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IC Info
Race: Demon/Angel Hybrid
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Age: ?????
Weight: 78lb
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Bloodtype: D
Sign: Capricorn
Hobbies: Flying, Martial Training, Exploring, Sleeping all day, gardening
Likes: Blueberries!, Sweets, Moonlight, Swimming, flying, Sparring, Kindness, Massage(giving & recieving)
Dislikes: Most Angels&Demons, Crowds, Sunlight, Bright lights, Demonic Stereotypes, spicy foods, being startled, lava, volcanoes in general
Romantic Status: Single
Romantic Identification: Polyamorous
Religion: Jaded but open
Occupation: Unemployed, Freelance Healer
OOC Info
Other Characters: Talmara



The first thing you notice about Lilith is her eyes, jet black pupils, surrounded by, bright, sky blue eyes irises that glow brightly with an inner light. They are rimmed with a thin black border, making her gaze seem sharper than it is. Her face can be described as cute with her big eyes and soft, kind smile. Her skin, you notice, is a soft almost luminescent gray-blue and her lips are cobalt blue. Her face is framed with a pair of pale ivory horns that protrude from her head above and slightly in front of her pointy ears, curling back, down, and then forward like those of a ram. Her hair is a vibrant silver and is cut in a bob that reaches just a couple inches below her jawline. Her bust is a modest C and her form is lithe and smaller than average; She couldn't possibly be taller than 4ft 5inches. A pair of jet black down feather wings (Wingspan: 8.5ft) emerge from her back around her shoulder blades. These wings partially overlap a smaller set of wings (wingspan: 4ft) that start only a few inches below the first set. You notice a black implike tail swishing around back and forth behind her. It seems to sprout from just above her butt. Unlike her wings, Lilith's tail is smooth and leathery, the spade shaped part being only a few inches wide. (Normally what she wears would be here, but that changes.)


Lilith is generally a very shy demon, hesitant to go out and meet new people. Coupled with her shyness is a fear or rejection by people in general, leading her to be rather hesitant to approach others. She is kind and modest, tending to prefer one-on-one or small gatherings. She tends to be peaceful, though she has a general wariness of demons and angels, ever prepared to flee should she feel even slightly threatened. She is overly fond of sweets and blueberries. She simply adores flying, spending a great deal of her time in the air just gliding around the island. She likes to spar, finding it a calming exercise, and she has recently taken a liking to gardening.



Lilith was born in captivity in the clouds of heaven. She was raised as an experiment as to the true nature of demons and as a case study for their behavior, specifically if they can be used to find other colonies of demons on the earthly planes. She was placed under the care of the watcher Myrin, who gave her basic training on how to fight and cast, among other things.

During her long stay in captivity Lilith discovered the ability to cast holy magic, an ability impossible to evil creatures. Concerned with the implications such a discovery would have on angelic morale, and even to a greater extent the war of extermination the angels waged on demons, the council of archangels ordered Myrin to dispose of Lilith. Appalled at her orders to execute the demoness, Myrin begged that she be allowed instead to bring lilith to exile. Yuriba, a place known to the heavens as a more tolerant (if a bit strange)island was to become Lilith's prison. Upon Lilith's arrival a spell was weaved that prevents the demoness from leaving the island, giving her a 1km bubble of airspace around it which she is free to fly in.


When Lilith first arrived she was fearful of the island's inhabitants, quickly seeking out a place in town where she could sleep in safety. She found the tail club, sneaking into its super comfortable petting pit which was piled high with pillows and blankets. It was there that she met her good friend Hiera. Hiera is the one that really got Lilith moving about the island and exploring it, the demoness eventually meeting Neiko and ((A character who's player has asked me not to mention them for whatever reason))

Lilith lived peacefully on the island for two years, entering a long relationship with ((Omitted name)). Around 2012 everything began to fall apart for her. Lilith recieved a necklace from an unknown source, and her relationship with her significant other began to fragment. Things came to a head during the Eruption_of_2012.

Just following the eruption, Lilith lost a duel to Angela and was purged, the other angel's magic undoing part of the curse that caused the creation of demons, transforming Lilith into a half angel. Sometime in 2013, Lilith's already strained relationship with ((Omitted name)) fell apart completely and she broke it off.

For a while, Lilith lived with Cassidy at her ranch for a while, but eventually her host moved on and left the isle. A local family bought the farm, and Lilith was homeless again. Eventually, she moved in with Gwendolyn, but shortly moved out only a couple months later.

Since then, she joined the Lily Blades, and has been flying patrols at night and living at their dock. She can sometimes be spotted doing her circuits.


Lilith has limited command over arcane magic and what she does know is not that powerful.

Holy magic, on the other hand, she has a decent grasp of, being able to cast lesser to mid healing spells at the cost of draining herself to do so. Even light castings leave her dizzy, heavier spells can even knock her out.

Her more recent hybrid form is crippling most of her magic due to her now conflicting natures.


((A certain omitted individual))

Gwendolyn Its very complicated. The status of their relationship is in question.

Alita A newer friend whom Lilith harbors some feelings for.

Other Relationships

Allya A friend, they hang out at the Baby seal, which Allya owns.

Sera A friend who is almost too kind sometimes.

Maddie A friend whom she holds a fiendish kinship with.

Cassidy Once Lilith's landlady and a friend. Contact lost.

Artel Once a good friend of Lilith, somehow Lilith has been estranged, and she has no real idea why.

Damere One of lilith's best friends and her roomie. She is was fond of the woman. Contact lost.

Neiko One of Lilith's best friends and once the rock she leaned on, she doesn't see her as often as she'd like to, but she still visits when she can.

Hiera A very dear friend to lilith, she has since vanished and lilith wonders where she went. Contact lost

Angela A once rival, now friend of the demoness.

Sabriel A friend of sorts. An enigmatic sort. Contact lost.

Mikazuki One time enemy, one time friend...Lilith is not sure where she stands with this woman anymore. Contact lost.

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