Ocean Lily

The Ocean Lily is a seafood restaurant located on Maboroshi. The Ocean Lily is best known for its seafood dishes, all fresh caught from the waters around the island. It's probably the closest thing Yuriba has to a formal restaurant, even possessing a small wine list and dessert selection to accompany meals there. It is staffed by the waitress Aya, the sommelier Mu-Chu, Daera the bunnygirl beach chef and the current owner Abryn.

Since taking over at the helm, Abryn has made quite a few changes to the menu. She has kept all of the old favorites, but also taught Aya quite a few new tricks. A small expansion of the entrees started it all. Soon after there was a selection of soups and and breads added, mainly to take advantage of the baking ovens bought for a few signature rolls. The changes then inspired Aya to come up with some more shore-ready greasy fried foods and appetizers. It wasn't until Daera was hired to cover the newly built deck that some beach drinks and more iced fare was added and then came some fire-pit and grilled foods.

The current layout of the restaurant is much the same as it has always been, its simplicity honoured by Abryn as well. It consists of an open general seating area that is gathered around the main cooking station, designed so that the chef can do small demonstrations and cook for special gatherings. Along the edges are a few more private booths, all worked out in a modern style that mimics the traditional Japanese architecture of the nearby structures. The one major exception to this is the addition of a deck to the side of the restaraunt that overlooks Phantasm Harbour, for the women that want to experience the day, or night, out in the fresh sea air.

Originally constructed by Yui, it then passed into the hands of Katrina, who departed Yuriba as well, and then to Mikela whom cleaned the place up after it was damaged by rising sea water during the quakes preceding Inishie-san's eruption in March of 2007, later adding a deck onto the back of the restaurant to support outdoor dining. It is now in the hands of Abryn, who took it over in early January of 2008. She seems to have put a lot of work into restoring the place after re-hiring Mu-Chu and Aya. For much of 2008 and some of 2009 Miyabi was a popular addition to the wait staff as well. Much of the following year was filled with Abryn spending time helping apprentice a promising student from Rinkei Gakuen named Meichen_Long whom has since moved on to start her own place with her unique culinary touch.

Things have been a quiet with the staff and menu since Meichen left, the place was even relatively unscathed during the eruption, with just a few broken windows and a cracked stilt, despite the structural prep work done to prevent damages.

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