only emerging to visit Fujiko and, very occasionally, Leona's Bar and Girl, though her heart isn't really in the dating or bar scene anymore. Her life is mostly consumed taking care of Catherine and dealing with the chaos of a young, winged daughter fluttering around and stretching her wings. Still, if you were to wander to the Sakura Gardens, at the right time, you might catch the angel and her daughter fluttering around in the sunlight.

Notable People

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