Lily Blades

The Lily Blades are an organization intended as a defensive and peacekeeping force for the island, acting to protect the people and the village. They may also be involved in rescue efforts and settling disputes. The directing force behind them is Abryn. At present, the Blades do not seem to have a fixed roster, but Jubilee commonly acts as a recruiter and to encourage practice and patrols. It has been indicated that opportunities exist for anyone willing to help organize and structure the organization.

Blades' Dock

OOC: Establishing Residency
If you want to ICly live at the Docks, the bunkroom is set ABODE. This means that, when in the room, you can type '@link me=here' and from then on, anytime you type 'home' you will return to the bunkroom instead of the Starting Hut (or wherever else your home was set to before).

The idea of the Blades was but a glimmer in the minds of those that founded it during the 2012 eruption of Inishie-san and the events that surrounded it, but in the following months the Council deemed it wise to assess all structures for public safety concerns. In doing so it was discovered that a small cove hidden away on eastern Maboroshi was unsafe and in the need for clearing out or demolition. The cove had been central in a small smuggling ring that predated the modern mass immigration to Yuriba by half a century, but has rested relatively abandoned since then. It is rumored to have been in use much, much further back, as the stone foundations of the main structure, slip, and even the remains of the rotting timbers of an ancient pier have been excavated by the Gakuen's former archaeological interns in a water dig some years ago.

The site's location, both somewhat away from the village, and also near enough the water for evacuation put it on the shortlist for the Blade's base of operations. Abryn started renovations by gutting the boathouse, adding in more structural support, putting up chalkboards for listing patrols and such. At present, the Dock is accessible to the public on Maboroshi and contains the dock itself, an armory, a large hall for eating, gathering, and practicing martial skills, as well as an upstairs bunkroom where members of the Blade can stay temporarily or long term. It includes a place for storage of potentially dangerous artifacts and both boats and bicycles that can be used by members of the organization in their work.

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