Yuriba Clinic

The Yuriba Clinic is an old Yuriban establishment that dates back to soon after Genesis Magite first came to the island and decided that there needed to be a village doctor. The idea was met with approval and a bit of relief and soon after the Yuriba Clinic was built just north of the Village Center on White Lily Road.

When originally opened the Clinic was only versed in scientific, though highly advanced, cures and treatments. Soon after breisleach joined the staff along with Merin. Once breisleach became an active member of the clinic staff magical treatments were available, as well as several holistic medicines and approaches not originally part of the clinic's line up. An interesting side effect of breisleach joining staff was her extensive skills as a midwife, thus making the clinic a must visit for the occasional couple that would be expecting. In current times, since Doctor Magite has left the island, the healing done at the clinic is now primarily herbal and magical, although some lingering tech still sees use.

Since its construction the Clinic has had several changes to its roster, usually in the form of additional nurses or occasional visiting physicians. Various other clinics have come and gone but the Yuriba Clinic has quietly outlasted them all, still on the same plot it was built on.

Currently the Clinic is currently staffed by Beth, breisleach, Cassidy, Merin, Serra, and Whisper.

Inside the Clinic

The clinic itself is a fairly simple affair. The main lobby has several chairs and magazines (which sometimes are out of date or not in any recognizable language) for those who are waiting. A large front desk dominates the room. Within the room a plaque from when the clinic was first erected gives thanks to those who originally helped in its creation.

Besides the main lobby, there are only two other rooms within the clinic, the recovery room and the lab room.

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