Jubilation Lee (Jubilee)
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Quote: "Let's get ready to rock and roll!"
IC Info
Race: Mutant / Homo Sapiens Superior
Curse: None
Blessing: None
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: 19
Date of Birth: May 23 1989
Place of Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 65 kgs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Romantic Status: Dating
Romantic Identification: Single
Religion: Lapsed Buddhist/Agnostic
Residence: Private
Occupation: Ex-Heroine
OOC Info
Source: Marvel Comic's X-Men
Notes: OOC - Pic by Nakea thanks much!

Jubilee is less a newcomer to the village, and more one that tends to define herself by interaction in chaos and tumult. A depowered mutant, formerly of the X-Men of the Marvel Universe, she's been cast adrift from her home realm since losing her powers. After a few months of dealing with losing what defined her, in any case her mutant powers, Jubilee has done what she does best. Namely live in fluorescent denial.



Coming to activity in the Village during the crisis with Inishie, Jubilee was a runner and a medic in the midst of the chaos, improvising weapons and going constantly throughout the village seeking to help as much as she could stay on her feet. As soon as the crisis was resolved, Jubilee began to withdraw again when faced with having to confront her own emotional issues.

As always doing better in times of crisis, which gave her a purpose, Jubilee has been active with the Lily Blades and in things associated with them are the likeliest times to see her out and about, and other times she rarely seems to leave her home or interact with others.

During all the chaos at Allya's Baby Seal Restaurant with the Maraudering Spirit, Jubilee was at the most cheerful she had been in ages, and the most active over in the village, for it had given her a purpose and a crisis, which she knew how to deal with (October 2013).

In the year Jubilee has waxed and waned with the seasons, her moods constantly shifting with occasional periods of rapture when dealing with the latest crisis or calamity of the moment only for it to all come crashing down when the event has passed. A girl for whom actions speak louder than her words, she tends to be in the thick of things whether with the Lily Blades or in what might pass for the girls organizing together. breisleach has gotten the act of 'there is a crisis, Jubilee is in the Clinic' down to a fine science of patching her up.

As of recently (Fall 2014) Jubilee's powers have, for whatever reason, begun to flicker over into existence again. And she has been dealing with her emotions, fraught from the high of having some semblance of her mutant abilities back, which for her are what defines her and gives her meaning, and guilt over whether having joy at them when they only flare up when other ladies are in danger is a bad thing.


Jubilee dresses loud, Jubilee is mouthy, and her first response to most things are whatever is the most direct, impulsive action her sugar-brained mind can focus on. She lives for the moment, all the joys, all the cries, all the pain it brings. She finds true purpose in helping others, and chaotic ensemble aside, does best when living in a structured lifestyle and helping others. That, unfortunately, is something she has yet to completely find over in the village. She has her finger on everywhere that sells chocolate or other junk food in bulk, is an expert at scrounging and salvaging, and working at making what few electronics she has work, and can always be counted on to be a bearer of junk food, video games, or trivia from the outside world. She still constantly wishes she had her powers back, or a defining purpose for herself. As her powers have come back peripherally, she has since been even more moody, and realizing that, like all wishes, they come with a price and a letdown.

Otherwise, she is extraordinarily shy, of all the ironies, rarely venturing outside wherever it is she lives cut off from the outside world unless there's an event or crisis of the moment, dealing with her own issues and her constant state of hyperactivity to apathy. Sometimes manic, sometimes not, she whips around everywhere, adrift and trying to find a way to right herself, if only by not having to actually focus inwards.

She has few friends, and no roommates, and doesn't get out much. Those few friends she has can on occasion comment she tends to be very direct and in their face, and can be quite pushy. She is the avatar of the Five of Swords of the Tarot Deck, the avatar of Argumentative Pride. She will not concede a point, no matter how appropriate, and will continue to debate it until one learns that there is no point of arguing with one so convinced of their own righteousness, merely to nod, acquiesce, and drop the debate.

Jubilee is defined by her mercurialness, of the constant shifting of her moods, whether her hyperactivity and general babbling or her shifting to almost angsty tendencies. Her moods come and go like a sugar rush; euphoria to the crash after. She is also a bit of a prude by the standards of the island, still confused by the more open nature of relationships and interactions, and even after much time here has yet to fully acclimate to things.

Five of Swords

(OOC - Card text by breisleach)

As the card states: 'The Five of Swords depicts Jubilee smirking as she gathers up swords from two faceless losers. The lithe, athletic asian girl leans down to collect the blades, her shoulder length, dark hair swinging forward, the form fitting clothing she wear emphasizing her shape. While her features suggest more playfulness than unkindness, there's no question that there's a smug twist to them presently. Unfortunately, the Querent is not on the winning side. In arguments and conflict of ideas, there will always be a loser. The worst case is when the winner is an awful person, a bully, braggart, or a cheat who used an unfair advantage to win. But alas, it happens, and so one is confronted with the question: "How *does* one win an argument against such a person?" The answer: "You can't. All you can do is not argue." To refuse to play the game is the closest that one can come to in this situation, but if the Querent decides that they must argue, then they should be prepared to learn from it, and to disallow themselves feelings of failure, blame, or anger to overcome them.' (OOC - thanks to breisleach for the awesome text.)

The Downside

Basically, she's somewhat well meaning, but often very in your face and jerkish, and while she realizes this, she tends to get too caught up in the moment of proving herself right for whatever reason to care. As with so many things, Jubilee's mouth runs faster than her mind, particularly when she's moody, and she says things without thinking (or caring) of the consequences or the particulars. However, she's a loyal friend, for all her issues, if one can deal with her timidness and flightiness to get her to open up, and she'll be the first at anyone's back in an emotional or physical crisis. It's what she lives for.

