Ashram House

The Ashram House (coming from the ancient Sanskrit word Ashraya (Shelter)), was located on the northern part of Maboroshi. It was the private residence of Angeltear and Lisa_Moonbeam. It consisted of a two floor wooden house set on the shoreline and protected by a walled garden. Over the years many girls arrived there seeking a place to stay for the night, and indeed a guest bedroom was always ready for a weary traveler or for someone just needing a place to rest a little. Some of these guests were bold enough to ask the owners if they could settle and live in the house, or sometimes Angeltear made that offer herself (in time resulting in a five way marriage with Lisa, Alice, Morgaine and Snow). The Ashram house also had it's own housecat by the name of Pink. The front door was always open and anyone entering the place would always be welcomed as a good friend. The house also had a semi-private Ashram where the owners practices yoga; while on the roof is installed one of the Chocopool created by Lynn Vendaris.

While some of the residents still reside on Yuriba, since departure of Snow, Angeltear, and Morgaine, Lisa and Alice no longer maintain the household and it has closed its doors.

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