Jubilee has serious issues with personal loss, both of family and of friends, and as a result has difficulties opening up to people due to serious abandonment issues, as well as self-esteem ones. Much of her airs are in fact a strong act to cover up her lack of self-esteem and general sense of self-worth. She needs a hug! She's always one to lean on if you need a friend, but getting her to be of use and realize the time is appropriate can be difficult.

If you want someone to appreciate life for what it is, life, and to be in your face with each moment in all the adorations, chaos, pain and pleasure it has to bring, for every bit of the whirlwind that it engulfs, Jubilee is your girl. She needs someone to lean on, so maybe she can try and lean on you.

She will be moody, she will be sullen, she will be mellow. But she will also have the highs along with it. The rush, the raw adrenaline of joy and discovery and the thrill. For those who can tolerate her saccharine sweetness she will be there to revel in every moment of things.


Jubilee lives in a place off the rest of the island. As she can say, it seems to have belonged to a previous her that was like her but not her that left after a long time on the island with her wife. So, Jubilee just took it over figuring the previous her wouldn't mind! It's somewhat cut off from the island, and has no real way to immediately access it without her helping you to get over to it, and she tends to like it like that. The social butterfly cutting herself off from everyone else. For now, she's trying to figure if she wants to be apart of things or be a part of, rather than living in someone else's haven and having that always scream out at her.


Jubilee in her custom Lily Blades armor, by breisleach

Jubilee rather likes a piece of the action. That's one thing she picked up over from Wolverine, and seems to have only been magnified by her time on the island. However, there's not that much of it, so sometimes she can push a little bit on it too much when there's none to be had or needed. She also of all the ironies tends to get spooked at large public places or gatherings, and does well in things where there's a much greater sense of control and structure, which seems in absurd contrast to her nature.


Allya is what Jubilee might consider her 'bestie'. Allya gives Jubilee understanding always, no matter what. Allya always listens no matter what nonsense Jubilee might be babbling at the moment, and Jubilee in turn values Allya's opinion highly. And the two have a way of otherwise understanding one another's back and forth and teasing. The Baby Seal is Jubilee's home away from home, and one of the rare places she goes to in the village often not related to the Lily Blades.

breisleach is the lovely lady who fixes Jubilee up all the time when she's in the Clinic. She's a nice lady. When there's a fight Jubilee will do whatever breisleach says and follow orders. Jubilee might not know her well, but as far as Jubilee is concerned breisleach is the Guardian of the island and she will do anything to keep it safe, and Jubilee trusts her implicitly in the field.

Abryn is the boss lady, the leader of the Lily Blades. Jubilee doesn't remotely understand Abryn, but recognizes she's the boss lady, and that Abryn sees things over on another level than she does. Respect yo.

Pamela Isley is one of those few ladies that is from somewhere Jubilee might call familiar. Pamela might be depowered, but she's from a realm of capes and tights and fighting. She's also one of Jubilee's earliest friends on the island and one of the few people that she will go out of her own safety zone for when it comes to personal issues. Pamela has helped Jubilee acclimate to the island emotionally.

Fujiko is Jubilee's first crush. She's rather blatant about it, and also is aware that the two really wouldn't work out at any level and that Fujiko is quite busy and happy enough. That won't stop Jubilee from enjoying ogling Fujiko rather often and everything. Fujiko is probably the person that Jubilee listens to the most, and when she has issues goes to and gets help with. Fujiko keeps Jubilee on an even emotional keel and Jubilee is likeliest to go first to the redhead when she's in need of advise or confused.

Maebh goes on about Jubilee being from a comic book. Jubilee is often afraid that Maebh may or may not be related to Deadpool. Maebh is rather chill, however, with the nonsense Jubilee often spouts out which is fair.

Kwaidan seems to have a fondness for Jubilee. Jubilee isn't sure why, she just wants to make sure the druid isn't going to end up in a spring of venus flytrap girl and her end up a snack.

Ielle rather spiritedly puts up with every single nonsensical thing Jubilee bounces past her or wants to do to her, and otherwise is very tolerant of the endless series of modicums that Jubilee refers to her or threatens her with.

Rockpath and Kenina are incredibly tolerant of Jubilee, even if likely they're not very sure what she's doing, and the two kind of make sure the mutant girl doesn't get in over her head with things. Rockpath also makes sure that Jubilee has company when she's in the Clinic. Which is often.

Gwendolyn and Jubilee speak the same kind of nonsense when they hang out in Allya's foodie crib. They're not sure of it, but at some level they seem to be able to speak in one another's pop culture inspired buzzword bingo. Or maybe Jubilee is just nuts.

Flutter is adorbs. That is all. Also she's probably Jubilee's first friend on the island. And the snuggliest.

Cassidy is cute. And flustered. And cute when flustered. And flustered when cute.

Shizuru is someone Jubilee doesn't remotely get. She doesn't know her history, her world, or her personality. But Shizuru comes with trouble. And Jubilee doesn't know enough about her to otherwise grasp what is the other girl's mournful background. Jubilee wants to help, but she doesn't know how much she can trust her, if any. Fortunately the other ladies are in a better position to help than Jubilee is.

Ariah is slowly training Jubilee. It going slowly due to Jubilee's skull taking more lumps from things than is necessary for effective learning, and the girl's not-quite-there'ness at being a student.

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